#001 How to Face Adversity and Survive – Sarah McCalden –

Sarah McCalden is the Queen of Discipline and Determination!

“I had been doing drugs all night then I would just have a shower and go to work…I felt so much shame but I never once totally gave up on myself.”

This week on the podcast I sit down with the amazing ultra marathoner, vegan and successful entrepreneur Sarah McCalden to record how to face adversity and survive.

I think the episode is aptly named – How to face adversity and survive! Sarah now runs a hugely successful business in the personal development space. She is a vegan. She runs in marathons and ultra marathons and is a wife, mum to 2 beautiful kids, Finn and Hunter and loves nothing more than traveling the world with her family and business.

Sarah showed amazing courage and determination to fight her way back from alcohol and drug addiction. Her story in turning her life around will inspire you, it will make you cry, it will shock you but most of all it will uplift you you.

I have had the pleasure of spending time with Sarah at business events throughout the world and she is one of the most inspiring people I know. In fact when I first met her I could never have imagined her as anyone else but this sweet adorable inspiring lady. So just hearing her story as we spoke was absolutely fascinating and mind blowing. The courage she possesses is beyond anything I have ever seen or heard.

But most of all, her story is about what can be gleaned by leaning into the unknown. And living outside the comfort zone. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Sarah. My hope is that it leaves you re-evaluating your personal limits. And inspires you to know that no matter how dark your days can get you always have hope. Just keep believing things will turn out in the end like Sarah did.

Peace, love and Namaste,


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