5 Steps to Prostate Health

I have to say from the start that these 5 steps to prostate health will not just help your prostate but have the potential to change your entire life. But you have to use them and use them consistently. That means to making them a habit.

The 5 steps to prostate health is not a hard list of things to do. It’s simple but it’s not easy. Prostate health doesn’t just happen with changing our eating or taking a pill. Nothing could be further from the truth. Prostate health is a mind AND body solution.


So many men take the easy route which is going to see a doctor and following a doctor’s advice, which often is, let’s take your prostate out to be on the safe side. In other words I can’t be bothered really helping you, let’s just get the thing cut out and I can make some money.

Now let me stress this is not all doctors. There are some great doctors out there who take the holistic approach and look at diet and other lifestyle habits first. And that is wonderful and encouraging. However in my experience I coped a doctor who had no interest in diet or lifestyle. It was ‘ok your prostate has cancer in it let’s cut it out. You’re still young you will recover ok.’

Needless to say I didn’t take his (and a second female doctor’s) advice.

But that is a whole other story. Let’s work out what you can do to thrive with your health and take great care of your prostate.

5 steps to prostate health
You are responsible.

The 5 Steps to Prostate Health

1. Responsibility

If you are not taking responsibility for any area of your life then quite possibly your life is out of control. There is a great quote that I live my life by:

“I am the absolute supreme authority over my life. I am, always will be, and always have been at cause of how I experience my life.”

I have no idea who originally wrote that but I love it. YOU. You are responsible for your life. Every last second of it. No excuses. No blaming others, it’s you and you alone. Once you give yourself that power you realise that you can do anything!

It’s a powerful belief and habit to have. Stop blaming others and your life will change. Period. When we blame others we become a victim. Don’t be a victim. Repeat after me: I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR MY LIFE!

2. What is your Purpose?

Why are you here? With the 5 steps to prostate health these first 2 steps could absolutely change who you are. Once we take responsibility and know what our purpose is we become unstoppable!

The problem is if you ask 99% of people what their purpose is they have no idea! So spend some time today thinking what your passion is, what you’re meant to being doing, who you are meant to be helping and serving. You work that out and your life will change. Stop now and go and do it. Need a hand? Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I love doing?
  • What would I love to do even if I didn’t get paid for it?
  • What is my favourite hobby?
  • What excites me about life?
  • What do I love doing to help people?

When you think of something and it’s what you truly love then see yourself doing it for the rest of your life. See yourself getting paid handsomely for it. And don’t say you could never get paid for doing what you love. The world is waiting for your gifts and waiting for you to have an impact. It would be a disservice to the world to not do what you love and get paid for it.

5 steps to prostate health
You need a purpose for your life!

3. Exercise

Anyone who is not exercising in this day and age needs their head read. Was that too much to the point? I don’t care. You need to move your body. If you’re not moving your body then your body is dying.

There is an over supply of research stating that exercise is essential for good helth. When it comes to your prostate you need to move to keep the blood flowing around your body and prostate. A still body is basically decaying.

There is no excuse even in the lock down phase of the world, to not be getting outside and moving or working out inside. For those with prostate issues this is a no brainer. Move your body!

5 steps to prostate health
Exercise is a no brainer. You HAVE to do it to heal!

4. Be Predominantly Plant Based in Your Diet

I know so many people who have prostate issues and yet continue eating processed and junk food. It really is crazy. If you have prostate issues you need to eat a predominately plant based diet.

Use the 80/20 rule if you need to. 80% plants and 20% not so great food. If you have prostate cancer you should be 100% plant based for at least 12 months. Processed foods contain toxic sugars and fillers that actually assist cancer to grow. Again this should be a no brainer.

In the current climate the supermarkets are full of fruit and vegetables. You have no excuse whatsoever for eating junk apart from a weak mind. Toughen up and become disciplined. Your body’s health depends on it.

Again the research is undeniable. Plant based foods heal your body. Processed foods destroy cells in the body and therefore destroy your body. Eat healthy!

Fruit and vegetables heal!

5. Meditate Twice a Day for a Healthy Prostate

Meditation will give you clarity and inner peace. I would be lost without meditation. It slows your mind, allows the body to heal and allows you to handle situation and events throughout your day without the need to be stressed.

Meditation is a tool that will help you heal your prostate. A stressed and anxious body will not heal. With calm and inner peace your body is able to relax, calm down and do it’s job of healing and clearing toxins.

Meditate twice a day morning and night. Go to bed in a peaceful state and get out of bed in a peaceful state. That state eventually stays with you all the time.

My partner Joy and I do 2 live meditations in our Facebook group everyday. The first at 7am Melbourne time and the other at 7pm Melbourne time. To join our group click here Meditation for the Soul Group.


As you can see, individually and collectively these 5 steps or habits, the 5 steps to prostate health, will help you to heal not just your prostate but your entire life.

Take your time and go through them again one by one and work out how you can implement them now. Don’t wait till tomorrow, tomorrow never comes!

If you only take one thing from this article its that by taking responsibility and finding your purpose in life, the other 3 steps will automatically follow.

Go out. Be brave. Take responsibility and implement the 5 steps to prostate health!

Thanks for reading 5 Steps to Prostate Health. Please leave a comment below with any questions and share this article with your friends!

6 thoughts on “5 Steps to Prostate Health”

  1. Your article is very much informative and educational. As people we most of the time life to neglect things more specially when it comes to our lives, and comes back later to cure after we are sick. When we are still young and healthy we think that we will never get sick, of which is wrong. The earlier we start living a healthier lifestyle the better and longer we will live. Thanks for the post.

    • Thanks Lucky, yes I agree the earlier we look after ourselves the better for sure. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I found this article very interesting and something I have neglected to even think about till now so thank you for that. Such a simple test as well.

    I agree that everyone should exercise daily and eat the correct foods, but this is something we all tend to neglect especially when we are young and invincible. Now due to the internet, healthy living is all around.

    Meditation is key in my life too along with Reiki where I have seen many unbelievable things happen.

    I may check out your Facebook group which you mention.

    Great post and on topic especially for guys hitting the latter years.


    • Thanks so much Mick!

      Yes the meditation group is great. As we get older I have found those 5 steps really help in our lives. Exercise and good healthy food is a must too. Thanks for your comment. All the best,


  3. I found this article at right time.
    Next week I actually have an appointment to see a doctor about my prostate. I’ve only self diagnosed at this point but I’m constantly urinating and struggling to get sleep.

    I prefer taking a healthy approach whenever possible.
    Along with a plant based diet are there any supplements like Saw Palmetto that you’d either recommend or advise to stay away from?

    • Hi Lee,

      Timing is everything right? Glad you found us. The only supplements I recommend are ones I have used and that would be Prostate Plus. Here is a link https://turmericheals.com/thaprilpost Prostagenix which gets advertised widely were a big disappointment and I know others who feel the same. But first and foremost eating a plant based diet is far and above the best healing tool. Along with meditation and exercise. Good luck with it all and please let me know how you go,


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