A How to Meditation for Beginners – The Way to Self Love

A how to meditation for beginners is something everyone should learn. It’s simple and will change your life.

So you are using turmeric in your food and drinks, eating healthy, exercising and getting lots of fresh air right? But something is still missing yes? You seem happy, you seem content, you do all the right things in your relationship and with family and friends but something is still missing yes?

Ok do you know who you really are? Really? You know the label you are – I am a man, I have a job working as an accountant or a business owner or driving a truck. So that’s another label you give your self. Truck driver. You go out with the boys a lot drinking so your a good friend, another label. You have kids, so you are a father, another label. A how to meditation for beginners will help to.

Who Are You Really?

a how to meditation for beginnersA how to meditation for beginners will help you find the real you. But who are you really? Have you ever wondered? Think back to when you were a young child, life was easy, you felt free and could do almost anything you wanted. You loved playing with your toys, playing in the ocean, playing with friends outside in a sand pit or kicking a football around. No stress. You were a free spirit breathing in life. What happened?

Now you have responsibilities, you have a mortgage or pay rent. You have school fees, an angry ex or an angry partner, your job is stressful and the spare time you have with friends you drink to excess or stay home because you can’t afford to go out. I ask again, what happened?

Life happened. Life gets in the way, we get stuck in a routine. We do the same thing everyday, go to the same job everyday, speak to the same people everyday and come home, have dinner, go to bed then get up and do it all again! No wonder you have no idea who you really are!

Stop For a Moment

Stop for a moment. You are reading this and rushing through thinking ‘I wish I had more time to read stuff like this, life is so busy now for me!’ Let me introduce you to meditation. Meditation is what the world needs right now. Slow down. Stop worrying. If you were to drop dead tomorrow the world will still keep moving forward. A how to meditation is a great place to start slowing down.

Finding out who we really are is such an important step to finding true peace and happiness. You can have all the money and trinkets in the world but until you know who you really are they are worthless.

How to Access the Real You

a how to meditation for beginners

What is the power of meditation? Through meditation we are able to connect with our true selves. Going deep within is where you find your inner peace and happiness. Looking outside yourself for peace and happiness is only going to disappoint and depress you. All you ever need is inside you now. Do you think the 4 year old version of you craved money and riches to be happy? No. He or she was happy playing in mud and eating dirt! I certainly was. Once I connected with that inner energy or soul I found that was the real me.

A How to Meditation for Beginners

A how to meditation for beginners starts off like this. Start off finding a comfortable place to sit or lie and close your eyes. Focus on your breath. Breathe in peace and breathe out any tension or anxiety you may be holding. After a few minutes focus on the most beautiful flower you can picture in your mind. Feel the love and beauty in this flower. As you get closer you realise you are at one with the flower. Watch the video at the top of the page to practice your meditation journey.

The Key to Self Love

a how to meditation for beginners
Meditation slows the mind.

The key to self love is finding that portal to your inner self, the real you and knowing that you are perfect just the way you are. Your life is perfect and if you want to change it you can. Don’t settle for a mundane boring life. The choice is yours to go out in the world and create the exact life you want. Meditation clears the decks and allows you to see life in the present moment. Meditation will calm you and not let dramas upset you. You will find you are more in control of your life and not letting external events control you. Just like when you were a kid…

My life is a life full of daily meditation, good healthy food, healthy relationships and exercise. I’d be lost without my magic bullet, turmeric, but I would be just as lost without meditation. It really can change your life. Make use of the A How to Meditation for beginners above.

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Just like meditation I would be lost without my Pura Thrive Organic Turmeric. It heals my body while meditation heals my mind 🙂

26 thoughts on “A How to Meditation for Beginners – The Way to Self Love”

  1. Loved your post on a quick way how to start meditation for first starters. I’m completely new to this and appreciate the tips you have given. I hope by practicing the meditation methods, my stress levels should come down.
    Thank you, Jeff.

    • Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for the comments! Yes meditation really does settle the mind and gets you thinking so much clearer. I guarantee if you do it every day even for 2 minutes you will notice a difference in those stress levels. Its a beautiful calm 2 minute meditation anyone can do. Let me know how you go,

      Cheers, Kev

  2. Great article… anyone and everyone should read this. With what is going on around us…it’s time to focus on our inner self rather than the chaos of the world. With the power of meditation I believe, everything becomes simplified and we are filled with so much love.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Hi Aisha,

      Yes the world needs all the self love and caring we can muster! If people would only spend a couple of minutes each day meditating we would be a much more peaceful planet.

      Thanks for your great words Aisha,


  3. Hey Kevin! You nailed it when you wrote about finding your true self. I agree with you there, and I think it is so important to know who you are deep inside, so you can get through the weather of life. Also, like you said, meditation is a wonderful way to take a step back from the daily stresses of a mundane life. Rather than looking out into the world to find happiness, finding it inside ourselves is a great way to go. Thank you for this great article. Looking into Tumeric! Sounds great!

    • Cheers Brandon,

      Appreciate your comments. Yes finding that inner child deep inside is a real enlightened experience and knowing that’s your true spirit you can really change your life. Yes everything we need is inside of us. Thanks again buddy,


  4. Great Article Kev! The Key to Self Love is so true and so inspiring. We forget to love ourselves while we are caring for everyone else! I’ve often started/stopped meditating and you’ve reminded me that its not that difficult, and I AM WORTH THE TIME AND EFFORT!! Thanks for sharing this, its a great article, I’m inspired!

    • Hi Tamara,

      Thanks for the lovely comments! We are too busy doing stuff and forget to nurture ourselves. Yes you are definitely worth the effort!


  5. Great article. God put everything on this earth to benefit us. We just need to learn how to use it all again; the last 100 years and all the laboratory pills made a lot of us forget.

    • Hi Joan,

      So true! Time to get back to our true essence. So much negative energy around the world. It’s time 🙂

  6. From the world’s point of view this form of meditation will fill the void. Connecting with the inner self is what this world needs. This world is lost and by learning how to be a true child is the only way to true peace

    • Hey Chappy,

      So true. Your words sum up this world we are living in well.

      Cheers man 🙂

  7. Meditation is so wonderful! I use it every day to get centered and calm.
    Your video is great, I listened to it and really felt I can see the flower and your voice is so nice to listen to, thank you for this!
    You are right about remembering the time when I was a child and I had no worries at all, I will also try to connect with that inner feeling of pure joy.

    • Hi Paulina,

      Really glad you found the meditation worthwhile. Yes you sum it up well ‘pure joy’. Yes that is a great place to be. Keep being that flower!


  8. Meditation is a fantastic tool for keeping level-headed and sharp around the edges. It allows you to focus and be resilient to your stresses. I used to have a lot of trouble with consistency and I realised it was because I was trying to meditate for too long each day (only 30 minutes). So I decided to make sure I did at least 3 minutes of meditation a day and that was the minimum. I could go for longer if I wanted to and what I noticed is 90% of the time I done it for longer anyway. Completing actions repeatedly day in day out helps us grow and builds us courage but when them actions are too hard too long we find excuses not to do them. So for anyone struggling with consistency, the key is to start small!

    • Hi Kourtney,

      Yes definitely start off small. Its a great way to do anything. It’s a bit like procrastination, just do something for 5 minutes and you end up doing a lot more. Thanks for your great comments,


  9. Great article Kev! It’s really hit home for me.
    Some of us suffer from this disease call being busy and we seem to lose who we really are. We go on living unconsciously lost in the damn schedule, worried about the next meeting or what’s happened in the past.
    I love your approach on how we access our real selves and using meditation as the vehicle of self-discovery.
    Another ripper mate.
    Look forward to your next words.

    • Hey Vince,

      Thanks so much for those nice words. Yes there are so many people walking around unconscious. Quite sad really. If we could all just access that inner child and become present in the moment the world would be a better place I feel. Meditation is undoubtably the portal to inner peace and happiness. Lets keep putting it out there and spreading the word 🙂

      Cheers man,


  10. Hi, Kevin!
    Amazing article! Thank you! We all need meditation and find our inner peace. We can meditate doing other things like being in nature, walking, talking to people etc. At least I am trying to do that. Meditation helped me with anxiety and stress relief, it healed me (https://howtoreducestressnaturally.com/about-linda/). Now I am writing an article about meditation for my site. Your article inspired me more.
    Thank you for this article and meditation!

  11. Meditation is the most important part of our effort to understand and heal ourselves. This understanding can also lead us to significant changes in our behavior. Knowing ourselves and accepting it makes things easier for us as well as for those around us. Because the person who knows what he wants and who knows who he is is more likely to become happy! I really enjoy a good meditation and this article and video for beginners is exceptional! 🙂
    Best wishes,

    • Thanks so much Rebecca!

      Yes I agree meditation is so important for us to access that portal of healing and understanding. Knowing what you want and who you are is a great place to be 🙂


  12. I love this article! It is so important to reconnect with our inner child again. When I think back the happiest time of my life was when I was a child – carefree and without the stresses of adulthood. I would be lost without my daily meditation. It helps me to stay connected to my true self, my inner child. It is a happy place!

    • Hi Eril,

      Thanks for that. Yes connecting through meditation with our inner child is a great experience, keeps us young and free and helps us to be present and live life fully. Glad you are a meditator and enjoying your memories of being a kid 🙂


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