Best Enlarged Prostate Supplements – It’s Not What You Think!

So I wanted to write an article about the best enlarged prostate supplements and I got to thinking what it was that really shrunk my prostate. And it wasn’t any fancy supplements! I must admit I do now take Prostate Plus on a semi regular basis but thats not what helped me in the beginning.

It probably is time I went over my story again as it’s been 7 years now! Boy where did that time go? That is why it is important to live each day like it’s your last, because one day it will be! The best enlarged prostate supplements can wait!

best enlarged prostate supplements

My Story

In 2012 I began urinating in the mornings irregularly. And it was a slow almost non existent stream sometimes. Sometimes there was a kind a stinging pain. Not always but sometimes. I knew something wasn’t quite right so off to the doctor I went like most sheep do.

I had the usual tests and what not and it turned out my PSA was a 6. I then had a scan and was told my prostate was enlarged. Then it was the urologists turn. One biopsy later and the urologist tells me I have an enlarged prostate, which I already new. Said he would call me in a couple of days with any news on cancer in the prostate. I know. You want to hear about the best enlarged prostate supplements. Bare with me. It’s a cool story.

10 Weeks on Secondment

At the time I was working for the Immigration Department here in Australia as a security officer at their detention centres. Thats a place where refugees and illegal aliens are held until they can prove their status.

The day after the biopsy I flew to Perth, in Western Australia, to start a 10 week secondment at the Curtin detention centre. 10 weeks working 6 x 12 hour shifts a week with one day off. It’s a hard slog. The day I arrived was the day the urologist rang me and told me I had cancer. About 5% in the prostate he told me. I kind of was expecting that so it didn’t totally shake me up.

One thing I did do though was decide in my mind right there and then that cancer was not going to effect me in any way. It was a trespasser in my body and it wont be hanging around. I had never been more certain of anything in my life. I think this way of thinking definitely helped me in my journey to overcome an enlarged prostate and prostate cancer. Trust me. At the stage the last thing on my mind was thinking what was the best enlarged prostate supplements!

best enlarged prostate supplements
We all want to urinate like this!

Thank God for Joy!

It was so tough for Joy being at home for 10 weeks especially as from day one on my secondment I was told about the cancer. But as with all things there is a blessing in every adversity. Joy spent hours researching natural methods to heal the prostate. There was never a thought of chemo or radiation.

She discovered a guy named Don Tolman and I went to see him at one of his seminars when I got home. However before that I went to an alternative doctor who put me on a vitamin C drip for a few weeks. It didn’t seem to do a lot and in the end she told me to get my prostate cut out! “Your still young so you will be fine.” She said. No way said I! I had heard too many stories of how your nerves around the prostate and penis can be effected and make you impotent and that was definitely not something I wanted to be a part of.

After the second doctor I then went and saw Don Tolman. He took me aside and put me on a special food protocol which consisted of 2 weeks on a rolled oats recipe (To see my video explaining exactly how to make the recipe click here) He also advised to give up meat and fish for 12 months and put me on a plant based diet along with some fasting on freshly squeezed juices. Meditation, fresh air, sunshine and good relationships to top that all off.

Don was great and within 3 months my enlarged prostate was no longer enlarged. I felt amazing, not that I ever felt sick or anything with an enlarged prostate it was just the annoying dribbles that I had to put up with. I ran a half marathon the following year and seriously since that time I have never been fitter or healthier.

With Joy, the love of my life, in Thailand with our business recently

What About the Cancer?

People sometimes ask me if the cancer is gone. In my mind it is 100 per cent gone. It was a trespasser and now it has left. The only way I would know is to have another biopsy and if you know what biopsy’s can do to the prostrate there is no way known I am going down that path again. (For a better understanding of what a biopsy can do to your prostate read this article)

So the truthful answer is I don’t know for sure but here is a fact. The majority of men in their 70’s and 80’s who have an autopsy will have some level of cancer in their prostates. (See article here) So the lesson here? If you eat well, keep your mind and soul right with meditation, exercise and lead a good life then you 100 per cent can live with prostate cancer.

However if you go and see a doctor like I did and you have an enlarged prostate he will, in many cases not all, want to cut it out if there is the slightest sign of cancer. I have spoken to a number of wives of men who had their prostate cut out and they all wished they had heard my story before going through with the operation. These men are now depressed and impotent. Young men with many years ahead of them.

What I did worked for me and I am not a doctor so I am not saying it will work for you but my only advice is to think very hard before having surgery to remove your prostate. Enough said.

The last place you will see me – a Doctor’s office unless its an emergency of some kind

The Best Enlarged Prostate Supplements

So. Now we move to the best enlarged prostate supplements. Now I want to stress if you follow my rolled oats protocol you can shrink your prostate. No doubt. I did. I don’t guarantee you can but it certainly worked for me. (My rolled oats protocol)

I started using Prostate Plus around 2 years after my experience with prostate cancer. For me they are without a doubt the best enlarged prostate supplements bar none. I am someone who doesn’t like to use supplements as I believe many are full of filler and are totally useless and a waste of money. So I am very fussy with what I use.

However I sometimes get the urge to pee a lot overnight and get that stinging pain I mentioned earlier. When that happens I hit the prostate plus and within a few hours I feel fine. For me to recommend the best enlarged prostate supplements they better be good or I don’t want to know. I have a very good reputation from years of writing about my prostate experience and don’t want that reputation damaged at all.



  • Increases urinary flow (I flow like a fire hose!)
  • Reduces the urination urges
  • Fights inflammation. Inflammation is a major cause of enlarged prostate
  • Quick working
  • Not full of filler
  • Contains stinging nettle, green tea, saw palmetto, vitamin e and cat’s claw
  • Seriously they are the best enlarged prostate supplements on the market in my humble opinion


  • Prostate Plus. The best enlarged prostate supplements are only available online (not an issue for most people with a credit card or Paypal)
  • I seriously can’t think of any others.
The Best Enlarged Prostate Supplements
I highly recommend Prostate Plus for men with prostate issues.

My Summary

Before you go spending money on the best enlarged prostate supplements, Prostate Plus, give the rolled oats protocol a go. It worked beautifully for me. The best enlarged prostate supplements are a great back up and very handy to have around home. But to heal yourself properly it takes a healthy lifestyle. Plant based or as close to as you can, fasting often, exercise, fresh air, sunshine, meditation and great relationships will work better than any supplement. Even if it is the best enlarged prostate supplements, Prostate Plus.

If it is the best enlarged prostate supplements you are looking for then I highly recommend Prostate Plus. But don’t rely solely on it. Prevention is far better than cure.

I hope you enjoyed this article, The Best Enlarged Prostate Supplements. If you did please share it with others who may be in need of some healing prostate health.

And please leave any questions or feedback below in the comments. I wish you well on your prostate journey.

12 thoughts on “Best Enlarged Prostate Supplements – It’s Not What You Think!”

  1. Hi Kev.Really inspirational way of how to stay strong and go forward with your own opinion in the darker times. You deserve admiration for that .
    Perfect, that you turned this experience into helping others with their issues.
    I hope you are doing fine now and wish you best luck in your future.

  2. What a nice post you wrote! I really enjoyed reading it and I could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You! For sharing this quality post with others.
    Actually this is exactly the information that I was looking for about enlarged prostate supplements and when I landed to your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details.
    So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for best enlarged prostate supplements.
    I will come back to your website again for sure and I’m looking forward to reading your new posts.)


  3. Every man should read this, it is so important to keep your body healthy at all times. Most men shy away from this issue and neglect until it is too late. Hope they will follow your advice.

    Love the 0ats Breakfast and thanx for the recipe I am going to try it myself, looks so good.
    Have you ever though of grinding the flax seeds , it has a nutty kind of flavour that will enhance the taste and absorb better in the body?

    Thank you for sharing your story, always good to hear it first hand and see how healthy you look.
    Bush Lady

  4. what a story man, I know its never easy, but my sister has this and I will be directing her over to this article. She will find it extremely helpful!.

  5. Hi
    Thanks for your recommendation and your experience teaches a lot lm in my early 50s and my doctor declared me diagnosed with enlarged prostrate cancer few months ago ..
    My question is lam already booked for surgery to remove the prostate. What should do now? Should cancel the appointment and start your natural treatment or go ahead with the surgery.
    I need your support of advice

    • Hi Moses,

      That is a tough predicament and one only you can answer. I am not a doctor so I don’t offer advice I only offer my own experience and people can make up their own minds. I was 100% committed to healing myself and that meant a plant based diet, fasting, meditation, exercise, fresh air, sunshine and good healthy relationships. It really is your choice Moses. As you can understand I can’t tell you what to do and what not to do.

      You need to weigh up the options and if you think having surgery is best then do that. If you would rather go down the road I took then do that. I cannot make that decision for you. I can only support you and offer encouragement with whatever way you go. Sorry I can’t be more specific than that. Whatever decision you make however will be the right one. Have faith and do what your heart is telling you to do. Let me know how you go my friend,


  6. Hey Kevin,

    That’s a great story, i really like your attitude when doctor said you have cancer, for most people it would be doomsday however i like the way you reacted to that news “cancer was a trespasser in my body and it wont be hanging around” – A big salute for this attitude.

    Speaking about prostate plus, i agree with you it is a great back up but first try the natural way. Having healthy lifestyle, great relationships, good food and exercise is any day better than supplements.

    Thanks for sharing an insightful post.

    • Thanks so much Satish,

      Appreciate your words. Prostate cancer is by no means a death sentence. It is the most common cancer for men and can well and truly be healed with a change of diet and mindset. Yes the natural way is best. Plant based, fasting, meditation and then add the best enlarged prostate supplements if you need them.

      Cheers man,


  7. Hello Kevin, that is why they say experience is the best teacher. I just wish a lot will learn from your experience for that is the reason for sharing. It’s a good thing you had to share this story of yours so others can learn from especial the way you ended up the whole thing by saying PREVENTION IS FAR BETTER THAN CURE. That is just the whole truth.
    So, people should learn and improve on their lifestyle so we don’t get cut up in disgusting illnesses like this.
    Thanks very much for sharing your experience with the public for i have just learned something today.
    Keep it up.

  8. Thank you for sharing. Though I don’t have such problem yet at this point of time, but your post is still helpful if ever i need such a supplement. Thank you for this very important piece of information.

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