Best Prostate Supplement Reviews – How to Shrink an Enlarged Prostate

In this article I tell you all about a product called Prostate Plus. There are so many different prostate supplements out there its not funny. In this article, Best Prostate Supplement Reviews and How to Shrink an Enlarged Prostate, I will give you my thoughts on Prostate Plus, when I use it, how often I use it and why I use it. I will also share my protocol on how I shrunk my own prostate after being diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012 at the end of the article. You can read about my prostate story here.


NAME: Prostate Plus

  • WEBSITE: Prostate Plus
  • PRICE: $28.00 (USD) 60 capsules at 2 per day – Buy 3 get 1 free deal at the prostate supplement reviews
  • OWNERS: VitaBalance
  • OVERALL RANK: 95/100

I have tried many prostate protocols and supplements over the past 5 years. Some have been ok, some have been a total waste of hard earned dollars. I am sure you can relate. So I consider myself something of an expert on the ingredients and effects of any supplement when it comes to prostate cancer and in fact any prostate issue. Suffice to say Prostate Plus is my supplement of choice when it comes to prostate health. Combined with my oats, flaxseed and lemon mix protocol I have my prostate back to normal size and I urinate like a fire hose…seriously! But it may not be for everyone.


  1. Increases urinary flow
  2. Reduces those frequent urination urges. A major bug bear of mine.
  3. Fights inflammation and as inflammation is the major cause of an enlarged prostate this product gets my vote along with anything to do with turmeric.

The main ingredients of Prostate Plus are as follows –

best prostate supplement reviews

50 % of American Men Over 50 are Affected by an Enlarged Prostate!

That is a staggering fact. 1 in every two men will have an enlarged prostate! And it goes to a massive 90% of men over 80!

So this information is for you men and your girlfriends and wives. Enlarged prostates can cause multiple issues with urination, weight gain, pain after ejaculating and several others. Prostate Plus is designed to be a natural aid for your body so it can help your body fight and relieve these issues. The herbal extracts found in Prostate Plus may very well help to fight inflammation and in some cases help shrink your prostate.

Your prostate is continually growing and by age 50 as mentioned above 50% of men in the US alone have enlarged prostates. This supplement, by dealing with inflammation (which is why it is enlarged), can increase your urine flow and ease the pain sometimes felt after urinating and ejaculating.

turmeric heals

Why I Use Prostate Plus

I would never write an article called ‘best prostate supplement reviews’ if I didn’t use the product myself. I first started using Prostate Plus in 2016. My prostate was back to normal size. However I noticed a couple of mornings I had a weak urine flow again and there was some pain afterwards. I did the usual search on Google for something that could help. I was still using my oats protocol (below) but just needed something to take the sting out of urinating. What I did try was a number of supplements that were basically useless and turned out to contain a lot of filler. Someone mentioned Prostate Plus to me so I gave it a go.

I can tell you it worked beautifully and within a couple of days I was, as I like to say, ‘urinating like a firehose!’

You Don’t Take it Forever Like Big Pharma Forces You To!

how to shrink an enlarged prostate
Prostate Plus. I use it often!

But there is one proviso. I have to keep going with my oats protocol. Fortunately I love my oats and this is now a regular breakfast of mine. I love it. So prostate Plus with its great herbal mix and the oat protocol are now my staples. But let me also say I can now go 3 months without the need for Prostate Plus so its not something you have to keep buying like medications from Big Pharma so they can keep making their trillions. No. You buy it and use it when you need it.

2 capsules, 60 capsules per bottle is 1 months worth. At the moment they have a special buy 3 bottles and get the 4th bottle free that I will be taking advantage of shortly. Having 4 bottles in store is a good practice for me.

I spent 17 years on blood pressure medication taking one pill a day at $50 a month because my doctor told me I would die if I stopped taking them. True story! I gave them up cold turkey in 2012 and I’m still here. Doctors and big pharma make a lot of money by telling people they need medication. I no longer listen to those people.

Maybe its time you took control of your own health too! Best prostate supplement reviews has Prostate Plus head and shoulders above the rest of the supplements I have tried.

A Plant Based Diet Helps Too!

best prostate supplement reviews
Plants and juicing will keep your body healthy

Writing about the best prostate supplement reviews would not be complete without this added advice. One thing about my body and my prostate that I have found is that if you eat well your body and prostate (and every part of your body for that matter) will be well. I often do a 3, 7 or 14 day juice fast and have given up meat for 2018 (and probably forever) and cut right back on dairy, I have the odd piece of buttered toast but that is about it. So just by having a supplement each day is not going to cure your body of all ills. You need to eat well, have good relationships and exercise.

Meditation is also a must for me as healing your body really is a mind, body, spirit experience. Meditation is to keep you mind calm and can really have a positive healing effect throughout your entire body.

Exercise and keeping our minds active are all great habits to get into. Like all things we need to be balanced and meditation, exercise, a good healthy plant based diet is going to keep your mind and body in synch.

And that is a great place to be.

Summary of Best Prostate Supplement Reviews

My summary for best prostate supplement reviews is as follows. Prostate Plus is the only supplement that has worked for me. They are the best prostate supplements by far. But as mentioned above it is not something that will heal you totally without working on your lifestyle.


  1. It makes me urinate like a firehose!
  2. Prostate Plus helps you sleep without getting up to pee every 5 minutes!
  3. This product is not expensive and their 4 for 3 deals are great
  4. It does not contain any filler just natural ingredients.
  5. You do not need to take it every day for the rest of your life.
  6. Vegetable capsules not gelatin
  7. The only supplement I have found that does what it says it will do


  1. You can only purchase online which is annoying if you need some quickly (Why I like having 3 bottles at home)
  2. You cannot purchase this product online if you live in the UK. (weird but click here for an alternative)
  3. Don’t just rely on supplements – you need a good clean healthy diet to.

How to Shrink an Enlarged Prostate

This is the protocol, that shrunk my prostate when I was originally diagnosed with prostate cancer. A little background. Without going too deeply into it here (You can read more here) I went and saw a guy named Don Tolman at one of his health seminars back in 2012. It is Don who put me on to the oats protocol. I have always loved eating oats for breakfast so this was not a big change for me.

After explaining my diagnosis Don gave me the following recipe to have every morning for breakfast for 90 days.

The Oats, Lemon and Flaxseed Protocol


1. 1 bowl or rolled oats

2. 1 lemon

3. 1 tablespoon of flaxseeds.

4. I also added a teaspoon of wheatgerm oil occasionally but not all the time.

Protocol –

best prostate supplement reviews
My oats, lemon and flaxseed are under the fruit!

Pour the teaspoon of flaxseed over the rolled oats then squeeze a lemon into the mix. If you have wheatgerm oil pour a teaspoon in too. Where possible leave to sit overnight and soak. In the morning boil the kettle then let it sit for 10 minutes. Then pour water into the mix stirring as you go. Thicken to your liking. I often squeeze in an orange too and always slice a banana and other fruit on top. Then eat. For me it’s delicious.

I have now also started crushing 3 to 5 Brazil nuts in the Nutri Bullet and adding them to the mix. Brazil nuts are wonderful for the prostate.

Eat this every morning for 90 days. The protocol also involves giving up meat and dairy for 12 months. Many men find this hard but for me my health was far more important than having a steak 3 or 4 times a week.

After 2 weeks on the protocol you are required to fast on Cabala juice for 14 days. Again many people find this difficult. The point is you want to heal your body so you do these things. I did and I cured myself. Period. Prostate Plus in my honest opinion are the best prostate supplements.

How badly do you want good health?

I hope you enjoyed this article on best prostate supplement reviews and how to shrink an enlarged prostate.

If you have any questions about the Prostate Plus or the Oats protocol or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.

Many thanks, Kev

And please share this post with your friends who may need it. Best prostate supplement reviews is an unbiased look at prostate supplements that I have used personally.

This is my latest book, please feel free to check it out.

do i have to cry to say goodbye
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42 thoughts on “Best Prostate Supplement Reviews – How to Shrink an Enlarged Prostate”

    • Thanks a lot Joy,

      yes prostate health and enlarged prostates need constant maintenance. Keeping the word out about how you can use natural means to help your prostate is vitally important. Thanks for your support 🙂 Kev

  1. Hi, That’s an amazing product and great to know in case something like this happens just in case? touch wood! I know my father suffers from prostate problems and goes to the toilet a few times at night, This product could do a lot of wonders. I get him to check this out. thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks so much for calling by. Yes it works wonders. I am very skeptical about some supplements as they put filler in. Prostate Plus actually helps your prostate and keeps it maintained like an oil and grease change. I love it. Hope it helps your father, cheers, Kev

  2. My question is why rolled oats, they are steamed, flattened, steamed again and then toasted. Steel cut oats (Irish oats) are only copped into small pieces and have a lower glycemic index that rolled, would it not be more beneficial to eat the steel cut?

    • The steel cut are no doubt best Lynn however I healed my enlarged prostate just using organic rolled oats. I have never used the steel cut.



  3. Hello Kev, sorry to hear that you had prostate cancer, but so happy for you that you beat it!! My dad is having some problems with his and I’m going to recommend he buy the Prostate Plus. I wish I could get him to go with a plant-based diet, but he’s really stubborn when it comes to a diet change. I know it would help with his diabetes and other ailments. Great post, as usual! =)

    • Hi Tammy,

      Sorry to hear about your dad. Hope he tries the Prostate Plus. Its a great help with prostate issues. Maybe he could try smoothies? One of my favourites is spinach, banana and avocado. Delicious and good plant food 🙂 Good luck with it all and let me know how you go. Cheers,


  4. Great post here. My dad has this medical problem recently. Our family is trying to find some way to help him. This is a great post Kev. I will let him read your post tomorrow and have him try Prostate Plus. Thx Kev.

    • Thanks for your comment. I am sure Prostate Plus will help him no end! Also make sure he is exercising, eating a majority plant based diet and doing some meditation. Mind body and soul win the day when we are talking about health. I wish your dad all the best,


  5. Interesting product but a question:
    Can or should I take this product even if I am not having any problems with my prostate as a preventative?

    • Hi Brad,

      Prostate Plus is a great product if you have any kind of issues with your prostate. As a preventative I really can’t see why you can’t. Another preventative is to be on a majority plant based diet and have healthy relationships, exercise and meditate. Prostate health is a mind body soul thing. Hope this helps,


  6. I have heard about the green tea being of help in this department. It seems to help with a lot of other issues too… it’s quite amazing. I find it even helps mild stomach indigestion. Ah, green tea. The miracle cure for today’s life. Who knew that after a century of chemical medicine, we would be getting back to herbs 🙂

    • Hi Greg,

      Yes green tea is great along with lots of plant foods, meditation, sunshine, fresh air and great relationships. Important to have that balance. Yes things like turmeric and cats claw all help to fight disease and inflammation which is a major cause of prostate issues. Thanks for the comments buddy,


  7. Hi Kev,

    Interesting article about the prostate. I never realized 1 out 2 American males over 50 have an enlarged prostate.

    I am a proponent of alternative medicines for healing the body and the mind. Unlike so many expensive prescription drugs sold in the United States that come with several harmful side effects.

    Do you recommend a combination of Prostrate Plus and a Protocol diet to combat an enlarged prostate?
    Can you recommend any other preventive measures to fight it?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi James,

      Definitely recommend Prostate Plus with a oats breakfast as per the blog and also a change to a plant based diet. Meditation will really help to. Its a mind, body soul this thing when we are talking healing our bodies from prostate disease or any disease for that matter. Good to take an overall look at your health and make a positive change. Our mind really can control our bodies! Hope this helps,



  8. Great post Kev. I’m always looking for ways to prevent common health issues and prostate health is high on my list.

    Thanks for the great advice.

    • Hi Vince,

      Yes definitely keep your prostate and body healthy, can save much grief and pain down the track for sure.


  9. Great post! I definitely agree with you on big pharma… Don’t trust them! I wish I would have read this a few years back. My dad had prostate cancer and ended up having his removed. He caught it way too late so that’s the route he had to go.

    I wonder at what stage of the prostate cancer that this protocol/supplementation combo would still work… What’s the threshold? I will definitely bookmark this post due to the fat that prostate issues are existent in my family. I have three brothers so I’ll pass this info on to them!

    • Hi Baldo,

      Many thanks for that. Sorry to hear about your dad. It can cause massive problems when you have your prostate removed as far as sexual function goes so I will never take that route. So many men do and I have had wives contact me telling how their husbands have lost all confidence and self esteem since under going the surgery. Don Tolman tells of a guy that was given 3 months to live with prostate cancer who went on his protocol and is still with us today 8 years later. So for me it is never to late to at least try an alternative method.

      Cheers, Kev

  10. Hi Kevin!
    Great post but I must admit that I have not thought about the problem with prostate at all until now.
    Maybe it’s time now since I’m getting 46 this year and I do know people that have been treated for prostate cancer. But somehow, you never think it’s gonna happen to you until it’s too late!
    Anyway, great article! I guess better food and exercise is the key to a healthful life and no prostate problem!

    • Hi Patrik,

      yes definitely something to keep in mind and if your urination flow starts to slow or become painful there may be an issue. Yes definitely diet is involved big time,



  11. Sorry to hear that you were diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012. What is sad is people can go years (like 10 years) or so before they learn that they have prostate cancer. My dad also had prostate cancer. I have heard that prostate cancer is hereditary so it’s something I should really keep an eye on.

    Have you heard that prostate cancer is hereditary? Are there any symptoms or things to look out for?

    I do agree that meditation is very good for you. I have been trying to do it more frequently.

    • Hi Garen,

      Thanks for your comments and questions. They say it can be hereditary but not sure I agree with that. With one in two men over 50 now showing signs of prostate disease in one way or another I think it has a lot to do with diet and exercise. The things to look out for are a slowing down of your wee when urinating, finding it hard to urinate sometimes, feeling pain when urinating or after ejaculation. These are the main symptoms although sometimes they are not obvious. A doctor can examine you but be careful of doctors who advise surgery. There are far better ways to go than have your prostate cut out. Hope this helps,


  12. I am in total agreement with you, Kev … taking your health into your own hands and not buying into big pharma is the key to a healthy life. It’s obvious you are not just pushing another supplement pill and I appreciate reading your entire story and the routine that works for you. My father has suffered from prostate issues and I’ll be sure to share this with him. One thing that crossed my mind is if so many men suffer from this after age 50; what is it that could be done to prevent? It does not seem like nature intended for this to happen?

    • Hi Leissa,

      It is a common thing for men but going on a good healthy plant based diet will definitely help your prostate remain a balanced size. I know through the oats protocol I keep my prostate to a normal size and the prostate plus helps with my urine flow. The only way for younger people to prevent this is to follow a healthy plant based diet, exercise, meditation, fresh air, sunshine, good relationships and my oats protocol haha! No quick fix but you really can control it through what you eat,


  13. Hi Kevin,

    What’s the significance of giving up meat and dairy? Dairy I can understand because of its high sugar content and the fact that it is not suitable for human consumption.

    Meat contains a lot of vitamins and minerals (and especially creatine) that are essential to human life. How would one obtain all of these vitamins and minerals found in abundance in meat products but not in vegetable and legume products?

    Thanks for an amazing post! I like the prostate protocol that you speak of. It absolutely sounds delicious and I am always looking for more ways to enhance my diet and make it more enjoyable.

    • Hi Michael,

      Dairy is what gives you that horrible mucus we tend to get in our mouths and is not good for our body, our hearts especially and veins. Meat has been proven to be carcinogenic when eaten in large amounts. It also makes you feel very heavy. I have been on a 14 day fast (Day 9 now) so just drinking juices and the odd smoothie as well as a fruit/nut and seed concoction called Pulse (200gram) That is my only food for 14 days. I feel amazing. Fruit and vegetable contain more than enough protein. Look at the worlds strongest animals. They are nearly all plant eaters.

      Yes the oats I love and have it for breakfast most days. Glad you are looking after yourself health wise. Wise man 🙂


  14. Excellent post for those in need and those seeking preventive measures as well. I think I am going to invest in this product when I am able. The natural ingredients and the selective dosage are major pluses for me. When I am ready I am going to come back to this bookmarked site of mine to make the purchase.

    • Hi Maurice,

      Yes please do. I don’t promote things I don’t use so it will work well for you. Thank you,


  15. Excellent review! Your story is so inspiring and every man who wants to take care of his own health should follow your advice. My grandpa has a problem with an enlarged prostate. I know he is over 80 and it is considered the normal condition for his age but I think there’s no such a thing as “normal” when it comes to disease. I’ll try to get him to take Prostate Plus as well as this simple yet powerful oat recipe. Thanks for sharing and keep up a good work. Cheers!

    • Hi Blanka,

      Thanks so much, yes your grandpa would definitely benefit from prostate plus for sure. The oats protocol is great to and is a really natural way to heal. Thanks for calling by, appreciated 🙂


  16. I have been bothered with this before speaking of enlarged prostate, and I know for a fact that a diet change can help with this. I eat a oat diet at times and it does have many benefits for our body. This is a great review on prostate plus, this is a product that i have taken before and I agree with you on it’s use. It does work well and any one suffering from this should try it for themselves.

    • Hi fred,

      Yes the prostate Plus I have found actually works unlike many other brands. So many men just don’t even talk about it and go thru life in a lot of pain. There is help out there and a healthy diet is paramount! Cheers,


  17. Hi Kev,
    Another brilliant post. I know for a fact that prostate problems are one of the major men problems. And as men, being men, they do not like to accept the fact that something is not right with their precious tool 🙂
    Anyways, a really good friend of mine used a similar supplement to decrease inflation of his prostate and it worked magic. That supplement also had turmeric in its ingredients.
    I totally agree with you that you should not just rely on supplements, but you will also want to correct your diet. Eat clean, remove sugar, gluten and grains for at least a month and you will see significant changes in your overall health! Flax seeds as a part of the diet is a powerful tool too!

    • Hi Anna,

      yes most men bury their heads in the sand over prostate health. Its all too hard for them. But yes it all starts with a healthy diet and exercise and certainly for me meditation and fresh air. This supplement is great but yes you need a good healthy body too. Thanks heaps,


  18. Hi Kevin! Good for you for not only kicking cancer’s butt, but for also taking your health into your own hands and not letting Big Pharma be in charge. It looks like Prostate Plus has really helped you, along with eating well, meditation and exercise. I will make sure to let my husband know about it in case he runs into any issues in the future. I want him peeing like a firehose! lol

    • Hi Christina,

      Thanks so much for your comments. A healthy diet is so important when it comes to your prostate and so many men just eat rubbish. Our bodies are what we eat and when illness and disease turn up its because of what we have placed inside ourselves mentally and physically. I hope your hubby never has to worry! Have a great week, oh and yes he needs to keep peeing like a firehose! Haha!


  19. That’s one thing that has always worried me in my adult life is going for that prostate check at the doctors. I know that is only a few seconds and it could save my life but it’s just that thought. I have a little trouble urinating where I will just stop mid-pee and then start back again, could that be a sign of a problem with my prostate?

    • Hi Matt,

      I don’t know how old you are but certainly what you describe may be a sign of an enlarged prostate. Not the end of the world by any means and a change of diet can certainly help. If it gets more frequent I would certainly look at doing something about it. What I describe in the post is what helped me and it may well help you. To put your mind a little at ease men in their 70’s and above who die and have autopsies all have some level of cancer in their prostates. You can live with it and it can be controlled. Unfortunately most doctors will scare you and tell you to have it cut out. No need to at all in fact that will make your lifestyle hell. Not saying you have it of course but rest assured any kind of prostate issue can be taken care of with a healthy diet and a healthy mind 🙂


  20. Hi Kev, I had no idea that this affected so many men. Your data was staggering to me.

    It’s very encouraging that your oats protocol has eliminated the need for permanent prostate plus tablets, and only when you need it. I’m not sure that this is widely known? And it’s great that you posted your recipe too. I think it’s awesome that you are so proactive with your diet, exercise and meditation routines. That is so important for a healthy body and healthy mind.

    • Hi Melissa,

      Thanks so much for that! Yes the stats are hard to believe but they are true which is staggering. 50 per cent over 50 suffer from some form of prostate issue and generally it is enlarged. The rolled oats protocol is excellent and certainly worked for me. More men need to be aware and hopefully this post will help. Many thanks again for your comment,


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