Best Turmeric Recipes – Apple Turmeric Ginger

the best turmeric recipes

I love turmeric no matter how it comes but for me the best turmeric recipes are freshly squeezed, delicious and healthy juices! Like the one I have added below. You can also see how it is made, step by step, in the video above. Juicing is one of the best things you can do for your body. It cleanses, detoxes and tastes great. So why wouldn’t you have juices everyday? Let’s check out one of the best turmeric recipes for juicing – Turmeric, apple and ginger.

Turmeric and Curcumin Research

The best turmeric recipes. As you may or may not be aware turmeric is a very healing herb and it’s main active ingredient, curcumin, is being researched consistently in universities, laboratories and medical facilities around the world. Why is it being studied? because of it’s almost miracle like healing properties. With more than 6,000 research studies already complete you can see why turmeric and curcumin are creating such a fuss. From healing cancer to helping to treat Alzheimer’s and diabetes, turmeric is a must for anyone who wants to achieve optimal health. Thats why I love the convenience of adding it to a juice.

The Best Turmeric Recipes – Apple, Turmeric and Ginger

Turmeric is my favourite healing herb! (thats pretty obvious I guess haha!) In this video and article I show you how to make a really healthy turmeric breakfast juice, or as I like to call it a turmeric shot! There are many juices I use throughout my week but this one combines the healing power of both turmeric and ginger with the anti oxidant power of apples to combine in a super start to the day. This juice gets rid of brain fog as well as healing any aches or pains.

best turmeric juicesApple Turmeric and Ginger Juice

For me this is without doubt one of the best turmeric recipes.


2 apples
3 inches of turmeric
2 inches of ginger
add pinch of black pepper
add teaspoon of coconut or extra virgin olive oil

The black pepper and coconut oil help the turmeric absorb in the body. Black pepper contains an ingredient called piperine. Piperine is a molecule that can inhibit enzymes that would attack other molecules. Because of this it is added to many other supplements to increase their absorption rates. It should always be consumed with curcumin.


Put all the ingredients through the juicer. I use an Kuvings Juicer. Great cold pressed juicer! (add the pepper and oil after juicing) and enjoy. So what do you think? have you tried it? Is this one of the best turmeric recipes?

best turmeric recipes
My choice for juicing. The Kuvings Juicer.

How this Juice Heals and Protects Your Body

Turmeric – Anti inflammatory – Anti Cancer – Helps heal Arthritis – Helps with Depression – Can Aid with Alzheimer’s – Aids with Diabetes

Ginger – Antibacterial – Antiviral  – Antioxidant – Anti inflammatory – Aids Digestion

Apples – High in Vitamin C – Powerful Antioxidant – protects Against Infection and Inflammation

Now these are just some of the healing properties found in the ingredients of your juice. There are many more. So really the question is why wouldn’t you incorporate turmeric and other healthy fruits, vegetables and herbs into your diet and lifestyle? The answer I get from many people is that we can’t get turmeric where I live.

turmeric heals

A Healthy Alternative

I have tried many supplements over the years and I have to be honest – 99% of them had zero effect on me. Most of them have minute amounts of the active ingredient and the rest was just filler. With turmeric increasing in popularity there are many supplements on the market. Now my philosophy is never to use supplements unless you cannot get a hold of the real thing. And thoroughly research any supplements you do wish to purchase.

My Recommendation – If you honestly can’t get a hold of the real ingredients then, and only then, use a supplement. I have looked at many on the market and the best by far in my humble opinion is Pura Thrive’s Turmeric. It comes in liquid form and most importantly is able to be absorbed by the body. Most turmeric tablets and supplements are simply that – turmeric powder that is hard to absorb – You need it to be bioavailable meaning easily absorbed into the body. Pura Thrive is easily absorbed. That is why I add pepper and oil to my juices to aid in the absorption. You can check out Pura Thrive here>>>>> But only if you can’t get hold of real Turmeric!

Did you enjoy The Best Turmeric Recipes?  Did you learn something new and did you try the juice? Please share your feedback with a comment below. I love hearing from you 🙂

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