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Hey everybody. It’s Kevin McNamara, from the Inspired Healing podcast. I’ve been doing Russell Brunson’s One Funnel Away Challenge and, at the moment, we’re going through the epiphany bridge story. And so as part of that practice I just want to tell my story on here and it’s a bit of an experiment for me, so I think you’ll enjoy this story.

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An epiphany bridge story is a story that takes you through the backstory, through the wall you hit, the epiphany you have (the epiphany bridge story) then finding out there is more obstacles, then have the transformation and success that you are aiming for. I hope you enjoy my epiphany bridge story!

The Story

It was back in 2012. I was working for the Department of Immigration at the time here in Australia and I was due to go on a 10 week secondment over to Outback, Western Australia to a place called Curtain, which is where I’d be working at the Curtin Detention Centre, looking after detainees and refugees.

And it’s like 50 degrees over there! It’s really, really hot. Anyway, two weeks before that I went and saw my doctor because I was struggling to urinate properly overnight. And then first thing in the morning, you know, I wanted to go, but it was mostly a bit of a dribble. It wasn’t so bad during the day, but certainly overnight and in the mornings, it was a bit tough to go to the toilet. So I went and saw my doctor. She sent me for an ultra sound and then to a urologist as the ultra sound showed my prostate may be enlarged. So I went off to the urologist and had the dreaded biopsy. Not a pleasant thing to have, let me tell you, and I’ll never have one again. I was hoping to get the results of that back before I went over to Western Australia, because there’s a possibility that there could be cancer in my prostate. Talk about an epiphany bridge story!

So I wanted to get those results before I left. I could then tell my partner, Joy, what was going on. But I ended up leaving to Western Australia because I hadn’t got the results back at that stage. And at the time I was struggling with that because the thought of having to ring Joy and tell her I had cancer in my prostate, you know, and being so far away would make it, very difficult. We would be separated for 10 weeks whilst I dealt with this pretty major disease. So that was my struggle there. And that made me feel really bad.

The Bad News

I knew that I could deal with it personally. I’d sort of prepared myself for that kind of outcome, but I knew that Joy would probably struggle a bit. But anyway, she gave me her approval to leave. She was happy for me to go. So I left and, as luck or the lack thereof would have it the first day I arrived in Western Australia, my doctor rings me and tells me I have cancer in my prostate. Around 5 percent.

So that was obviously a bit of a shock, if not totally unexpected. I figured that was a possibility. Not a great thing to hear from your doctor. But then something pretty amazing happened before I hung up from the urologist. I kind of had this real, I guess you might call it an epiphany. Hence the epiphany bridge story!

The Epiphany Bridge Story

I just thought to myself, look, if I made this cancer appear in my body, which I did, obviously, because of my lifestyle, diet or whatever, then why can’t I get rid of it? You know, if other people have done that and can do that well, certainly why can’t I do that? That was the thought that was going around in my head. And I thought, yeah, look, this is something that I can really do. And it was my subconscious mind speaking to me and it said to me at that moment, ‘this cancer is a trespasser in your body and it’s not staying, it’s leaving ASAP.!”

And after that thought appeared I was able to ring Joy and I told her and assured her that together we could beat this. And there was no way it was going to stay inside my body. And Joy was amazing. You know, she did loads of research for me on how to deal with the whole thing. And to do that naturally rather than going through the medical route. So I was able to have my 10 weeks away having a hundred percent belief that I could heal my body of this disease.

So I decided to research everything so I could start taking action now, which I did. I made a plan. Start a Plant based diet, fasting, exercise, meditation, being in good, healthy relationships, not toxic relationships, getting plenty of fresh air, plenty of sunshine and swimming in the ocean when I could.

And I knew together we could beat this thing. There was no doubt about that in my mind.

The Next Problem

But there was still a problem. We had to deal with the urologist who wanted to remove my prostate. I was also, at the start of my journey, not urinating that well, and I was a bit worried about what my family and friends would think of me going down this alternative route. So to start with we basically just ignored the urologist. He sent me some letters saying, look, it’s dangerous to ignore prostate cancer.

After a couple of his letters were ignored he gave up. We never heard from him again. I was fortunate to find a really good prostate supplement that helped with my urinating nightmares and we never mentioned a word to family until I was completely healed. They still think I was crazy, but what the heck, that’s just me. I am a little bit crazy!

The Transformation

But that allowed us to just follow that whole healing protocol. And guess what? It worked! I healed myself within 90 days, which was just amazing. And at the end of all that I proved that you really can heal yourself, because I’ve done it and once you’ve done it yourself, you know that it can be done. You just know.

And since that time in late 2012 I have been able to help many men do the same thing and at the end of it all, it just means that, you know, if I can do it, anybody can do it.

It sent me on a journey to help other people, not just with prostate issues but with life in general, just getting out of your comfort zone and really believing that you can make something of your life. Find your meaning and purpose.You can do anything!

Thanks for listening and reading about my Epiphany Bridge Story. Please share it with friends and family. Click here To receive your very own copy of the Secret Prostate Healing Book!

epiphany bridge story

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