Episode 2 – My 8 Principles of Health

Episode 2 Show Notes

Recently I wrote about my healing journey, my story, and I wanted to just pick something out of that story and just really focus on that, which is I guess the plan that I had to get myself healed after being diagnosed with prostate cancer, I wanted to really work out how can I heal myself? So the plan, I had to really think long and hard about it. We did a lot of research and in the end I came up with my 8 Principles of Health after going through a protocol that was worked out for me by a guy named Don Tolman.

My 8 Principles of Health

Don is an amazing guy. He certainly helped me on my journey. That is for sure. Don’s protocol was the rolled oats recipe that certainly helped shrink my prostate. Then it was a lot of fasting, a lot of juicing I do love juicing. That is for sure. Also it was a lot of exercise and I love exercising. I always have. So that was an easy one for me, meditation, which is really something that everybody should be doing. It’s a really important thing to be doing because it slows your mind down. It gives you more clarity. It helps you find your inner peace inside your body.

And when your body’s at peace and relaxed and calm, it has a far better chance of healing than when you’re all stressed. So when you can de-stress, it’s just an amazing thing. You can lose that anxiety, that feeling of depression. And as I say, meditation is just such a powerful tool. So if you want to heal your body certainly part of my advice is to meditate. That is for sure. And going through my 90 day plan that really did help me.

1. Plant Based Diet

I thought long and hard and came up with my 8 principles of health and number one is a plant based diet Really, really important to be plant based If you want to heal your body.

If you’re eating lots of dairy and meat, they’re the two things that I cut out immediately, no meat, no dairy. I still have meat occasionally I’ve gotta be honest, but I do try and make that organic and you know, grass fed beef. That’s a really important thing for me. I don’t have a lot, but sometimes I’ll have a craving.

I remember when I did my first marathon last year on the Gold Coast here in Australia. By the Tuesday after the marathonI was craving a big steak, just had to have a big steak. And so I did that and it was delicious, but I haven’t really had a big one since. And that was in July last year. It’s now, where are we? It’s June , 2020. So,yeah, I don’t eat a lot of meat.

I do have some chicken occasionally. I do have organic butter. I do have that on my toast and those kinds of things, but I do try and not eat cheese. I haven’t drunk cow’s milk for many, many years, got rid of that a long time ago. Meat and dairy are not good for your body. Much research has been done. Some conflicting but for me I feel better without them. We are all different if you want to eat meat and dairy go for your life.

So just getting back to my principles of health. Number one is a plant based diet lots of fruit, lots of veggies. That’s what really helped me and that will cleanse your body as well. It’ll give you a good detox.

my 8 principles of health
Plants are medicine!

2. Exercise

Number two, on the list of my 8 principles of health is exercise. Gotta have the exercise. That’s a really important part of it. You know, get out, go for a run, go for a walk, whatever it is, join a gym, go swimming.

There are lots of things you can do, and you’re never too old to do those things either, by the way. I mean, okay, you might be, you know, maybe running maybe a little bit past you possibly. I don’t believe it ever is, but possibly you’re in your mind, you might think that, but you can certainly walk. You can walk around the block, you can do some exercises at home. You can do some yoga at home. You can go for a swim, you know, where we used to live up on the Gold Coast we used to every morning at seven o’clock we’d look down over the pool from our kitchen and Ron would be there and Ron is in his mid eighties and he would be out swimming every morning at seven o’clock and he wouldn’t finish till about five to eight, just swimming laps of the pool. Amazing!

Really, really fit. Another guy we know Ken Saunders, he has been running all his life and he is now late eighties. He would be 88 now, I think Ken and he still does the Kirra park run, which is a five K run. Every Saturday. He is amazing too. Really good stuff. And yet, like I said, Ken’s in his late eighties and he’s still running. So there’s no excuse for you not to be out there doing something you know, join a gym. It doesn’t matter how hard it is or not as long as you’re moving your body, that’s a really important part of it. So that’s number two.

my 8 principles of health
Running or walking is great!

3. Meditation

Number 3 on my 8 principles of health is something I speak about all the time. We have a Facebook group called Meditation for the Soul and we go live often with our meditations. So check out Meditation for the Soul Facebook group. That’s a really great group as well. So meditation, as I say, it just calms the mind, gives you clarity, really gets you relaxed and de-stressed and you calm right down. And when you are calm and your body’s found that inner peace, guess what it does, it has the opportunity to heal.

But if you’re all stressed and your body’s all over the place, then you’re gonna make things worse for yourself. So meditation number three.

my 8 principles of health
Meditation is my spiritual practice and life saver

4. Fasting

Number four of my 8 principles of health is fasting. Really important thing. You know, Joy and I both love fasting. I love intermittent fasting too. I’ll have just juices in the morning or just water with some lemon and some Himalayan pink salt in the water, first thing in the morning. And then I’ll just have some more juice or coconut water throughout the morning till the afternoon. I will have some food then. And generally that’s, that’s some, rolled oats or salad in the afternoon. And that’s my little secret rolled oats recipe that I do.

So we’ve got fasting. Even three days just on go three days just on juices. The most I’ve done is 14 that’s when I was healing. That was part of my plan when I healed was14 days on Cabala juice, which is Carrot, Apple, Beetroot, Apple, and Lemon. That’s what Cabala spells out. So that’s a really great juice to be having. It’s a really healthy juice, the beetroots fantastic for endurance and carrots, as we all know, are fantastic for lots and lots of things. Lemon is great for your skin. Great for your kidneys, all that kind of thing.

We all know how good apples are. So that’s a great juice. I also ad some ginger to that. So juicing is fantastic. Fasting is great.

my 8 principles of health
Fasting heals your body

5. Good healthy Relationships

Number 5 Good, healthy relationships. So far we have plant based diet, exercise, meditation, fasting and your number five is having good, healthy relationships in my 8 principles of health. If you’re in toxic relationships not good, not a good thing at all. That’s going to come through in your life. You become toxic yourself. It’s going to affect you. It’s like eating toxic food, so good, healthy relationships. You need to have those.

Check the people you hang with. Do they support you are put you down. You hang with 5 negative people and you become the 6th!

my 8 principles of health
Me and my daughter Ally hiking in New Zealand

6. Fresh Air

Number six is fresh air. Get out in the fresh air, go for walks, runs, sit in a park or by a lake. Just breathing that fresh air is great for your lungs. It’s great for your body it brings you oxygen. That’s what keeps us alive. Get some fresh air every day.

7. Sunshine

Seven is Sunshine, get out in the sunshine. You know, people say sunshine is really bad for your skin. That’s just rubbish. The sun is really great for your skin. So the sun is fantastic. 20 minutes a day in the sun. Obviously if it’s 40 degrees, you’re not gonna go and sit out in the sun for an hour. I mean, people are asking for trouble when they do that. So don’t do that. The sun gives us vitamin D. Lay on your back and let the vitamin D enter your body through your tummy and chest. That is how it gets in. Is sun, is good!

8. Swim in the Ocean and Cold Showers

Number eight is one of my favourites! My 8 principles of health had to have swimming and cold showers at number 8! It’s my favourite number! Getting in the ocean when you can, or having a cold shower, cold showers are fantastic. I know some people will just shy away from that idea and thats ok. Living in Melbourne it’s freezing at the moment and the shower is really cold. But here is a tip, just ease into it.

You go for 10 seconds one day and the next day you try it for 15 seconds and then slowly build. I’ll do three minutes now, three minutes, I’ll get in the shower. I have it warm while I’m washing myself. Also, I shave in the shower, shave my face. And then once I wash my body, I’ll just turn the shower on a full cold, just full bore, straight on, no messing around and stay under for three minutes. And you come out just so refreshed. It’s amazing how refreshed you will feel having a cold shower.

Cold showers help your immune system and help your blood pressure and your stress levels. Research is being done into depression too.

The ocean is soothing for the body!


My 8 Principles of Health

So, okay guys, that’s my 8 principles of health for healthy living and healing. That’s it for this episode. So if you follow those principles you will have a long and healthy life, all things being equal.

So thanks for listening and I hope you enjoyed this podcast episode – My 8 Principles of Health.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 2 – My 8 Principles of Health”

  1. I must say your posts highly resonate with me! Thank you! 🙂 I have to say I’ve tried all these 8 principles and they have worked with me every single time. But consistency is the key. I’m looking forward to your more posts coming our way very soon.

    Best wishes

    • Thank you Habib!

      Appreciate that. yes nature health and my 8 principles are what keeps me healthy and as you say consistency is key.


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