Episode 5 – Never Own The Disease!

Episode 5 Show Notes

Hi everybody. It’s Kevin McNamara. Welcome back to the Inspired Healing podcast. And this is episode number five, Don’t Own the Disease! Wow. Things are going great. I’m loving the podcast. Hope you’re enjoying it. Tonight I wanted to talk about the number one thing that you don’t do when you have prostate cancer or any kind of disease at all, this is the one thing that you never do. 

Never Own The Disease!

Don’t do this. And that is you don’t own the disease, and I know so many people who, you know, when they’re talking about their disease or some sort of injury, they’ve got, they say, my prostate cancer, this, my prostate cancer that or my breast cancer this or that. This my liver disease, this, you know, they talk about it as though they own it. And guess what? Your body then thinks that oh this disease is mine.This is my disease. You know, why would I want to get rid of it? You know, the first thing I did when my doctor told me on the phone that I had prostate cancer?

Never own the disease
Never own the disease

This Cancer is a Trespasser

My mind was like a steel trap. It just said this cancer is just a trespasser in my body and it is leaving ASAP. And I never ever said that, you know, my prostate cancer, or my PSA. Just don’t do that. I took my own advice, never own the disease!

And I remember growing up, my mum, God, rest her soul. She’d have friends over and I would just sit there and they would talk about their issues, their diseases that they had. My liver disease is all I think about now or I had my breast removed and and now my other one is playing up. And I was about 10 and was thinking ‘do I need to know these things? Haha funny but true. My mum had weird friends in their 30’s. Strange times.

And they wondered why they didn’t heal. So the number one thing to do if you are unfortunate to have some sort of you know, big disease like that, some life threatening disease don’t own it, that’s really important. And the best thing you can do is get your mind thinking okay, how am I going to get rid of this out of my body? What do I need to do? Never own the disease!

The 8 Principles Of Health

And I always tell people, you know, look, I’ve got Eight Principles of Health, that applies to any kind of health. And number one is plant based diet, get on a plant based diet. That’s going to help you heal meditation. That’s going to help you heal. It’s going to calm your body. It’s going to give your body a chance to heal by just, you know, going into this inner peace when your body’s all stressed.

And you’re you talking about, Oh, you know, my cancer and my heart disease, this your body doesn’t get a chance to heal. Never own the disease! So you should meditate. Is just amazing to really calm the body and help you heal. So plant based diet, meditation, fasting is wonderful with juices. I’ll talk more about these things individually on some upcoming podcast, exercise, fresh air sunshine, good, healthy relationships are really important. 

And the last one is having a swim in the ocean or having a cold shower is fantastic. I do a bit of Wim Hof breathing. If you don’t know who Wim Hof is. Look up Wim Hof. He’s amazing. He’s the iceman. I do a lot of his breathing techniques. And then I can have a cold shower in the middle of winter here in Melbourne.

never own the disease
Meditation is one of my 8 Principles of Health

In fact I just had one and I’m so refreshed! Great thing for your body. So stop owning your disease. Never own the disease! Focus on healing, just get your mind and your body, right. Be positive, focus on the positive things. Don’t dwell on what you’ve got. Otherwise, it’s going to stay with you for very long time and maybe, who knows, may end up killing you. So don’t focus there, turn your focus to the positive things. What you can do. As I say, eat healthy, exercise, meditate, all those kinds of things. You’re going to feel a lot better. So give that some thought.

Thanks for listening!

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never own the disease
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8 thoughts on “Episode 5 – Never Own The Disease!”

  1. It’s crazy to know the real truth compared to what the medical world actually tells us. Meditation has got a cure for everything. They say if you have a sound mind, you have sound body. I would say fix your mind, the body will fix itself.

    Thank you for this amazing reminder.

    Best wishes

    • Thanks Habib,

      yes if you get your mind right your body will follow for sure. Cheers my friend, Kev

  2. Thank you for this interesting thought! Now, that you mentioned it, I actually recall people saying “my this or that disease” -I’ve never noticed it before. On the other hand, I also hear of people who recovered from “terminal” illnesses, when they shouldn’t have, according to doctor’s prediction. A positive attitude, along with a healthy lifestyle may help you in many ways through life. And the cold shower-I used to live a couple of years in Russia, many years ago- many of them do it regularly, as well. I have a lot of friends there who did and still do it each and every morning, but pouring 2-3 buckets of cold water on themselves, instead of the shower. They are all exceptionally healthy individuals.

    • Thank you for your comments,

      Appreciated. Yes I love my cold showers. really do help your immune system and your body. Never own the disease is a truism for sure. Keep the mind healthy and positive to, cheers,


  3. I love that. Clear the mind, and keep it the heck out. I think your spot on my friend. The mind is everything and if we dwell on things it only makes it worse and we attract to us things in harmony with it. Thank you for sharing this!

    • Thanks AJ!
      Yes people who dwell on things tend to manifest them or keep them present. Thanks for your support,


  4. Thanks for sharing the great content! I always think that meditation is a good way to release stress, it’s good for our health too. Sometime i will meditate before i sleep, really feel fresh when wake up.

    Keep it up for more great content!

    • Hi Sam,

      Thank you yes meditation is my cure all. Been doing it for many years and it is the answer to every problem. Cheers man,


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