Episode 6 – What is the Real Power of Meditation?

Episode 6 Show Notes

Hi there and welcome to the next episode of the inspired healing podcast- Real Power of Meditation. Kevin McNamara your host here and today I wanted to talk about meditation.

What is The Real Power of Meditation

Now, do you meditate? Meditation for me is something that if I was living without it, I would be a very stressed person.

Over the years I started meditating all way back, probably back late eighties, early nineties. I started meditating, I gave it a bit of a go. I wasn’t sure what it was all about or what it would do for me, but I was experimenting back then and look, I really enjoyed it.

But I wasn’t sure why I was doing it. And then I had some, some things happen in my life that really you know, threw me for a bit of a spin and then I really appreciated what meditation was all about.

And it’s all about gaining clarity over your thoughts. It’s all about calming your mind so you can slow down those thoughts so you can heal.

Meditation Benefits

Meditation helps you to destress. When you don’t have that stress or that negative energy wandering around in your body you can heal.

It gives your body more of a chance to heal. So if you are someone who’s stressed all the time, you’re in a very stressful job, you know, you get an injury or you maybe even get a disease. You’re going to find it hard to heal quickly because, with all that stress inside you, your body’s in chaos basically.

Through meditation, it gives you that opportunity, even if it’s only for 10 minutes a night or 10 minutes in the morning, or both preferably it gives your body a chance just to let go and just let go of that stress, release that tension that’s inside you, and it gives your body a chance to heal.

And it’s such a wonderful place to get to where you can do that. If you’re meditating all the time, then that’s really going to help you because it’s going to keep your body in that de-stressed state.

Even when stressful situations do come up, you’re going to handle them a lot better. That’s why that’s one thing that I’ve found has really helped me.

Real Power of Meditation
Real Power of Meditation

My Personal Experiences with Meditation

You know, when I was younger, certainly I mean, I was in the police force for 20 years. So stressful situations happened on a regular basis for me on most days. And you know, sometimes I didn’t handle it that well, even though I was a fairly relaxed kind of guy those situations certainly affected me inside. I might not have shown on the outside, but inside is where you really feel that kind of stuff.

And so by meditating, I was able to just release that tension, just let it go. In turn, my body healed and I’ve got no doubt on my prostate cancer journey. It’s certainly helped me heal my body.

There’s no doubt about that just by relaxing and just letting it go and just letting my body heal quickly. It’s just like fasting when you fast, it gives your body a chance to heal quicker as well because you’re not digesting all that food. Fasting is great and eating healthy foods here.

When you’re fasting and you’re also meditating, it’s just like a double whammy for your body. It’s just a great thing for your body. So like I’ll talk about fasting tomorrow, but today I just want to focus on meditation. Myself and Joy meditate all the time. We also have a Facebook group called Meditation For The Soul (click here)

Meditation For Soul
Meditation For Soul

You know, we go live every morning at 7:00 AM. That’s Melbourne, Sydney time for half an hour of meditation. So if you’d like to join us, they’re fantastic sessions! Really give meditation a go because it does really help your body.

Like I say, it just slows down your thoughts. Just imagine your thoughts in your mind as being, that ticker tape that goes across the screen when the TV news is on. That ticker tape that goes across and with all the, you know, the headlines or whatever it is, just imagine thats your mind, and usually it’s going a bit like a thousand miles an hour. So just picture that in your mind and just slow down that ticker tape when you’re meditating, just slow it down.

That is the real power of meditation. If your mind wanders off and starts thinking about things, then don’t get angry with yourself. Just acknowledge that. Okay, I’ve wandered off. I’m going to come back to my meditation there and just bring yourself back.

The worst thing you can do is get angry with yourself or frustrated that you keep wandering off. Don’t do that. Just say, okay, just become aware of it. And that way, when you’re more aware, you’ll focus more on your breathing and also in your meditation.

Breathing & Meditation

Breathing is very important part of meditation. Here’s a quick tip. If you hadn’t meditated before, just spend two minutes, morning and evening, just focusing on your breath, find a nice, quiet place to go and just focus on your breath.

Just you’re breathing in and you’re breathing out when you’re focusing on your breath. It’s very hard to focus on anything else.


So just give that a bit of a go. Like I say, it’s a really easy way to start meditation. Just two minutes, focusing on your breath, that’s it.

You’ll feel a lot calmer once you’ve done that, but try and get into a regular meditation practice. Your life will change, your body will heal a lot quicker and tomorrow we’ll talk about fasting. That is also very good for healing.

Thanks for listening to this episode – Real Power of Meditation- if you liked it please share it with your friends and family. Any questions? leave a comment below.

Really appreciate you guys listening and supporting me here.

I will see you on the next podcast. Talk to you real soon.

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