Episode 7 – How Goggins Inspired Me to Run a Marathon at 60

Episode 7 Show Notes

Hi there. Thanks for joining me on episode number seven. Wow. We’ve got a whole year of doing this and we’ve got another 51 weeks to go. My goal is to do one podcast a day for a year. So hold me to that. Today I want to talk to you about exercise how Goggins inspired me to run a Marathon at 60. That of course is David Goggins!

Exercise is a really important thing. I think we all know that if you’re not exercising, if you’re not moving your body, then basically you’re dying. You’re not growing, you’re dying.

How Goggins Inspired Me to Run a Marathon at 60

I just want to tell a little story about something I did last year, which was I ran in my first ever marathon on the Gold Coast, but there’s a bit of a story behind that. It was around about December 2018 and I’m a big fan of David Goggins. I just sort of started listening to him and he is a very inspiring guy.

He runs about 15 miles every single day. And does lots of work in the gym, that kind of thing. He is also a Navy Seal, well worth looking up if you don’t know him. Do a bit of a Google search on David Goggins.

And anyway, at this particular time, about December, 2018, I’d been doing a lot of running. Running anywhere between five and probably 15 to 20 K a day, not every day, probably three or four times a week.

Back in 2013, I actually ran my first half marathon, which was about 10 months after I’d been diagnosed with prostate cancer. And, you know, I’ve been on my juice fasting and a plant-based diet, all that kind of thing and fitter than ever, which was fantastic.

And so I’d done a half marathon, but I’d never done a marathon. And I was out running this particular day near the Tweed River not far from where I live in Coolangatta, Queensland, and I just thought to myself, look, I might do the half marathon next year. I think. And then this voice in my head, which was actually David Goggins voice, said, “Kev you’ve already done a half marathon.Why don’t you do the full one?”

And when he said that fear came into my head. I am very much into getting out of your comfort zone but this really scared me! I’ve got a Facebook page and a website called get out of your comfort zone. I thought about it for a few moments and then it dawned on me. I have no choice. It’s the marathon or nothing.

How Goggins Inspired Me to Run a Marathon
Running Parkruns every Saturday is great training.

What Would Goggins Do?

What would Goggins do? Goggins would do the bloody marathon! It had to be done.

And I did a Facebook live there and then on the banks of the Tweed River, and I told the world that, okay, I’ve made the decision, I’m going to do the marathon this year!

So I had, I think it was just over six months to train for it, which is plenty of time to train for a marathon. There are no worries about that. So started training looked up a couple of online training schedules started doing that, doing a lot of running.

The Painful Setback

And then one day I decided to run on the beach. And this was about a week or two after I decided to run the marathon running on the beach and tweaked my Achilles.

Now anybody who’s hurt their Achilles knows it’s a very painful injury. So I had this injury that was really painful. And because like with your Achilles, you just can’t run.

I gave it a week or two and then I tried to run again. I’d do a couple of Ks, but it would just sort of flare-up and really painful. And you know, this went on for quite some time and it was probably about six weeks out from the actual marathon. And I went and spoke to my partner, Joy.

Facing the Truth!

I said, look, Joy. I think I’ll just do the half marathon. I can’t do the full one because you know, my Achilles just isn’t up to it. And she looked at me and said “Kev, what would Goggins do?”

And I knew then I had to run the marathon. I had no choice I had to run it. She was right. And so, fortunately, my Achilles started to come good. So I put six weeks of training in. A good friend of mine, Sarah McCalden who I actually interviewed on this podcast late last year, who is a long distance runner, coached me for those last 6 weeks..

She lives over in the UK and she gave me some advice about running when to do it when not to do it how far to go with only six weeks’ training. And so I took that on board and I did my training. I did the long runs every Sunday.

Race Day!

How Goggins Inspired Me to Run a Marathon
Feeling great before the Marathon.

Race day arrived and I kept thinking that you normally give yourself six months, but I’ve got to do it on 6 weeks training. I felt pretty good.

And it was actually a very exciting thing to be a part of a marathon. There’s no doubt about that. Lots of people in the event. I was not sure how many people exactly, but there was something like 27,000 people were running over that weekend in different events. And the marathon certainly had a lot of people.

And so, you know, the gun went off and it was exciting! Just being there and part of it was crazy exciting. Being there at the start is just fantastic. So anyway, I’m running and really enjoying it. You know, I got to the Halfway Mark, the 21 K Mark, and I’m thinking I’m feeling okay.

The 32k Pain Threshold

At the 32 kilometre mark the the Gold Coast marathon starts and ends. So you start by running south for 16 kilometres then come back so you pass the start finish line on the way back and you still have 10 k to go. Heading north for 5 k then back. Which psychologically is bloody hard! Seeing the finish line and then knowing you still have 10k to go. How Goggins inspired me to run a marathon was something I had to believe in.

I saw my partner Joy and my daughter Ally who were on the sidlines at the 32k mark cheering me on. So I stopped by and said hi and got a drink and grabbed a snack to eat. When you’re running this kind of marathon, you eat lots of protein bars, that kind of thing. I was talking to them. And they asked me how I was going. I saidI am feeling okay.

You know, I’m not feeling too bad feeling quite good. Anyway, I took off. And Joy told me later that even though I said I felt great when you took off your body wasn’t actually saying that! Haha!

Those last 10 kilometers, let me tell you, just the hardest thing to do. Just really tough. Inside my head I’m thinking, look, it’s just two Parkruns. You’ve just got two Parkruns to go. And I tried everything to just, you know, talk myself around to just keep going.

Moving Past the Suffering Brings Greatness!

This is where Goggins 40/60 rule kicks in. I honestly thought I was 100% spent. Had nothing left. But I ran and would have crawled that last 10 k if I had of needed to. When you think you are finished mentally you dig deep and realise you still have 60 % more left in the tank than you realise. You have only used 40%!

It was just the toughest thing I’ve ever done that last 10 kilometers. I never once stopped to a walk. Apart from when you get your water, the water stations, you just quickly stop and grab a water or fruit or whatever.

But I was so close to stopping and I thought, Oh my God, this is so hard my whole body was just in pain. And all the while Goggins was there, “Don’t stop, never quit, keep going, you CAN do this!” He kept me going. The amount of courage and determination we find when we are physically and mentally in sheer pain is staggering! I never knew I possessed such strength.

Fortunately the closer you get to the finish line the crowd gets bigger and you keep getting those little bursts of energy. With a kilometre to go, there are people lining the streets and they’re cheering you on and you pick up that energy and excitement and it carries you forward.

So I am coming up to the left turn off the highway and then its about 300 meters to go once you turn left there. So now I’ve got to turn left. And some people I knew were cheering for me, which was great. And then as I come down the straight to finish the marathon one of the commentators is yelling ‘Here comes Kevin McNamara that’s him in the white shorts. And he’s just turned 60. Give him a big cheer!’

How Goggins Inspired Me to Run a Marathon
It’s over and I have my medal!

What do you do when you turn 60?

I’m thinking, how does this guy know who I am and my story. And anyway, that just spurred me on so much. It just gives you that extra pep in your step, like, you’d think you’re totally exhausted but you find that extra effort. The last thing he said was “What do you do when you turn 60? Run a marathon of course!”

You think you are gone for all money. And then you turn into the straight and I knew Joy and Ally were there somewhere and people just cheering you on and you just, you’ve got more in you than what you think basically. And I just really sprinted to the end. Even though it might not have looked like a sprint haha!

You put all this hard work in and you get to the finish line, you get your gold medal for finishing and all that kind of thing. But the best feeling is that sense of satisfaction in achieving your goal. Finishing. Crossing the line and breathing a huge sigh of relief. You just finished running a marathon!

Final Words

How Goggins Inspired Me to Run a Marathon
My rock and greatest supporter!

So I guess my message today is it doesn’t matter how much you do, it doesn’t matter whether you just walk around the block, you know, once a day, but just do something just to keep your body moving.

Like I say, if you’re not moving, you’re not growing, you’re dying basically.

So that’s my little story about exercise and how Goggins inspired me to run a Marathon at 60. And one of my great achievements, I’m very proud of that, but anybody can do that when you put your mind to it, I had this Achilles that was really painful, but you can get through that.

I guess the real message here is if I can do that, then you can go for a little, you know, one-kilometer walk daily. There’s no excuse, really.

So get out there, do some exercise. Your body will love before it your mind will love you for it. You’ll get some clarity. You’ll get that oxygen moving in your body and you’ll feel great. So go and do that.

Go and exercise really important. I hope you enjoyed the marathon story. I like telling that story. I always get excited and I just feel that excitement crossing that finish line.

So thanks for listening – How Goggins Inspired Me to Run a Marathon at 60

I’ll be back again tomorrow. Have a fantastic day. Don’t forget to subscribe. And if you’re on listening to How Goggins Inspired Me to Run a Marathon on YouTube also subscribe there, leave a comment.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the podcast. Leave a comment below and I’ll speak to you real soon. Bye-bye.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 7 – How Goggins Inspired Me to Run a Marathon at 60”

  1. This is a pretty uplifting post – I went through a phase in my life when I didn’t take exercising seriously at all, which was a big mistake. Nutrition is the number one key to good health, but regular exercise is a whole entity on its own, and must be taken care of no matter how many dietary supplements you take.

    • Yes very true Simon,
      Exercise and diet are what makes the difference. If you are not eating properly then your exercise will suffer. Combining exercise with healthy food is what got me through the marathon. Cheers man.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story with us, Kevin! I’m a 28 year old female, and I too want to run at least one full-length marathon during my lifetime (I ran track in high school, and jog on a regular basis). When we’re willing to challenge ourselves, step outside of our comfort zones, and push our bodies in ways we’ve never done before, there is a true sense of accomplishment in being able to reach our goals. With running a marathon in particular, the keys to success are definitely 1) faith in God, 2) faith in ourselves, 3) a hunger to succeed, 4) practice, 5) determination, 6) persistence, and 7) discipline. Your story perfectly encapsulates these factors, and I’m so happy that you crossed that finish line and earned your medal! Great read! God bless you!

    • Hi CN,

      Thanks so much for the comment! Appreciate your thoughts. Yes it was exciting achieving that goal. I have no doubt you will get there too. getting outside the comfort zone is key for sure.I love your 7 keys too! Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing about your first marathon! 🙂

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