Episode 8 – How Does Fasting Heal Your Body?

Episode 8 Show Notes

How does fasting heal your body? Hi, everybody. Welcome to episode number 8 inspired healing podcast. It’s Kevin here with you tonight. I want to talk to you about how fasting heals your body.

How Does Fasting Heal Your Body?

Have you ever done a fast before in your life? There are all different sorts of fasts. What I did with my prostate was a major part of my healing. Fasting! to help it heal! I did a two week fast and that’s just having water and Cabala juice.

I did that at the start of my healing and Cabala juice is carrot, Apple beetroot, and lemon. And it’s called Cabala cause it’s carrot, Apple beetroot, Apple lemon, Apple that’s it’s called Cabala. And it’s a really healthy juice and very, very good for healing.

So fasting is is a great thing to do when you look at, for example, animals, when they get injured or hurt or ill, what do they do?

They go and rest and drink water and that’s all they do until they’re healed. And the reason for that is when you fast, your body heals quicker than if you’re just eating.

Now, when you think about it, most people, lets say 50-year-olds, for example, have been eating every day since the day they were born, they just ate probably three, four times a day and the next day do exactly the same thing.

How Does Fasting Heal Your Body
How Does Fasting Heal Your Body

So their digestive system is just working all the time and it’s like over 50 years. So just imagine if you spent a week or even a day, just drinking freshly squeezed fruit juice, or just water for a day, just to give your digestive system a rest. And what that does is especially over say a seven day fast, it gives your body gives your digestive system a chance to heal and certainly to slow down and have a rest.

And also what it does is it gives your body a break. It’s not working overtime to digest your food, but it gives your body a chance to heal.

And so it’s a bit like I compare it to meditation when we meditate when we’re stressed and we become nice and relaxed and calm inside a body is nice and calm. So it heals quicker.

And it’s the same when it’s not digesting food every single day. And a lot of people have, you know, lots and lots of food. So that’s a lot of digesting going on.

A lot of muscles being used, a lot of energy being used. So when you’re just taking in liquid, it just totally slows down the digestive system and just gives you a body a rest over a number of days.

It’ll just start to heal. And certainly, whenever I’ve had injuries when I injured my Achilles just before the marathon, I did a lot of fasting and some of that was intermittent fasting where you would just have your main meal in the evening.

And then I wouldn’t eat anything until about one, two o’clock the next day. So that’s intermittent fasting where you go 16 hours fasting and you have an eight-hour window where you can eat your food. And some people do 18 and six.

So it just depends, on where you’re at as far as fasting goes, but I highly recommend it because like I say, it does help you heal. If you got any niggling injuries, and you know, things like arthritis inflammation in your body fasting is going to help because like I say, it slows down your metabolism and it just gives your body a chance to rest.

And when it’s in that peaceful resting state, it can heal so much quicker. Like I say, just look at dogs and cats, they just rest and they drink water and that’s how they heal.

So fasting, a great thing to do. Maybe just try it maybe for 24 hours, give it a shot for 24 hours, you know, have your meal the night before. The next morning, just get up and just have some water.

How To Start Fasting

A great way to start is just to squeeze a lemon into a big say a liter of water. Add some Himalayan pink, salt, or Celtic, sea salt in there. And give that a bit of a stir and just drink that first thing in the morning.

That’s, that’s a great thing to do anyway, that kind of thing. It is really, really good for the body the lemons, amazing for your skin cleanses your liver, all that kind of thing. So it’s a great thing to be doing. And then if you have a juicer, you can make some juice.

How Does Fasting Heal Your Body?
Start Fasting With Lemon Water

That was very important. A lot of people think that smoothies are juices. They’re not, you can’t use a banana or you can’t use avocado or you can’t do some mango.

You know, juice juicing is where you put, you know, apples, carrots, those kinds of things, beetroot into the juicer and it removes the pulp and just gives you the juice. So that is not a smoothie.

You can do a smoothie fast. There’s no worries about that, but juicing is the quickest way to do that. And there are three ways to fast.

One is a fast way, just having say a week with, just eating fruit and veggies and that’s it. Some of those raw the faster way is where you’re drinking fruit juice, freshly squeezed juice, not the rubbish from the supermarkets, that’s full of sugar, but freshly squeezed fruit juice.

Fastest Way To Fast

The fastest way to fast is just on the water, that will really help you with a healing for obvious reasons. But if you can do three-day water fast and you’ve got some sort of niggling injury or some pain somewhere almost guarantee you, it will disappear when you do a fast, give it a shot.

Like I say, just for one day, just try it out even half a day, just try and drink fluids in the morning. You know, herbal tea is fine, that kind of thing. Stay clear of coffee and tea with milk, all those kinds of things fasting is just the best thing you can do for your body. So give it a go.

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