Episode 9 – Why Fresh Air and Sunshine is Good for You

Episode 9 Show Notes

Everybody, Kevin McNamara here, episode number 9. Can you believe that we’ve done nine already? Well, I’m about to do number nine now. The inspired healing podcast. So welcome along again today. Today we will discuss why fresh air and sunshine is good for you.

Why Fresh Air and Sunshine is Good for You

I want someone to talk to you about a couple of my well, they’re part of my eight principles of health and this is fresh air and sunshine, and they’re really important cogs in that, in that eight principles and the eight principles I’ll just quickly run through them for you.

If you don’t know them already number one, plant-based diet, number two, exercise, number three, meditation, number four, fasting number five, fresh air six, sunshine seven is good, healthy relationships. And number eight is getting out in the ocean or having all, or actually doing both of these things, getting out in the ocean and also having cold showers.

They could only live near the ocean and certain cultures that the best thing for you. And I’ll talk about them tomorrow. Actually, I’ll just make a note of that while I’m thinking of it, cold showers tomorrow because they’re really great things for your immune system.

Why Fresh Air and Sunshine is Good for You
Why Fresh Air and Sunshine is Good for You

But today we are talking about fresh air and sunshine getting out in the fresh air. Our body needs oxygen. It needs air when we’re born, what’s the first thing we do. We breathe. We breathe in the air for the first time that air stays with us until we die.

It’s always there. So I always make we present meditation that like live meditations on a Facebook group called meditation for the soul. So go and check that out a meditation for the soul. And we go to live there. And the first thing we do is get people to focus on their breath.

Focus on Your Breath

And I always say to them really focus on your breath because your breath is something sacred. It really is something sacred. And like I say, we’re born with it. It’s with us until we die.

So really breathing is a really important part of their life. So getting out, getting some fresh air, getting that into your lungs, it’s going to rejuvenate your blood, get your blood flowing. And if you, you know, exercising or whatever, that’s another great thing to do as well.

So if you’re outside you should be walking or hiking or something like that. And that’s going to really get that fresh air into your lungs and really circulate throughout your body, keep your blood flowing beautifully, and it’s going to be it also heals you because it’s a with edit, not going to be here.

Why Sunshine is Actually Good For You

So the next thing, of course, is sunshine. There essentially, it gets a bit of a bad rep these days, because there are a lot of sunscreens out there. People want you to use sunscreen and going in the sun cause the sun so bad.

There’s so much skin cancer around and the sun that nothing to do with that. It lets people staying out in the sun for far too long. It’s nothing that the sun is really good for you.

The sun gives us vitamin D if we’re some biking on our backs and we’ve got our tummy exposed, that’s the best place to receive vitamin D is through your stomach.

So the sun gets onto your skin and it has a way of getting into your body through your stomach, which is the best way, to do that. So the sun is a great thing. Most sunscreens, you go out in the sun with sunscreen on it’s horrible, poisonous chemicals heating up and it’s on your body.

Sunshine is Actually Good For You
Sunshine is Actually Good For You

So that’s going to give you more drama than what the sun will. And of course, there are those people who go out and some bike for hours get burned continually, and then they wonder why their skin, they have problems with that.

And that can cause skin cancer. But if you get out for even just 20 minutes a day, get out in the sun, do a bit of sunbaking. It is the best thing for you. The absolute best thing for you, you get sunshine into your body.

It’s the only way we can naturally get vitamin D. I don’t wear sunscreen. I just restrict the amount of are made in the sun basically. And if I do go out for a bit longer than 20 minutes, you know what I use, I’ll squeeze a lemon, I’ll get one of that little paintbrush, things that they use for basting chickens and those kinds of things.

And I’ll stick it in the lemon juice and just paint it on my neck, shoulders, Reverend exposed, either that, or I’ll use coconut oil, which is a great thing again for your skin.

There are so many sunscreens out there that people try and push on you. Really. If you have to use a sunscreen, find one that is organic and it’s not going to is not full of those horrible chemicals. It’s a really important thing to do because in Australia here, we have huge numbers of people with skin cancer and that they blame it on the sun this year, some lemon juice or some coconut oil, and you’ll be totally fine. The best thing for your body is sunshine.


I think I’ve made my point there. Okay guys, thanks for that.

Thanks for listening – Why Fresh Air and Sunshine is Good for You

Just send me a message. If you’re on YouTube, just leave a comment down below but get back to me, happy to answer any questions in regards to that, but I’m very much against a sunscreen because I do believe that it does contain these horrible chemicals and they’re getting into your skin through the sun.

So just keep that in mind. And if you are out in the sun, don’t spend too long there. That’s the key. Yeah. 20 minutes every day is absolutely fine. And you need it. That’s it for today. I’m going now to have a fantastic day and I’ll see you soon.

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