For the Love of Juice – Interview with Olivia Budgen

For The Love of Juice – Olivia Budgen – Turmeric Heals – People Who Inspire

This is the second episode in the Turmeric Heals video series – People Who Inspire, presented by founder of Turmeric Heals, Kevin McNamara. For the Love of Juice.

ABOUT Olivia Budgen –

for the love of juiceMy guest today is a Certified Health Coach and entrepreneur who inspires others to live consciously and heal themselves through a plant-based lifestyle. Why eat a plant based diet? What is a plant based diet? The answer to those questions and more can be found on Olivia’s beautifully crafted website by clicking here>>>>> 

And you can also hear why Olivia lives a plant based diet by watching the video!

Olivia spends her time blogging about all things related to wellness and providing delicious, plant-based vegan recipes. She is the founder of Organic Aura which is a raw, organic juice delivery company in Brisbane, Australia. Start juicing your way to health.

This amazing website and delivery service is available to people living in Brisbane, Australia, now and Olivia has plans to expand the service in the near future. You can order your juices now by clicking here>>>>>


Listen and watch as Olivia talks about her life growing up, her binge eating and partying lifestyle, how she made the decision to change and how her health had suffered through abusing her body.

Finally hear how she instantly went raw vegan and is about to embark on an inspiring new business delivering Freshly squeezed juice to the people of Brisbane, Australia. She really lives for the love of juice! And yes Olivia and I are both huge fans of Don Tolman and his son Tyler Tolman.

Olivia truly is one of the most inspiring people on the planet.

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01:05 – Kev stuffs up Olivia’s name!
02:00 – Childhood
02:40 – Food growing up
04:15 – Party girl, sugar addict, binge eater
05:30 – Lack of confidence, people pleasing
06:30 – My health goes downhill
07:15 – Effects on my relationships
08:12 – Olivia’s Defining moment
11:30 – Becoming a different person
13:18 – The most difficult part of my change
15:30 – Getting out of my comfort zone
16:20 – 3 things that changed my life
18:20 – Institute of Integrative Nutrition
21:00 – Wellness Coaching and my website
22:30 – Organic Aura Juice delivery business
26:45 – Do I have a 5 year plan?
28:10 – Raw vegan and fruitarian
29:.05 – My role models
31:20 – Gotta love the Tolman”s!
31:30 – Moving forward after wanting to give up
33:30 – One piece of advice to change your life
35:25 – Thanks Olivia!

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I hope you liked this interview and Olivia’s infectious passion! Please leave your feedback in the comments below. Olivia is happy to answer any questions you may have. Ask in the comments.

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For the Love of Juice was fun to record and I really hope you like it. Please share it with your friends. You never know, it may just change their life!

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best turmeric supplements


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