Healing Prostate Cancer Naturally – I Did it You Can Too!

Healing prostate cancer naturally is something I am very proud of. It’s also something that was bloody hard to do! This is the story of how I did it with a lot of help from my favourite herb, turmeric and my favourite cowboy Don Tolman!

Ok so this is my very first blog post for this website, Turmeric Heals. And I thought what better way to start than to praise the healing powers of turmeric through my own experience of healing. Here is my story of healing prostate cancer naturally.

My Story

healing prostate cancer naturally
Kevin Drinking Cabala Juice

In August 2012, I began a 10 week secondment in my job at a place called Curtin. I was an Immigration Officer at the time and Curtin is a very hot desolate place in the north east of Western Australia. It was also the name of the Immigration Detention centre where I was about to spend my next 10 weeks.

On the day i arrived I received a phone call from my urologist confirming I had prostate cancer. Ok. Lets back track one month.

turmeric heals

The Indicators

I had no idea if healing prostate cancer naturally was even possible. In early July of that year my urine was a little slow in the mornings. This concerned me so i went and saw my doctor who performed a few tests including a PSA (Prostate specific antigen) blood test. A high level indicates that cancer may be present in the prostate. But it is not 100% accurate. My result was a 6. A little on the high side. My doctor then arranged a scan which showed my prostate was enlarged. As a result I found myself marching off to a urologist, having a biopsy and awaiting the result. Lets head back to Curtin…

The doctor told me I had prostate cancer. He said it was around 5%. Not a high amount but enough for him to encourage me to have my prostate removed once I returned home. Now being told you have cancer is not one of life’s bucket list moments. However when he said those words my mind instantly went into positive mode like a steel trap. There was no way I was going to let this trespasser, cancer, stay in my body. My thoughts were, ok its there now but it is not staying. My mind and body will make sure of that.

The Toughest Part

Being 4,000 kilometres from home and not knowing a lot of the people in the centre made it very tough initially. And having my partner, Joy, back home in Queensland made it even tougher. The hardest part was ringing and telling her I had cancer. It was tougher for her than it was for me. In my mind I already had it beat. Convincing her was the hard part. (And getting hold of lots of turmeric!)

Being away from home turned out to be a blessing. It gave Joy and I both time to research the implications, the alternatives and exactly what it was I had. Turns out that prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and if autopsies were performed on most men over 70 there would be some trace of prostate cancer in them. So it was not a death sentence. Men can and do live long healthy lives with prostate cancer present in their bodies. Healing prostate cancer naturally was at the top of my priority list.

Finding Don Tolman

While I was away Joy went to a seminar run by an American dude name Don Tolman. He is known as the ‘Whole Foods Cowboy’ and his message is all about being able to heal our bodies through our diet, fasting, exercise, fresh air, sunshine, good relationships and meditation.

Healing prostate cancer naturally
Don Tolman

When I returned I went to see an alternative doctor and also booked in to see Don Tolman. The alternative doctor put me Vitamin C Therapy for a couple of weeks and then gave me a blood test for PSA. It returned a reading of 6. Still in the high level. She then suggested because I was relatively young to have my prostate removed. I gasped in horror when she told me that and vowed never to return.

Having Total Belief

After seeing Don Tolman I was convinced I could heal myself. Don is larger than life and his philosophy and thoughts on the medical industry and healing through whole foods resonated strongly with me. Don put me on a particular dietary protocol for 90 days that included a juice called Cabala juice, a rolled oats with flaxseed breakfast, lots of fruit and vegetables, brazil nuts and lots of broccoli. He also encouraged cutting out meat and dairy for 12 months and to include turmeric as often as possible.

I embraced his protocol and did a two week fast on cabala juice (carrots, 3 apples, 1 beetroot, 1 lemon and I added turmeric and ginger) and included Don’s signature snack ‘Pulse’. I had the rolled oats every morning for the 90 days. Before the 90 days were up I was urinating like a fire hose! Haha! My prostate had returned to normal size and I was no longer struggling to urinate. It was truly amazing. I used an Oscar Neo DA 1000 juicer that was fantastic!

healing prostate cancer naturally

Having said that I have just upgraded to an even better juicer – a Kuvings BPA-Free Whole Slow Juicer B6000PR.

healing prostate cancer naturally

After around 5 months I had my PSA tested and it was way back down to 2. Don Tolman recommended not ever having a biopsy again so I never have. His reason being the needles it shoots at high speed into your prostate can disrupt the cancer cells and help them to spread. I totally agree.

Healing Prostate Cancer Naturally

Ok so healing prostate cancer naturally. Is my cancer gone? I believe it has. My PSA remains at 2 or lower and the only real way to find out is to have another biopsy, but for the reasons above there is no way I will do that.

healing prostate cancer naturally
Fit and Healthy!

I know my body now better than any doctor and I know my body is pure and clean. I knew there was something wrong before I was diagnosed and was not surprised to hear it was cancer. Today i know my prostate is perfectly healthy and I continue to follow Don’s protocol of good healthy living.

Healing prostate cancer naturally was my focus. I have never been fitter or healthier. I run more than 20 k every week, swim and do weights. Healing prostate cancer naturally was a no brainer for me. Turmeric was a major part of my healing and I will cover its healing properties in many more posts to come. Suffice to say it truly has been a miracle healing food for me along with other fruits and vegetables.

You can read about the 7 best foods for an enlarged prostate and a great enlarged prostate diet here.

I Don’t Trust Doctors

I know for many men the thought of healing prostate cancer naturally is a frightening thought. We have been brainwashed to believe that our doctor knows best. There is compelling research and evidence these days proving that we can heal our bodies through our minds and just as much evidence that foods like turmeric play a major role in the healing process.

Healing prostate cancer naturally was the only viable option for me. Two doctors encouraged me to have my prostate removed. I chose not to. Since that day I have been contacted by many men and in fact many wives of men wishing they had know about my story. They would never have had their prostate removed. Women tell me their husbands and partners have lost confidence and self esteem by going down the medical route.

turmeric heals


This article is in no way telling people not to seek medical advice or to follow my way of handling this experience. It is simply my experience and how I dealt with it. It is your choice totally. I just want people to know there is an alternative to radiation, chemotherapy and having your prostate removed. Check out Don Tolman here

Please share this article with friends and family if you think it may help or encourage them.

I know a lot of people struggle to find turmeric in supermarkets and shops. I don’t recommend supplements however this particular product I highly recommend if you can’t get hold of the real thing –  Check it out by clicking here.

Did you enjoy this article Healing Prostate Cancer Naturally? Leave any questions or comments below and I will answer everyone of them. Healing prostate cancer naturally is absolutely possible. And share this valuable information with your friends!

If you or a friend have prostate issues I highly recommend Prostate Plus – click the picture below to find out more about it. Healing prostate cancer naturally is possible and Prostate Plus is a big part of my journey now.

77 thoughts on “Healing Prostate Cancer Naturally – I Did it You Can Too!”

  1. Hi Kevin
    Great personal story,that I believe can help many….
    I am 74 years “young”:) still in great shape now, and was told by my doctor to have enlarged prostate,did take urine and blood test and will see next month my doctor to see how things looks.
    Wishing you all the very best

    • Thanks Ivan,
      Appreciate your comments. 74 you are but a pup! 🙂 Good luck and I wish you all the best. Stay in touch, Kev

  2. Hi Kevin; I really like your endeavor here. I don’t know what a cabala is or if I can find one around here in Astoria or Portland Oregon. So I would like to know about that. I have read about pomegranate juice as a good thing for prostate cancer and some other things. Rolled oats I have had for breakfast for years and now I do put flaxseed oil in it. Also have been eating tumeric for years but have been mixing it with yogurt. I did give up dairy for about a year and didn’t notice any special effects other than I lost a lot of weight, so I went back on the dairy. But I want to get on with the healing methods you write about here. I would like to read how you actually make a cabala drink, etc. Your take on the medics is the same as my own but I will need to concentrate on the downright business of healing. Thanks for presenting your story.

    • Hi Michael,
      Sorry for the late reply. Lot going on. I made a video on Cabala juice you will find here with the recipe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqQvX4oGLKE&t=2s also check out more of my videos I cover a lot of stuff on the channel that will help you. Thanks for your comments and I wish you all the very best, stay in touch, Kev

  3. Hi Kevin,
    Your website is great…a good source for healthy alternatives for those of us who have the prostate issue. I was having problems and after the ol’ fist check (something all us guys just love) he said my prostate was hard on one side and scheduled me for a biopsy. He said it was probably cancer.

    I cancelled the biopsy and have started the two week Caballa fast. Just one question. Were the rolled oats or anything else eaten during the two weeks or just Caballa juice alone.
    Thank you for all the info you provide.


    • Hi Dale, apologies I only just found this comment.

      Just the cabala juice and water. No food at all. Let me know how it all went. All the very best,


  4. HI, Kevin, am not sure what score yours or anyone else score was as in a biopsy result which you manage to beat. My PSA came out 34 which is very high compared to yours, and 3+4 Gleason score and with he prostate cancer bulging on one of the walls. They recommend I have a prostectomy but I’m afraid of that and its risks, BUT not sure how long it cd take to cure it naturally and if I have time before it could spread throughout he outside walls (which obviously would mean big problems if it did). Im confused as I cannot seem to find the right info to help me to assess wether I have time or not to treat it myself naturally. I have already started juicing and fasting either way weeks ago when they told me about the first psa Level. How does your score compare to mine ? has anyone else here in similar situation. Any insight would be appreciated. God bless

    • Hi Herc,

      My PSA was 6 and Gleason score I think was 4? I honestly don’t remember. I pretty much blocked all those things out once I decided to heal myself and focused on fasting and meditation. No one can decide for you as far as the path to follow. What you read in the article worked for me and I have no intention of ever seeing a doctor again unless thru a car accident or similar where I need first aid. Look up Don Tolman and heed his advice. He really helped me. But in the end it’s your body and life so do what you think is best for you.

  5. My family member was diagnosed with Prostrate cancer I immediately said
    give up the meat and alcohol and cigarettes. i know nothing about cancer
    but I believe it is what we having been eating that has played major roles
    in these illnesses and diseases that are showing up and affecting many lives.
    Congratulations on your will to LIVE. KEEP UP THE GOOD HEALTH

    • Hi Nickie,

      Thanks so much. I wish your family member all the best. Give up meat and dairy and start drinking lots of fresh fruit and vegetable juice. Meditation also helped me a lot. Still does.

      Let me know how they go,



  6. Kevin,

    I came across your story on Youtube and I am going to try your suggestions. I am 53-years old, retired Army veteran, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer a couple of days ago. After my PSA went from 1.9 to 4 within a year, my urologist recommended that I have a biopsy and two ago I did, The report came back with 3 of 12 samples testing positive located in the center of my prostate. A Gleason Score of 7 (4+3) was assigned to my tumors which puts me at intermediate risk. I was advised to have my prostate removed via a robotic prostatectomy. I looked into it this procedure and there is no guarantee that if I have surgery prostate cancer won’t return. Additionally, the side effects are pretty scary. I am going to take my chances on changing my diet, eating healthier, and trying turmeric and cabala juice. I also have visited Don Tolman’s website and will try out his raw juice C.A.B.A.L.A. powder. I don’t plan on having another biopsy either. Other than your current diet, do you consume any meats such fish or chicken? Since my last PSA test, I have cut out eating red meat. Lastly, do you recommend any turmeric supplement on Amazon?



    • Hi Rudy,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I have sent you a email with detailed answers. Yes I would get off the red meat, chicken and fish for at least 12 months. The only turmeric supplement I recommend is this one.
      Look forward to hearing from you via email. Many thanks,


  7. Hey great stuff
    Question..the juice…how much carrots you specify all but that
    I wish I would of ran across this before I had radiation treatments..been about 3 weeks since completion…when I go back for my checkup I want to surprise my doctors….heard a lot about tumeric..and ginger…also keeping my body alkinize with baking soda and apple cider vinigar…whats your thought on that…..thanks

    • Hi James,

      thanks for dropping by. I use around 10 medium carrots. I love my carrots! There is no hard and fast rule so 7, 8 or 11 is fine to. I like to make a reasonable amount when I make it.
      Turmeric, ginger, baking soda with a squeezed lemon in it is great. It will all fizz up so drink as fast as you can. Apple cider vinegar is excellent to. Try ACV with a 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric with some hot water or hot milk (Not dairy so almond, soy or oat milk) before bed. Really good stuff. Sorry you had the radiation but yes give all this a great go and you will do great. Fasting for up to 7 days will help immensely too. Lots of freshly squeezed juices. Even 1 day will help.

      Let me know how you go, Cheers,


      • Hello Kevin,

        I suffer from chronic prostatitis (which of corse is not prostate cancer ) for about 4 years now and it just means that my prostate is inflamated and the doctor have no freaking idea how to overcome this. they just say that I have to learn how to live with it, but it has affected my social and sexual life too much and I really need to do something about it. I take a leak with a low pressure and after ejaculation I always feel a big pain in my urethra. My only question is, when you did the cabala juice fast, I am curious how many times a day did you do the juice in the ammount you specify above ? I am asking because I am working as well and I just dont know when to make the juice and when to drink it. Thank you.

        • Hi Popa,

          I had between 2 and 3 litres a day of the juice and just drank it when I felt hungry. No set times or rules with this stuff just follow your body. It really is good stuff. I would also get onto the oats with flaxseed and lemon juice protocol too along with the Prostate Plus. The Prostate Plus really helps with urination and pain issues and the oats will shrink your prostate. Let me know how you go. This is a link to the Prostate Plus if it interests you https://turmericheals.com/prostateplusvid1



          • Hello Kevin,

            I wonder, do you think it is possible for you to give me your email so that I can ask you further about this issue ? Thank you.

          • Hi Popa,

            If you go to the contact page you can write to me there ok? Click on the menu where it says contact. Let me know how you go, cheers, Kev

  8. Hi Kevin,
    Thank you so much for the amazing information here. My dad has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, he removed it because he was so afraid to leave it in his body. Now 1 year after removal, his PSA is going up again, and I’m trying to put him on plant-based diet. I’m reading a lot of good things about fasting. He’s afraid that it will have bad effect on his body, because hiis blood pressure is normally low. Would you recommend fasting with water for him? I see that you fast with Cabala juice. Could you please tell me how many days you fast with the juice?
    In general my question is do you recommend fasting, and if so, with water or juice, and how you would recommend it.

    Thanks so much again for helping helpless people!

    • Hi Najme,

      Yes fasting is really important to heal your body. I did a 2 week fast on cabala juice when I was first diagnosed and it was amazing. Helped heal me. Water fasting is the next level up so do a few juice fasts first to get used to it before going all water. Water will heal you quicker but is harder to do for long periods. Juice one day a week for a month then increase to 2 days. Then try a 7 day fast on juice. No right or wrong here just what feels right. Hope this helps,


  9. Hi Kevin
    Thank you so much for the blog on Turmeric paste, i became engrossed in your whole site and particularly your personal journey..it sounds like Don rocks. Coincidentally I have just come across Turmeric’s health qualities although I have been eating it for years as we are big curry eaters in our house … being British of course! You are preaching to the converted when looking for alternatives to the doctors line of drugs or surgery. I am on a journey at the moment fixing my brain having been diagnosed with ADHD. The medical profession instant response was to prescribe a daily dose of 90mg Methylphenidate ( a class A drug!) without even asking a question about my nutrition, lifestyle, sleep etc etc. Found your piece totally inspiring. I’ll follow your site, make some paste and your story. You should be able to add ADHD to your list soon! Any other foods you recommend for helping repair cognitive function like focus and attention.
    Thank you, Positively Keith

    • Hi Keith,

      Thanks for your great comments. Really glad you liked it. Yes Don Tolman and his son Tyler do rock! Yes curries are generally full of turmeric haha! Oh yes doctors and Big Pharma. Have you got 3 hours! Not my favourite people but some of them are starting to see the benefits foods like turmeric have. Let me know what you think of the paste. Leafy green vegetables, blueberries,avocados, beetroot, broccoli and coconut oil are great for the brain, memory and focus. And lets not forget Golden Paste! 🙂 All the best Keith,


  10. Kevin,

    Thank you so much for your story. I am planning on trying Don’s protocol because I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I hate to admit it, but I’ve been living in denial for far too long.
    My question is if it would be okay to add 2 grapefruits as an ingredient into the CABALA juice?

    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks for your comment and question. Prostate cancer is very common and is not a death sentence. Most men in their 70’s or older would all have signs of prostate cancer but it is something you can live with as long as you eat reasonably healthy. Doctors want to cut, poison and burn our bodies for no reason. Yes you can absolutely add grapefruit to cabala. I also add turmeric and ginger to mine. Grapefruit is excellent for so many things but my favourite is that it controls your blood pressure. Thanks again Paul and let me know how things are going,

      Much love buddy,


  11. Hi Kevin,
    Two years ago my PSA was over 100 with a Gleason score of 8, and has been on harmone intermittently. I use several natural remedies as well (cottsge cheese and flaxseeb oil,honey and aloe, blended broccoli ginger garlic anbonions),but when ever I am of the harmonies the PSA rises quickly again.Any suggestions ?

    • Hi Keith,

      I have not heard of harmonies. Can you tell me what they are? I would be eating a mix of rolled oats with flaxseed, a lemon or 2 squeezed into the mix and some wheatgerm oil. Do some fasting with cabala juice and meditation.



  12. Hi Kevin!
    First of all thank you for sharing this amazing story, I must admit that it was very inspiring to me when I read it and I’m sure It has and will help lots of people.
    I believe I have an enlarged prostate so my question is if by drinking that cabala juice and the rolled oats with the other ingredients for a period of 90 days my prostate will go back to normal?
    Thank you so much for your help!

    • Hi Ivan,

      I can only give you my own experience and how it helped me. I cannot guarantee it will work for you but I highly recommend you give it a go. And eat lots of brazil nuts too and lots of broccoli.

      I am not a medical person and don’t pretend to be but this protocol worked for me and I really hope it works for you too. Don’t forget its a mind thing too so meditation helped me too.

      Good luck and let me know how you go Ivan,


  13. Don’t do this alone without your urologist guide.
    The psa does not decrease with fruits or mediation and since the cancer is still there the suggestion from the physicians to remove it was the right recommendation.
    There are lots of people who believe weird things but this is a life or death thing so don follow onlybthe advise of this person.
    Don’t have anything against the diet and excercise but seek medical treatment.

    • Thanks for the advice Roger,

      I have no confidence in doctors or urologists. I am fitter and healthier than I have ever been. Most men over 70 who have an autopsy will have traces of cancer in their prostate so its a common thing but not life threatening with the right diet.

      Funnily enough my psa decreased with fruit and meditation and a few other things like fasting and exercise. Go figure.

      Thanks again for the advice but I’ll stick with looking after my body rather than have a doctor who doesn’t know me do it.



  14. Hi Kevin. Your journey and the way you have taken it under control is extremely inspiring. You have ignited more positivity in me I am so glad my daughter pointed me to your story. I received my diagnosis yesterday after a PSA reading if 8.4 (up from 4.3 2years ago) I had a biopsy and have a Gleason 7 and stage T2c. After reading your story it is making me rethink my options and I have started drinking the Cabala juice today, just wonderful tasting. I am also looking at alkaline foods and beverages to help get my ph in order. Can you let me know if you have the oats raw or soaked? Where do you get your wheatgrass oil I am having trouble finding it in WA but still looking. Again I am so pleased I was directed to your amazing story and trust that all is still going well for you. Thanks for the rethink.

    • Hi Doug,

      Thanks so much for your great words. Keep in mind this is my experience and I don’t preach that it works for everyone but it did for me. Having said that its great you are on to the cabala juice and other things to improve your health.

      I pour the oats raw into a bowl then add the flaxseeds and wheatgerm (not wheatgrass) oil and squeeze a lemon or two over the top. Now by Don’s protocol you should let it all soak over night. I didn’t always remember to do that however its a good idea. Then in the morning boil a kettle and pour in some hot water. I also add a banana or blueberries or which ever fruit you like.

      The wheatgerm oil should be found in any heal food store. I at first thought it was wheatgrass oil too so don’t feel bad haha!

      Thanks again for your kind and inspiring words. Stay in touch and let me know how you go 🙂

      Cheers and best wishes, Kev

  15. Hello Kev, a great inspirational and real life story. Thank you for sharing it.
    As I read your story, the first thing I saw was your ATTITUDE. It was not dread of ‘what might’ or worst, ‘what is going to happen to me now’. You used a calm and a common sense approach. You knew there were alternatives and that is a massive plus. Taking control of the mind in what could be seen by some as a ‘crisis situation’ is vital to success.

    • Hi EJ,

      Thank you. Yes we can let the external situations control us or we can control them. ATTITUDE is vital. Be positive and see the best in any cicumstance. Really have belief in what you body can do. Know your body well and you are half way there.

      Many thanks for your comments my friend,


  16. I have to say this was really inspiring!!

    I know that most people who have cancer do things such as chemo and marrow transplant to put cancer in remediation or beat it. I was wondering, is a lot of our problems pertaining to cancer treatable and preventable if we just eat healthier and remove any toxic substances from our bodies?


    • Hi jessie,

      You are spot on! Most disease is caused by diet. Eating too much processed and junk food, sugar (bad sugar) sodas all those kinds of things. They turn our body toxic and thats when cancers appear. So it is very much treatable and preventable by watching what we eat. Eat healthy and you will be healthy.

      Thanks so much for your comments and great question 🙂


  17. You are truly a man to be admired. Kicking that alien out of your body and keeping the right mindset is always the best method. Oh, and not thinking doctors have the only answers is great as well. I am all about going all natural and have a naturopathic doctor friend who takes good care of me. I am glad that you kicked the big “C” and hope it never rears its ugly head again. Great post.

    • Thanks Brent,

      Appreciate that buddy. Yes doctors are taught certain things but nutrition is not one of them. Thanks for your kind words.
      When it comes to our bodies – we know them better than anyone.

      Cheers my friend,


  18. What juice recipe would you recommend for an everyday juice to include the best prostate fighting ingredients? My dad has just been diagnosed with a Gleason score of 9, we are thinking of apricot kernels also?

    • Hi Maria,

      Definitely the Cabala juice which is carrots, 3 apples, 1 beetroot, 1 lemon and I add 2 inches of turmeric and ginger root as well. I also recommend for breakfast rolled oats with flaxseeds and lemon squeezed on top with a teaspoon of wheatgrass oil.

      Also recommend meditation, lots of water and fresh air and sunshine.

      Hope this helps,


      • Hi kevin, appreciate your story and dedication, I am going to follow your recomendations to eat more healthier and do some fasting. At the moment my prostrate seems to be ok, so it might just be the time to try and keep it that way, I lost a good brother in law to prostrate cancer a few years ago, maybe he could have been saved by following a different diet instead of having radiation, chemo and other treatments, he was given 6 months to live, but he survived another 5 years.

        I wish you well!

        In the above post did you mean to put “wheatgerm oil” not “wheatgrass oil”?


        • Hi Roy,

          Thanks so much for that. Appreciate your comments. Diet is definitely a key when it comes to your prostate. maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also important. Meditation, plant based diet and healthy relationships along with exercise is what I recommend. Look after your prostate and body and it will look after you!



  19. Hi there Kevin,

    Absolutely awesome, outstanding and kudos to your will power and strength of mind for getting beyond prostate cancer.

    I know exactly what you mean about mind power aspect, I have a fairly similar attitude when I seriously smashed in my knee, hip, femur and ankle in a road accident. I just knew I would walk again, despite so called experts saying I would nt – I did it! might have taken 6 years all in but hey I did it!

    • Congrats Derek!

      That is a great example of mind over matter. Well done. Thanks for your comments. yes once you get through something like that you know you can do anything in life you put your mind too.

      Keep on walking!

  20. Hello Kevin,
    I am glad to hear that you were able to avoid surgery in healing your body of that cancer. I was a little surprised to learn that Tumeric was that effective. I use the herb to season many foods for taste but also because I have heard that it is beneficial for good health. I enjoyed your story and the information. I encourage you to keep up the good work.

    • Hi Bruce,

      Thanks for that. Yes turmeric is a very healing herb. It is really starting to replace anti inflammatories and works so well. My knees are thankful for it haha!



  21. Hi Kevin,

    I enjoyed your article. I have a brother that has Prostate cancer. I’ve been reading a few articles on curing cancer. I appreciate your thought “In my mind I already had it beat”. Besides the natural herbs, diet, and exercise, I believe your mind has a big part in the healing process.

    I also feel and believe that doctors do not always have the best interest in cancer patients, but they’re only interested in money. I may sound very blunt but that’s how I feel about some doctors and the pharmaceutical.

    I’ve never heard of Don Tolman or Turmeric, so I did a little extra reading on him and the spice. I’m certainly going to bookmark this web page to check back for more info.

    Thank you so much for sharing this informative read.

    • Hi Rosa,

      Thanks so much for that. I agree with your thoughts on doctors and big Pharma. They are all in it for the money! And people suffer because of it.

      Yes watch some of Don’s video’s. Amazing man 🙂

      Thanks again and yes please keep calling back, Kev

  22. This is a very interesting article for me because my father has been admitted to hospital with prostate problems recently. He is a very spiritual man and has a lot of faith in natural healing. However, without much experience in it myself I have been wary. However, your article has shed New light on the subject and made me think deeply about alternative methods.

    • Sorry to hear about your dad Iain.

      I really hope that the article may inspire him and yourself to try a few of the methods I mention. At least you can pass on that these methods worked really well for me and I’m fighting fit!

      Let me know if I can help any further.

      Many blessings to you and your dad,


  23. Prostate cancer is something that are lot of men are facing as they get older, and the sad thing is that this disease has taken so many life’s. It is good to go and get check ups from the doctor when the time comes. But what I love is the healing effects that fruits, herbs, vegetables and nuts have on this type of sickness. Thanks for sharing this great information, I wish that every man on the planet could get a hold of this information.

    • Thanks so much Norman!

      Yes I wish they all could too, that is why I am spreading the word. Yes fruit and vegetables, juicing, fasting, exercise, sunshine, fresh air and meditation all heal.

      Thanks so much for your thoughts,


  24. Great story Kevin! Doctors can be so quick to recommend the knife it’s like a reflex. Interesting point about the needles (no pun intended). Not entirely surprising but I hadn’t heard of that before.

    • Thanks Aaron,

      Appreciate that. yes doctors don’t really want to cure you that are like robots – take this pill – take that pill – lets cut this out of your body to be safe…etc

      People need to know there is a choice. Hopefully this article helps,

      Cheers mate

  25. Hi.. A great read and a fantastic post. It now gives me the confidence to beat my prostate problem naturally. My attitude is really good and something inside of me tells me that the problem will not beat me ??

    • Hey Ben thats fantastic!

      Good luck with it all and if I can help in any way please let me know.

      Cheers buddy,


  26. Hi Kevin. i am so glad to hear you got out of your cancer trouble, and that you did it yourself, tham makes me extatic. The reason for this is that I have complete belief in heath foods as a absolute cure for even the hardest of ailments. I am still youg, vegan and eat only the healthiest fruits and vegetables(they have to taste well too). Because of that diet I honestly expect never to be sick. And yes, I adore turmeric. I wish to one day try the whole root.

    • Thanks Nikola!

      Yes you must get some root turmeric as it is delicious in juices and smoothies. Glad to hear you are eating healthy and are a vegan.

      Thanks so much for your kind comments. I wish you well in your health journey,



  27. This is a fantastic article and exactly what I have been searching for. My close friends father was diagnosed with prostate cancer, every week I make him fruit/ veggie smoothies with flax seed, ginger and sometimes I use tumeric. Now that I know how important it is I will definitely use it in every batch. I am very interested in learning more about Cabala juice and will be doing a little research. Thank you so much for this very informative article.

    • Thanks Danielle!

      Appreciate your comments. Yes turmeric is one of the best healing foods you can consume. So many things it helps with.

      If you add turmeric to a juice or smoothie don’t forget to add a pinch of cayenne pepper so it absorbs into the blood easier 🙂

      Cabala juice is brilliant too and would really help your friend’s father.

      Good luck with it all and yell out if I can help further,

      Much love,


  28. Hi My husband was diagnosed with prostrate cancer July 2015. His PSA was only 3.5 at the very highest. After a biopsy, was diagnosed with a Gleason score of 9 and the cancer had escaped from the prostrate. The Doctor in Bunbury told him to go home a get his affairs in order. We visit a doctor in Perth for a second opinion who said he could perform a Radical Prostatectomy. He had his prostate, some lymphs nodes, and part of his stomach muscles removed. After six months of testing his PSA which dropped to 0.31 straight after surgery started to rise again to 1.5. A PET scan was carried out and a lymph gland lite up. In May 2016 started 7 weeks of Radiation at the highest levels possible, along with hormone therapy.
    He has had two hormone injections 3 months apart, he is on the tail end now. Saw his oncologist 15 November (Yesterday)
    His PSA was 0.001 and his oncologist is over the moon with the result. Question? apart from Western Medicine what else did we do? Yes we certainly changed our diet to green smoothies and loads of organic fruit and veggies. We also did research into alkaline water and brought a diatonic water machine along with liquid supplements from an amazing man from America. At this moment in time we are enjoying a cancer free moment.

    • Hi Karen,

      Thanks so much for sharing your story! I wish Ross all the very best. He has had a tough road.

      There is no right or wrong with this stuff and everyone has to do what they think is best for them.

      Enjoy and cherish every moment. We lost my mum last week and it just reinforces how fragile life can be and how quickly time goes.

      Thanks again for sharing and sending much love to you guys 🙂


  29. Incredible Kev, thanks for sharing! So inspiring to see you keep such a positive mindset and find the treatment option that worked best for you. I love how you’ve been able to maintain such a healthy lifestyle even after finding your PSA levels had dropped.

    • Thanks James!

      yes it has been quite the journey. Our mind is so much more powerful than what we give it credit for.

      Keep grinding buddy 🙂 Kev

    • Hi Olivia,

      Thanks so much. I follow you with great interest too and you are inspiring so many people.

      Keep up the great work 🙂 xx

    • Thanks so much Tina! Yes it is definitely time and the word is spreading…slowly haha! But with the likes of Don and Tyler Tolman and others out there things will only get better 🙂

    • Hi Kathleen,

      I am no expert so please don’t take my advice as gospel. I had a friend who had a similar ailment and and they used a turmeric paste in the affected area. It cleared it up. Maybe try a little bit to test it out. Again I am not a medical practitioner but I know turmeric paste works really well on cuts and burns also.

      Let me know if you try it. Also drink plenty of water and Cabala juice 🙂

  30. Prostrate cancer seems to affect a lot of men in America. To make it worst, if that person did surgery on their prostrate then they are almost guaranteed to use adult diapers for the rest of their lives. That’s pretty harsh. I like the idea of tumeric. It is natural and it’s part of the my favorite dish, curry. I have been eating curry since I was small. It smells a little, but I don’t mind at all. I also heard that ketchup (or concentrated tomato sauce) contains a lot of lycopene which is also good for preventing prostrate cancer. What’s your opinion on that?

    • Thanks so much for your comment. yes it is very common in men around the world. Yes if you can avaoid surgery best to definitely avoid it and use whole foods to heal yourself.

      It is a decision between conventional medicine and using the healing medicine the earth provides. Unfortunately many men choose to follow their doctors advice who have been taught to use chemicals to treat their patients.

      I have proved that you can heal by non medical means.

      Grilled tomatoes are very good for your prostate as you state above. The sauce would need to be non processed so nothing you buy in a supermarket would help you.

      Lycopene is also found in carrots, watermelon and papaya’s. All great for men’s health. Thanks again for your comment 🙂

  31. Well done Kevin for trusting your body. Our bodies want us to be healthy, we just need to help them along the way. I am trying to help my partner cut back the meat intake. Sadly only through shock cones change, and he isn’t quite there yet! Looking forward to reading more of your journey. Xx

    • Thanks Mands! Yes meat is a big thing and hard to give up. Keep doing your best haha! He will see the light sooner or later 🙂

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