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This is the first of many inspiring interviews I will be undertaking in my new video series – Turmeric Heals – People Who Inspire. How to be Grateful for What you Have is an interview with Jacob Zylka-Zebracki, an author of the book the Gratitude Guide and founder of Lifetime Trekking, his new venture taking people trekking through the Pieniny Mountains in Poland. In this fascinating interview Jacob talks about his troubled upbringing in Poland, his relationship with alcohol, his family and his working life and how he came upon gratitude.

How to be Grateful for What you Have
My guest Jacob with The Gratitude Guide

The Gratitude Guide

His book, The Gratitude Guide, is truly life changing. Listen as Jacob tells us of his life changing moment when he knew his life had to change. Truly inspiring.

Jacob’s new venture, Lifetime Trekking will inspire you to take leave of the rat race and spend some quality time getting to know the real you. These retreats sound amazing and are on my bucket list.

Jacob was brought up in Poland and his story of life as a young man in a communist country will open your eyes to how lucky you are to be living where you do.

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How to be Grateful for What You Have –


00:58 – Kev stuffs up Jacob’s name!
01:30 – Life in Poland
06:50 – How alcohol can affect you
10:15 – Jacob’s siblings
11:05 – Dr Wayne Dyer’s story of forgiveness
14:55 – My mother
17:50 – Thoughts on depression
19:10 – Doctor’s, pills and job’s
22.25 – Jacob’s defining moment
24:00 – Who did you need to become to change?
26.50 – I am responsible for my life
27:18 – Meet my cat
28:15 – The Gratitude Guide
29:45 – Fresher’s week
31:00 – The Gratitude Moment
36:44 – The ‘wow’ comment
38:18 – Where to buy the Gratitude Guide
40.35 – Lifetime Trekking
45:47 – The real Poland
47:30 – The trek starts here
48:03 – A 5 year plan
50:40 – How to not get cocky
52:00 – The first thing to do to change

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But importantly learn how to be grateful for what you have!


21 thoughts on “How to be Grateful for What You Have – Jacob Zylka-Zebracki – People Who Inspire”

  1. I always try to be grateful for what I have and I still that with my daughter. I didn’t have luxurious items when I was growing up. I had a simple life and so I was grateful for whatever I had.

    I think it’s important my kids feel the same way. I do want to give them whatever they want, but on the other hand I don’t want to spoil them. I think it’s a fine line.

    • Hi Owain,

      Yes its a fine line mate. I think if kids can learn to be grateful for all they have no matter how big or small we will live in a peaceful world 🙂

      Cheers, Kev

    • This is a “aware parent’s” dilemma. We went the best for our kids but how to make them value what they have.
      There are some research about gratitude and kids – apparently kids appreciate things they have more after simple gratitude training and they are happier when they get to adulthood.

  2. Ths site speaks to me. It is to stop and smell the roses. Self awareness makes you stop and think about what really matters. You automatically learn to be great-full when you clear your head. Thank you for sharing.

    • Cheers Michael.

      Yes we all spend too much time hurrying around the place but never slow down to become aware of the beauty that surrounds us. Grateful is a way of being that will improve your life 100 fold 🙂


  3. Thank you very much for your comments. Kevin, I think we have a power to deal with much more than we are allowed to believe, thus the power is being taken away from us in that sneaky, “scientifically-proven” way. Being, recuperating, being mindful is not popular in medicine because it is not countable. Overall I think we are drifting more and more the the “solidness” of numbers and away from what we really are – paradoxical creatures who operate in the realm of emotion as well as logic.

    Ingrida, there is a great freedom in forgiveness and compassion, I think. And I believe we are reaching a time in our civilization when we will have to become more consciously compassionate in order to survive as a race. Lithuania, yes… similar story and, as far as I know, similar symptoms in the people. A gift with a price…

    Thank you, Paulina for your very kind words. I hope this interview will allow somebody to reclaim their live and become more empowered.

    Thank you all!

    • Hey Jacob,

      Thanks man! Loved the interview. As you can tell from the comments you have had a huge impact on people. Gratitude and being are much neglected these days and your energy to get them in peoples awareness is commendable. Thanks for being my first inspiring guest 🙂


  4. Hello 🙂 I had this great opportunity to meet Jacob( for me Kuba) at our Fine Arts High School. Yesterday I listened your interview with a smile on my face. Somehow I felt like I had this conversation with my old friend and that we were talking about things which happened during all of these years after high school. Everything Jacob said is so close to my own thoughts, my own paths of life and someway I felt he talks about me 🙂 I know exactly mountains he talks about, I love them a lot. Great man, great ideas, I’m very happy to hear he’s doing well. Sorry for english mestakes, best regards, Gosia Gibas.

    • Hi Gosia,

      So nice to hear how you know Jacob! Really appreciate your thoughts. Your English is great. The mountains look beautiful. You really do reflect the man that Jacob is. Thank you again for calling by,


  5. Wow, what a great post!
    I agree with all the points, most importantly, to be grateful means that we need to lower down our expectation on something or someone, or even better dont have any expectations at all. We embrace life as what it is and make the best out of it.

    Thank you very much

  6. What a great interview Kevin, thanks for sharing this with all of us! Jacob is surely inspiring and love the way he explains how we can choose our context… and then ultimately we need to decide how we want to live. We are in full control of our lives and it’s the hard truth to have no one to blame but ourselves for the failures and successes in our lives.

    So much to think about and being grateful always.

    Thanks again Kevin,

    • Hi Grace,

      thanks for calling by. yes gratitude is so important to heal and move forward. Jacob is an amazing man and so very inspiring.

      Best wishes to you Grace,


  7. Hey Kevin,
    What a great idea, to interview people like Jacob! I also really like your idea of time-stamping certain parts of the conversation. Great idea! Did you know how to link directly to those times in the video? It’d be a little more work but might encourage people to click right to it. I was personally curious to hear his thoughts on depression at 17:50 and jumped to that … and completely agree with what he said (and I was on anti-depressant medication for several years until I discovered how I could take a path that was much more empowering and sustainable).
    Keep up the great work. I look forward to taking in the rest of the interview!
    Best wishes,

    • Hi kevin,

      Thanks for your great feedback, appreciate your comments.I am working on how to link the times in. I know it works on youtube description but in the post not sure.
      He is an interesting guy for sure. Depression is very misunderstood I think and he described that and gratitude well.

      Cheers and all the very best, Kev

  8. Loved this interview! The moment that hit me was when Jacob said about hating someone that actually the other person doesn’t feel that we hate them and that hate that we feel for them only harms us. So true! That really made me think…why would we carry hate that only harms us..? Great motivation to just forgive someone and move on!
    Also, it was interesting to hear him describe communistic times as I when through that too 🙂 I’m from Lithuania, born in early 80s so had 10 years of communism.
    And yes, gratitude is the key to happiness and it can be found in so many little things every day. And it brings amazing things to our lives…I noticed that when make myself feel grateful for anything throughout the day it works like a magnet for attracting awesome things to me.
    All the best to you! Amazing website!

    • Thank you Ingrida,

      Yes hate is a soul destroying thought and emotion for sure. Your life sounds fascinating too.
      we only have to look around us and be present to feel gratitude. Its everywhere.

      Thanks Ingrida, Kev

  9. Great interview and very interesting. Jacob is an inspiring man and to hear his life sorry makes you appreciate him.
    Being grateful is such an important part of life and usually we forget to stop and look at all the great things that we have in life.

    • Hi Paulina,

      Thanks so much for your thoughts. Appreciate that. I think gratitude is the first step to changing. Being appreciative of all we have and not complaining opens doors.

      Thanks for watching,


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