How to Cure an Enlarged Prostate – And My Secret Rolled Oats Recipe to Do It!

In this video below I show you how to cure an enlarged prostate and I introduce you to a great new Prostate supplement that will keep you urinating like a fire hose! Seriously. I hear many of the ladies thinking ‘Hang on this is an article for men only.’ I have to disagree. I know many men who have had their prostate removed or who have had prostate issues and their wives, girlfriend’s, partners etc have all been ultra supportive and wanted to know what was causing the issues. So this will interest not just men but all you ladies too. It will very much help give a better understanding. How to cure an enlarged prostate? Ok here is a link to my secret rolled oats video to help shrink an enlarged prostate!

(You can also see the video below with the recipe!)

How to Cure an Enlarged Prostate? Here is My Story

How to cure an enlarged prostate? First a little bit about my own healing – in 2012 i was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate and they also found 5% of my prostate was infected with cancer. You can read more about my how to cure an enlarged prostatehealing from prostate cancer here >>>>> Healing Prostate Cancer Naturally

Now as you can see in the pic it is really hard to urinate with an enlarged prostate. And when you do you end up having to go 4 or 5 times a night as the flow is so damn slow and frustrating! I know if you have had this problem you can relate. Am I right! This is why many men are asking how to cure an enlarged prostate.

The Stats

How to cure an enlarged prostate? Lets look at the stats first. Fifty percent of men in the world over 50 years of age have had or will have a prostate issue in their lives. And that number is increasing as our junk food lifestyle increases. The major issue for men is an enlarged prostate.

What Causes an Enlarged Prostate?

Ask a doctor and he will tell you it just happens in men over 50. No reason just men ageing. Personally I think that is total rubbish. It is a whole other blog post on the causes for enlarged prostate but I will summarise my opinion here. Diet. That’s it. Your diet. If I can have an enlarged prostate and reverse that by eating whole foods, fruits, vegetables, juicing, fasting etc then why can’t any other man? Thing is most doctors will tell you it can’t be reversed. They would rather convince you to have surgery or take Big Pharma’s expensive pills for the rest of your life.

If you are eating lots of processed junky food, drinking alcohol heavily and smoking for example your health will suffer big time. That is common sense. What caused my prostate issues? Please read on.

What Caused My Enlarged Prostate?

In the late 1990’s my doctor diagnosed me with high blood pressure. She actually said my blood pressure was rising, it wasn’t too bad but before it gets too high lets put you on BP tablets. I wasn’t all that keen especially after she told me I would need to be on them for the rest of my life and if I ever stopped taking them I would die! True. That is what she told me.

I loved my doctor, she was a lovely lady and I believed she had my best interests at heart. Looking back now I know she was a victim of Big Pharma. Big Pharma sponsor doctors and send them to seminars where they sell the benefits of their latest pill. The poor old doctor gets basically brainwashed into believing how wonderful the latest pill is, and then on sells them to the even poorer old public who have to pay for them.

I Became a Sheep Taking Blood Pressure Medication

Now remember my blood pressure wasn’t bad, but it was going to get bad if I didn’t go on the pills. So like a sheep I started taking the pills religiously every day. $50 a month for 17 or so years. All money going into the coffers of Big Pharma and my doctor.

When I was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate and prostate cancer my partner, Joy, told me to go off the BP pills. I told her I was scared as I could die. (I was so naive!) She laughed at me and told me my blood pressure was fine and I was healthier than most 50 year old’s. So I went cold turkey. I didn’t die and I didn’t feel bad. I felt great. To cut a long story short I have no doubt that putting blood pressure medication in to my body for 17 odd years in no small way contributed to my diagnosed enlarged and cancerous prostate. Getting off the pills and taking on other protocols that I write about often on this website no doubt helped me heal my own body.

turmeric heals

My Two Super Secrets to get Your Prostate Back to Normal Size!

Super Secret Number 1 –

How to cure an enlarged prostate? This is going to really help. This really helped my prostate get back to normal size within 2 months. Seriously good stuff. (Big thanks to Don Tolman for this protocol!)


  1. Rolled oats and flaxseed. Bowl of preferably organic rolled oats
  2. Sprinkle flaxseed on top
  3. Squeeze a lemon on the mix
  4. Add a half tablespoon of wheatgerm oil
  5. Add 3 or 4 crushed Brazil nuts (put them in a blender or Nutri Bullet to crush)
  6. Let that sit and soak overnight

Then add hot water in the morning and a banana and a teaspoon of Golden Paste. This mix is amazing for prostate health. Again the benefits of Golden Paste turmeric are well acknowledged in this blog. This PROTOCOL WAS MASSIVE IN MY HEALING AND I STILL EAT THIS AT LEAST 4 TIMES A WEEK!

Super Secret Number 2 –

enlarged prostateProstate Plus.

This stuff – Prostate Plus

And I want to tell you about the 3 major benefits of this amazing prostate health food because any man who is having trouble with his water works wants to hear these benefits! As I mention above, having to try and urinate every night 4 or 5 times is no laughing matter.

When you are laying in bed at 3am and you wake up and feel the urge to pee, you know you have to take drastic action! There is nothing worse.

Ok, yes, having a baby is 10 times worse I agree. However it is damn horrible those urination urges!


  1. Increases urinary flow

  2. Reduces those frequent urination urges…and don’t you really hate them! They are horrible

  3. Fights inflammation and inflammation is the major cause of enlarged prostates in fact inflammation causes most diseases in the body full stop.

Those benefits alone are worth the purchase price of  Prostate Plus .  Also it contains no fillers just pure natural ingredients. And that is so important to me. I would never recommend rubbish products. Prostate Plus actually works.


Also contains Vitamin E and Vitamin B6.

So if you want to start urinating like a firehose (because it feels fantastic!) and get your prostate back to normal health, eat the rolled oats for breakfast every morning and purchase Prostate Plus here 

Thanks for reading all about how to cure an enlarged prostate!  I would love to hear your prostate story. Please leave a comment below. Ask any questions you have and lets compare notes. Share this article with a friend who may need to read it!

Purchase Prostate Plus by clicking on the picture just below this sentence. Your prostate will love you for it 🙂

Kevin McNamara


DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor or medical person. The views expressed in this article and video are the views of, me, Kevin McNamara alone. I give no guarantees that anything I have mentioned will cure your prostate or heal cancer. It helped cure me but that is just my opinion and experience and is not intended to be advice to anyone else. I take no responsibility for any actions taken by others as a result of this article and video. Always check with a health professional before taking medication.

AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: Some of the links on here are affiliate links. That means if you buy something thru these links I may receive a small commission. This in no way means you pay more for the product. I only recommend products I would use myself and trust 100%.

34 thoughts on “How to Cure an Enlarged Prostate – And My Secret Rolled Oats Recipe to Do It!”

  1. On your youtube you do not include the brazil nuts or tumeric golden paste. I’m ready to start on the regimen. When I have tumeric, my prostate issues(frequency, urgency) get very, very bad. Your thoughts on excluding/including these items for a novice?

    And thanks for sharing your success with everyone!

    Thanks, Jonathan Keefe

    • Hi Jonathan,
      Follow your body. If it gets worse with turmeric then give turmeric a miss. Definitely go with Brazil nuts. I now crush them and have them in my porridge mix. Thanks for your comment Jon, Kev

  2. thanks for sharing your straightforward DIY prostate health protocol….amazing that it worked for you! this is one of those very common problems that no one likes to talk about…kinda like female incontinence, and yet someone has to talk about it, and preferably someone other than Big Pharma! Because I, too, think that stuff is total extortion and quackery like 80% of the time. I hope this site helps many many men!

    • Hi Penny,

      Thanks heaps. Yes a lot of men just close their ears and eyes when it comes to topics like prostate cancer, enlarged prostate and prostate health. The thing is they are frightened of their doctors with good reason. I am trying to spread the word that prostate issues can be fixed without the requirement for doctors and chemo, radiation etc. Thanks for your support. We shall keep spreading the word 🙂


  3. Great post Kev

    I love how you lay your heart out there and tell it as it is.

    Prostate health and prostate enlargement is a real concern to many men and I know this will help them.


    • Thanks Joy,

      Yes I like to not beat around the bush. So many snake oil salesmen out there you need to be careful these days. Prostate health is a major issue and doctors are no doubt exploiting it through unnecessary surgery. I hope this helps as many men as I can reach. Many thanks,


  4. Another great post Kev!

    You keep proving that natural healing is far better than taking medical pills and surgery. Love all that you are doing. Enlarged prostates are so common in men and they can be healed through natural means. Keep up the great work,


    • Thanks Joy,

      I love what I do. helping others heal naturally is so important. Yes prostate health is so important. Enlarged prostates are common yet doctors want to then rip it out. No need to. Eat right, exercise and meditate. All good. Thanks Joy,


      • To order Prostate Plus you obviously need to give billing and delivery addresses. There is a drop down to chose your Country, this drop down does not include the U.K., or any other country in Europe. Perhaps they have a reason for this.

        In the rolled oats protocol, are the flax seeds whole or ground?

        • Hi Eddie, I am making enquiries about this situation. I will let you know as soon as I know. Thanks for your patience 🙂

          Re the flaxseeds they are whole and soaked over night in the lemon juice and oats 🙂

  5. Useful information, my dad suffered from prostate cancer and my brother, and I are a propensity to suffer from this disease. I regularly take the Palmetto capsules and help a lot but did not know that the cat’s claw also has benefits for the enlarged prostate. I like your site

    • Hi Jairo,

      Yes enlarged prostate and prostate issues are something that are becoming way to common. Good healthy diet, juicing and fasting will help immensely. Glad you are aware of the circumstances with it and are on top of things. The cat’s claw is not a well know plant but has amazing properties and benefits. Cheers, Kev

  6. As I grow older I am suddenly interested in this type of information.

    I have book marked this for future reference as it seems to be great information

    Thanks for posting this valuable informaiton

    • Hi Clyde,

      Yes as we age so does our body but we can keep it in good shape with exercise, good foods and a strong mind. Many men think they are bullet proof and don’t really care what goes into their bodies. Eventually those bad habits catch up. Keep spreading the word as I am and hopefully many more men wont need to go through prostate issues. Thanks again,


  7. This is some very enlighting information, for me anyways. urination has been my problem for years. I am so excited to try your recommendations. I take a cocktail of pills every morning and would to cut down on that. Thanks again. I am glad I found your post.

    • Hi Maurice,

      Glad this post helped you. Nothing worse than the urination thing happening all night. Let me know how you get on. Certainly food is a great way to change your lifestyle. Cutting out processed junk starts the detox. Good luck,


  8. Super information station Kevin!! Seems that prostate thing is in full blown mode across the world. Every time I turn around someone else is diagnosed with enlarged or cancerous prostate. Amazing what medications are doing to folks, and I don’t mean helping them in good ways. It’s a circle/cycle of “eat the food, get sick, take the pills, and repeat”! People are catching on to that, don’t you think so too? It’s good that you’ve recovered. Happy to know. Thanks for the article. Will pass it along.

    • Hi Paula,

      Thanks for the comments. Appreciate that. Yes so many men seem to take their health for granted. Booze, drugs and junk food take their toll eventually. Yes I agree people are catching on slowly. Still millions out there who couldn’t care less but we can only put our truth out there and do our best. You can lead a horse to water…lol



  9. Hi, Kevin,
    The greatest creation ever made is the human body, It’s capacity for healing itself is nothing short of miraculous.When we come back to Mother Earth and all that is provided for us we come to realize that we were never left alone. From time and the beginning, these wonder’s plants and herbs have been at our disposal, ours for the taking.

    It is only has been of late that we have the understanding their wonderful power within and benefits that produce for the body. To Sharing a testimonial helping other come to this realization take courage. To live through and tell your story so that other will benefit from it is a blessing.

    I would like to take note that you are so right inflammation is number one cause of our afflictions. I have my personal testimony of this fact and am finding more and Scientifically documented that confirms this fact. you are on the right road keep working.

    always a better way
    sending blessings your way

    • Hi Linda,

      Thanks so much for your comments. Yes the human body is amazing and we need to treat it like a temple. So many people treat it like a doormat sadly. So much wonderful medicine out there in our plant life yet people choose to take pills made by Big Pharma. Go figure. Yes inflammation is a major cause in enlarged prostates and as you say most afflictions. Turmeric is a real healing wonder.

      Blessings to you, Kev

  10. What an interesting article! I am a firm believer that our diets lead to a lot of the health issues that are on the rise today. However, I never thought about that applying to an enlarged prostate. Thanks for a lot of great information. And congratulations on being a cancer survivor.

    • Hi Anika,

      Thanks for that. Appreciate your comments. Yes our diet is so important these days. Knowing all the diseases that have suddenly appeared we need to start rejecting the processed food and eat plenty of whole foods, fruit and vegetables. Juicing and fasting are great ways to detox the body and it certainly helped with my healing. Enlarged prostate is not the end of the world and with the right foods it can be back to normal very quickly.



  11. Hey Kevin. Thanks for this info. If I ever ran into a prostate problem, I probably would have never known what may be the cause. Thanks to you, now I will know. I know my dad’s had been acting up for some bit of time and he went to go see the doctor. I never heard from his visit, but I will definitely relay your message to him or bring him to this site. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Rob,

      Yes let me know how your dad is. If I can help in any way I will. Prostate cancer, enlarged prostate and really any prostate issue is such a huge thing these days with the processed foods we eat causing all kinds of issues and not just with prostates. A good healthy diet with lots of juices, smoothies, fresh fruit and vege and people would be so much healthier.

      Cheers Rob,


  12. The way we consume processed and fatty foods is a huge problem and the way we metabolize these products isn’t healthy. They say the human body hasn’t changed much in 10.000 Years and to much sugar, salt, and bad fats are killing us! I would imagine that the Prostate, like most organs in our bodies are prone to modern lifestyles.
    Really loved your natural breakfast recipe for prostate healing. Have you got any more great recipes I can have for dinner at night, Kevin.
    Cheers, Jeff.

    • Hi Jeff,

      Yes my friend the human body has gone from lots of whole plant foods and organic meat to processed junk in quick time. Amazing what can happen in 100 years. They say we are living longer but its quality of life. Many people are just walking corpses! They are on so many pills and other medication protocols they literally rattle when they roll over in bed! Cancer, diabetes, heart disease all increasing each year but good old Big Pharma and junk food shops keep dishing up the rubbish and sheep like people keep taking it. Yes we need to turn that around and get people eating whole foods again, juicing, fasting, exercising, getting plenty of sunshine and fresh air and meditation. We are slowly getting there. Prostate health and especially enlarged prostate is something we can cure and keep healthy with the right food.

      As for dinner Jeff, try and stick with good doses of fresh vegetables not cooked to extinction! If you are a meat eater stick to organic and grass fed meats. There are many raw foods that are delicious out there now. One of my next posts will be a recipe on banana, avocado and turmeric ice cream! Keep a watch for that one 🙂


  13. Hey, this is some good info. I’m not in the danger zone yet, age-wise, but it always a good idea to start learning early. I’m quite encouraged by the fact that nutrition can do so much! Thanks for that valuable bit of knowledge!

    • Hi Reinis,

      Thank you. Yes a lot of people think they are not in the danger zone then all of a sudden it creeps up on them. Best to start early on prevention of an enlarged prostate as its always better than a cure. Yes nutrition is really important not just for your prostate but your health in general.



  14. As one who suffered a long time in my middle 40s with this issue, I wish I had known about products such as these and just the fact that prostate issues make be a result of what you eat. Was I offered nutrition counseling and supplementation. No. I was told this is just something that happens when you get older, almost like it was a rite of passage, and then here came the prescription drugs, one of which had one nasty side affect. I lost my voice and became very hoarse. Long story short, I ended up having surgery to fix the problem.

    There are so many things out there in nature that will help to keep us healthy if we only know about it. Thanks for spreading the word.

    • Hi Warren,

      Sorry you had to go through that experience. Yes we do need to spread the word that you can heal without medical intervention no doubt. Eating the right foods, meditation, exercise, fresh air and sunshine are just a few of the things I implemented and of course fasting. An enlarged prostate can be really troubling and most doctors will prescribe drugs or in my brothers situation they gave him a total rebore of his prostate. Not something I would recommend but some people choose the medical path which is totally their prerogative.
      I hope all is good with your health now. Wishing you all the best, Kev

  15. What a great video I love the term you are using “urinating like a fire hose” lol, the information you are providing is from first hand experience, with defiantly comes across in this article.

    Many Thanks

    • Thanks James,

      Haha yes the fire hose is a great description of it I think lol. Yes when you’ve been through it you can really get that to come through when you talk about it. Not the nicest thing to go through with your prostate but knowing there are natural cures rather than medical intervention is great to know 🙂



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