Is Social Media Good For Kids? – A Day in the Life of a Social Media Addict

Is social media good for kids? Seriously! Is social media good for kids? Is it addictive? I don’t know but I can hazard a good guess. A day in the life of a social media addict is a scary thought!

is-social-media-good-for-kidsWhen I started writing this post I had no idea what I was going to write about. I just started writing and this idea about kids and their health and social media came up. Strange. When we put ourselves in connection with the universe it can lead us to the most interesting places.

But half way through writing I got stuck on my social media pages. Damn. Am I addicted? Probably. Is social media good for kids? How about adults!

Ok I said in the first paragraph I didn’t know if social media is good for kids. I truly believe it can be good but I think generally it is bad. Really bad. Is social media good for kids?

What is Good and What is Bad?

Depression has increased in the last 20 years. You don’t need to be Einstein to know that. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease. All increased dramatically. We blame our diets and that is very true. What we eat is what we become. I highly recommend a plant based diet with lots of turmeric in your food and juices.

Meditation is good. Is social media?

We all know the benefits of exercise and how it effects our body. We know through meditation we can find peace. Many people undertake these activities and lead normal healthy lives.

But why are more and more people getting depressed, diseased and dying? And it seems more and more young people. Suicide is out of control. Self harm. Drugs. We appear to be on a spiral with no way of slowing down or stopping and certainly no signs of reversing the trend.

We have leaders who are not leading, stuck in a place where political correctness leaves them hamstrung to make any worthwhile and lasting changes. None of them seem to want to improve the world, instead making sure they stay in power for the benefits they receive. Blow the rest of the world. Me me me! Even on a local level our leaders are there solely for what they can get and who they can influence to help them stay in power.

But people seem to miss the one thing that I believe is having a huge influence on the health of the world. Social Media. Is social media good for kids?

turmeric heals

The Monster that is Social Media

It’s a Monster!

Social media is still young in the scheme of things and its credits are many and varied. Social media has made the world a smaller place. It has bought families that live in different countries closer than ever and it is changing every day and without doubt we wont know what has hit us in 5 years time such will be the changes in technology of all descriptions.

But what damage is it doing? Is social media good for kids? (I am going to keep asking!) What negative effects is it having? And I will keep asking again – Is social media good for kids? 15 years ago you could go out for dinner and very few people would be checking their mobile phones they would be talking to each other.

People would be going to clubs and hotels and singles parties to meet other singles (or not so singles as the case may be) but now they find a quick one night stand on an app on their phone. Very little communication just a meet up, a drink and off to bed. I don’t get that and I could never do it. There is no more face to face talking. It’s all text or phone calls, skype calls or Zoom. Now some of this is great for businesses who save money by not having to fly half way around the globe for a meeting. But what about young kids?

Why Ask Is Social Media Good for Kids?

I just want to start the conversation around the negative aspects of social media. Now I am a really positive guy!

Read ‘What is the Power of Positive thinking’ post here.

However I see kids everywhere totally consumed by social media. It is literally eating them alive. The following is a made up story but it could be a story of any kid in America, Australia, The UK, Ireland, anywhere! I am searching for the answer – Is social media good for kids?

A Day in the Life of a Social Media Addict – Is Social Media Good For Kids?


Is social media good for kids? Let’s follow Billy for the day. Billy is a 23 year old office worker from your average neighbourhood in your average town in your average world.

Billy wakes up to his alarm from his phone at 8am.

It’s vital to take pics of your breakfast

He checks his phone for any messages and checks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat for anything exciting he missed overnight.

Billy is anxious as he wants to know everything his friends have done since he left them at midnight last night. Billy has FOMO. (Fear of Missing Out)

He likes 10 of his friends posts, text’s his best mate. Leaves some cheeky replies on some posts of his more out there friends and sends his girlfriend a selfie of himself topless making a gym pose. She likes to see him topless.

Billy and his girlfriend have never actually met in the flesh but they have an amazing online relationship. One day Billy hopes they can meet in the flesh but it’s not a real priority at the moment.

Billy makes a quick call to a girl he met on Tinder last night and at the same time sends a snapchat to 2 mates with a picture of the meal he ate last night. His 2 mates are thrilled.

Billy checks the time on his phone and realises he is running late for work.


A quick shower with his phone sitting upright so he can see any notifications whilst showering, and he is  almost ready for work. A quick toilet visit and check on his Facebook timeline whilst sitting there and then its time to get dressed.

Whilst pulling up his trousers Billy sees a notification appear from Wendy at work that has a picture attached. Billy lets his pants fall back down as he checks the post. Wow! A picture of Wendy’s cat eating some ice cream. Billy laughs out loud and gives it a good like but fearing Wendy may think less of him if he doesn’t post a comment, Billy lets his pants fall down again and writes “LOL! Your cat rocks Wendy! So cool! ROFLOL”

Billy feels better now having replied to the post. He has connected with Wendy from work. He hopes to meet Wendy in the flesh some day as she seems really nice.

Billy is running too late to eat breakfast but finds time to take a photo of his cup of tea and quickly posts to Instagram and Facebook with the caption “Running late! This is breakfast LOL!”


Driving the 5 minutes to work (He used to walk but it rained once) Billy has time to settle in to morning radio and check his social media to see who has replied to his post. No replies yet. With one eye on the road and one on his phone Billy starts to feel anxious. No responses.

Wendy was just online surely she would have seen my post he thinks. Getting more anxious. His mate from the Facebook gaming group he joined a week ago, Eddie,  likes his post. Relief. Could have been a laugh emoji he thinks but at this stage he will take a simple thumbs up like.


is social media good for kidsArriving at work Billy sits in the car waiting for more love on his post. Two more likes. Billy decides he can’t wait and tags ten friends in his post to make sure they see it. Little bit like buying love, I mean likes.

Billy walks into work feeling depressed. 3 likes on a really funny post leaves Billy not laughing.

Billy tells the boss the traffic was mayhem which is why he was late. The boss knows Billy is a social media addict so just laughs knowing if he pulls him over the coals Billy will go him for bullying.

Sitting at his desk Billy quickly checks social media in case he has missed something and to see who has left a comment on his post. Great news. Two comments! Bad news one of the comments says “What a wanker!” But its ok. Billy knows any comment is a good comment. People are noticing him. (well not real people, online people)

Billy makes it a habit to interrupt his work schedule every 5 minutes in case he misses something on social media. This way he feels connected and part of the artificial world of the internet. Billy sometimes thinks his online life runs his life. But whenever he thinks that a notification comes through on Instagram of a live video and HE decides to watch it. “Social media DOES NOT run my life!” he convinces himself.


Morning tea. Billy avoids the tea room and any human interaction. He knows it will take away from social media time. He likes and comments on 10 posts, sends a snapchat of his morning coffee with the caption “No breakfast! This is morning tea!! Lol”. One of his managers walks past and ask’s Billy how his day is going. Billy says ‘fine’ without lifting his head from his phone.


is social media good for kidsLunchtime – Billy grunts at others in the tea room as he grabs his leftover Macca’s cheeseburger and fries and puts them in the microwave. He knows the smell will evacuate the tea room. His plan works. Everyone looks at him with angry eyes and walks out of the tea room.

Everyone except the girl in the office who likes him. He can’t stand her. She sends him a smile. He takes his smelly food, puts it under her nose, she screams and Billy laughs then leaves the tea room. She thinks ‘oh he is so funny. I think he is so cool. One day we will be together.’ He takes his lunch and can of V to his secret little cubby hole in the cleaners room besides the dump master. Ah, peace at last.

His phone rings and it’s his mum. Billy doesn’t answer as it will take away time from his social media lunch break. He sends her a text “busy.” He needs time with his real friends on social media. He hopes to meet some of them one day.

Billy watches a quick porn video and then sends it to 10 of his mates. He saves it to watch in bed tonight so he can masturbate.

Another heap of likes and a few comments, some snapchats and a text to his girlfriend with a pic of the dump master and the words ‘My secret place” and he is back to work. But first he quickly puts out a post telling the world he is going back to work. The world remains riveted.

turmeric heals


Afternoon tea can’t come quick enough. Billy notices he now has 23 notifications on Facebook, 12 of them on his really funny breakfast post. He really feels relieved and loved now and those depressive thoughts have now subsided.

Billy notices just before its time to finish for the day that he is feeling anxious and annoyed that his job that pays him well doesn’t allow enough time to socialise. Online.

As Billy shuts down all his social media and erotica sites on his desktop, he grabs his phone and checks social media. He lets friends know he has knocked off. He runs to his car for the 5 minute drive home but finds himself still there one hour later. Damn social media!


is social media good for kidsBeing a really good and experienced driver/texter Billy can keep one eye on the road while he texts. As he is driving Billy nearly collides with the car in front of him and curse’s the driver for not breaking 35 seconds earlier to give him time to look up from his text. ‘Shocking drivers’ he says under his breath.

Billy makes a quick call whilst driving to his bestie’s and now has one hand on the steering wheel, one hand holding his phone and two eyes on the phone for 5 seconds at a time and then for 3 seconds on the road.

This is a skill Billy is trying very hard to master. As he approaches a pedestrian crossing Billy ends his 5 seconds glued to the phone and screeches to a holt as a man in a wheel chair crosses in front of him. Billy yells at him and calls him a ‘Total moron!” “Cars have right of way not bloody wheel chairs!” The man in the wheel chair turns white as he looks at the dog that was run over by Billy and is now limping away.

Billy misses the turn into his driveway twice after unexpected post sightings from friends he hasn’t seen for a while. He also received a text from his best mate who has posted a topless photo of his girlfriend.


Billy finally arrives home and spends 2 hours sitting in his car in the driveway on social media. He forgets he invited 2 friends over. They arrive and join him in the car. A quick grunt of acknowledgement and they all get back to their phones.

At around 8pm Billy decides to take his mates for a spin down to the local all night junk food shop.


As they ordered online there is no need to communicate with staff at the junk food shop. Billy checks in online on Facebook letting his mates know he is at the junk food shop. Other mates see this and join him. 4 cars rock up. No talking just waving and back to the phone. Social media must never rest.

They all leave the carpark of the junk food place leaving a swathe of empty drink cartons, unfinished burgers and other miscellaneous rubbish on the road and in the carpark. ‘That’s why we pay rates!’ one of Billy’s mates yells out, knowing full well they only collect dole payments and their parents pay the rates.


is social media good for kidsBilly gets home at midnight and checks his social media in the car still parked in the driveway. After an hour he goes into the house and into bed. He checks his social media in case he missed anything. Billy falls asleep with his phone in his hand with the charger on.

Billy wakes up at 3am and checks his social media to see if he has missed anything. Spends 90 minutes texting, posting and reading other peoples posts that have no effect whatsoever in his life. Sends a text to his girlfriend telling her he loves her. He hopes to meet her one day. Wakes up at 7am. Repeats.

Conclusion – Is Social Media Good for Kids?

Is social media good for kids? Now someone please tell me that social media is having no effect on young peoples mental behaviour. Someone?

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And let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Would love to know what you think.

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20 thoughts on “Is Social Media Good For Kids? – A Day in the Life of a Social Media Addict”

  1. What a depressing parable! This is, word for word, life for so many young people. I’m in my mid-30s and I feel like I just missed out on the great tanking of our social culture, since I can remember life without a cellphone. I am one of those people who doesn’t use Facebook by choice, which means if I want to interact with someone, I have to meet them, email them, or call them!!!

    • Hi Penelope. Haha! Yes I am the same. Social media is such a Catch 22. Great for communicating with family and friends but terrible for kids who just become obsessed with it. I don’t know the answer. Maybe we just sit and wait for change. Thanks for calling by, Kev

  2. Hi Kevin,
    You have really captured what social media is doing to kids these days. It is one of the greatest time wasters of the world. My son (18 yo) rarely sleeps. Apparently he has a load of friends from different time zones, so as one batch goes to sleep, the others are coming on line. And you said it very well, the guys goes to the toilet with his phone – answering the phones and the call of nature at the same time.

    The other problem is the risk of being obese. The kid is always sitting or on bed but chatting, never has time for exercise.

    I will bookmark this article for him, I am sure it will get him to think about it.

    Thank you for sharing this info.

    • Hi Lewa,

      Thank you yes so much time is wasted on social media by kids and also adults! Its crazy. Hope your son gets some good knowledge from the article. Many thanks,


  3. This is a great article because the addiction is becoming real and life has really changed like you said people meet to have a happy moment for few minutes then afterward everyone is on his or her phone and this has really changed our interactions even for couples.

    • Hi Mercy,

      It sure has changed us. Its a crazy world out there. We are all addicted to social media in some way and it is definitely getting worse. Now to try and find a solution 🙂 Many thanks,


  4. Social media has definitely changed how people socialize. Interaction on a face to face basis happens only after meeting online. Spontaneity is out the window. I do not know why so many online interactions are such a priority for meeting someone. I notice that when I am out and about everybody is on their cell phone. It is like another appendage.
    I believe humanity as a whole is suffering

    • I agree Maurice,

      So many people attached to their phone their whole lives now. No doubt humanity is suffering. It is madness. Lets get back to TV’s and radio’s and nothing else. Actually no. Let’s get back to nature! Cheers man,


  5. Wow, this is so true!

    I have found myself in these situations, often without even thinking about it. I guess the key thing is always to be aware of your actions and remain in the present moment! Enjoy life, don’t let it pass you by while you look at other people living through social media every day.


    • Hi Alex,

      Thanks for the comment. Yes being aware and present is so important. I think this is where meditation is now mandatory for me. Need to stay focused and on point. Yes life goes by so damn quick. Get off your phones!!!!


  6. I liked your post. You made some really good points. With social media people are behaving much differently nowadays. I remember in my parents’ generation, they used to sit down as a family to eat dinner together and talk about their day. Now people are away looking at their phone or other electron device. I love what social media has brought us, but at the same time, it has been detrimental to children’s social development. I am afraid it is only going to get worse. Reading the story about Bill has reminded myself sometime. I need to cup down on my cell phone uses. Great post. Enjoyed reading. Thank you very much for sharing.

    • Hi Hong,

      yes the good old family dinner and chatting. Seems to be a thing of the past. Social media is everywhere now. Thanks for calling by and reading. Appreciate your feedback,


  7. Kev it’s quite scary what effect social media has had on me, my wife and likely to my kids when they are old enough. It is literally changing the way our brains work and our dopamine receptors.

    The past couple of years, I’ve reduced social media for a messaging tool for friends and business marketing. I don’t use it the first half which helped me weaze off.

    My biggest concern is the loss of human interaction. It gets lesser every year and I’m not sure what happens in 10 years time.

    • Hi Vince,

      I agree buddy. Scary where we will be in 10 years. I am using it less and less as a social thing and trying to get back to face to face interactions. Slowly slowly. Hard for kids when parents are addicted too. Cheers my man,


  8. Wow what an amazing article Kevin. I totally and hundred percent believe that social media has affected our lives in many ways. But addiction to it never never a good thing. I have overcome it myself, but karma hits me, my partner is now into it. What about the kids who are glued to their phone or iPad and won’t even talk to their parents or their friends. I cannot imagine what generation of people we will have in the future if children continue to be exposed to social media like this. It worries me.


    • Hi Brian.

      Yes the future is scary. I am not sure where we are headed but its coming quickly. Lets keep using it for good and hope others follow.

      Many thanks,


  9. This is a great post and should be read by not only parents but kids as well. I think that they would learn a thing or two. I am a mother of an adult child, who has three kids of his own. They are young and do not have any access to social media yet, but his wife is a total social media addict. She is on the one site or the other all the time and when my son comes home from work, the kids are still in there jammies. The y have had breakfast and lunch, but that is about tit. My daughter-in-law will just put in movies all day and this allows her to be on social media. My son has talked to her and it is getting a little better, but I am going to send her this to read and hopefully get something out of it. Thanks again, nicely done.

    • Hi Bobbi,

      Thank you. yes all parent should read this post and they may learn what their children are doing. Sometimes parents can be the worst offenders. Is social media good for kids? When it is supervised it is great but left to their own devices it can ruin them. Cheers,


  10. What a brilliant post!

    The way you describe Billy is pretty spot on from my experience. Beautifully written.
    Is social media bad for kids? In some ways no but in others as you describe it definitely is and can effect their mental health later in life no doubt.

    This post should be read by every parent. Well done.


    • Thanks Joy,

      I really kids are a concern with social media. It has its great points but kids get addicted and everything else gets tossed by the wayside. Will be a whole new world in 10 years and I’m not sure I will like it. Time will tell. Thanks for your comment,


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