The Best Prostate Supplements to Heal Your Prostate

Healing your prostate is both a physical and mental game and the best prostate supplements play a major part in your healing.

But let’s talk about prostate health for a minute. Before we even think about the best prostate supplements there are habits you need to have in place that give you the best chance to not just heal your body but heal your mind and life.

What your Prostate Doesn’t Need!

The meat and dairy industry would have you believe that their products help your body like water helps a plant. That thinking could not be further from the truth. The science is in folks. Meat and dairy are enemies of your prostate.

the best prostate supplements

There are so many studies and scientific papers that point to the dangers of meat and dairy that it cannot be challenged although the meat and dairy industries will still try and discredit any and all such research. Here are just two links from independent scientific researchers proving how bad they are – Pubmed 1 Meat and prostate cancer Pubmed 2 Dairy and prostate Cancer

I gave up meat and dairy for 12 months after my own diagnosis of prostate cancer. I put my hand up and say that I have had meat and dairy since then. However in such small doses and very few times a year for them to have any effect on me. But for those who eat meat and dairy most days it will catch up with you eventually. Certainly if you have only recently been diagnosed my experience is that you need to get off them for a minimum of 12 months. Your life may well depend on it.

You can have the best prostate supplements but if you are eating loads of meat and dairy it will have very little effect.

Bad Relationships

How are your relationships? Friends, family, partner. Being in toxic relationships do nothing to aid your health in fact quite the opposite will happen.

Being around toxic people makes your body and mind toxic. A toxic body and mind is a breeding ground for cancer and other diseases. You really need to assess your relationships if you have prostate issues. (or any kind of disease.)

Your Job

Do you love your job? Love the 9 to 5? Love the people you work with? Or not? Many people hate their job, the commute and the people they work with. This is another red flag for stress and disease. If your body is constantly stressed and toxicity is all around your environment it will manifest in disease at some stage.

As I keep saying you can have the best prostate supplements but they wont help around toxic people, jobs and relationships.

What Your Prostate Does Need!

If you are in a good healthy relationship. If you are exercising, meditating and eating a plant based diet, getting lots of sunshine and fresh air then not just your prostate but you whole body and mind with be in a healthy space. Disease doesn’t like healthy bodies.


Meditation gives you mental clarity and inner peace. If your mind is all over the shop and you are stressed then your body will be in no position to heal. Just be aware of that.

Plant Based Diet

Eating fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains, legumes and juices and smoothies (non dairy) gives your body a whole new lease on life. Plants come from the ground and have the power to heal our bodies from all ailments.

Fasting, smoothies, intermittent fasting, fruit and vegetable fasting all help to heal the body and make us feel great again.

the best prostate supplements
Plants and juicing will keep your body healthy

Fresh Air and Sunshine

Walking on the beach, laying in the sun for 20 minutes a day and swimming in the ocean are some of my favourite things to do. You should do them too. The sun is your friend not your enemy as Big Pharma and your doctor try and make out.

The sun gives us vitamin D. Don’t sit in a burning sun for 2 hours otherwise you are asking for trouble. get 20 minutes on your tummy as that is where vitamin D is best absorbed.

The Best Prostate Supplements

Once you are doing the natural things on a daily basis you can then look at a supplement if needed. Prostate Plus is the only one I recommend and use. It will help with those night time slow wee’s and that bladder full feeling.

I honestly believe these are the best prostate supplements around. I am not going into a long salesy speil about these supplements suffice to say I use them when I need them, generally after a few too many beers, and they help with my urination flow. And really that is what we want from a supplement. I really do urinate like a fire hose after using these.

the best prostate supplements

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