The Blood Pressure Scam – Episode 4

Episode 4 Show Notes

Ok. Here we go. The blood pressure scam. In this episode I talk about my experience of being prescribed blood pressure tablets (statin drugs) when my blood pressure was actually perfectly fine.

I was on these pills for nearly 20 years for no reason. But when your doctor says you have to keep taking them for the rest of your life or you could die you believe them don’t you.

My experience proves that so many people who are on medications don’t need them. 

the blood pressure scam
Blood Pressure & Tablets. Do Your Research!

The Blood Pressure Scam

It would have been the mid nineties yes mid to late nineties, somewhere around there. I had a really great doctor. I’d go and see her all the time. A lovely lady. And again, when I talk about doctors, we need to remember they’re taught very little about nutrition and those kinds of things, but this particular doctor I had been going for a while and she kept telling me, look, your blood pressure is slowly getting higher.

The Prescription

She said she want to put me on these blood pressure tablets. She did say it’s not too bad at the moment, but it keeps going up. So we’ll put you on these tablets to stop that. And it’s your doctor so what do you say? Yeah. Okay, sure. Whatever you think is best doctor, you know, and so she put me on these tablets, I said, how long do I have to take these tablets for? And she said forever. I said, “Really?” She said, yeah, once you start, you can’t stop taking those. I said, what if I stopped taking them? She said, Oh, well, you could die. I said “Oh. Thats not good!” And this is absolutely true.

You Could Die

She said, you may well die. I said, okay, look, you know, you’re my doctor. And like I say, she was a lovely lady, really nice lady. I got on really well with her. So I had been taking these blood pressure tablets for close to 20 years. I can’t remember exactly when I first started taking them. But I remember I spoke, to Joy about them back in 2012 just before leaving and going over to Western Australia for 10 weeks with Immigration and I was going to buy 10 weeks worth of statin drugs.

And she said, why the hell are you taking them? Your blood pressure’s fine. And I said, Oh, well, you know, my doctor said that if I stop taking them I could well die and Joy just laughed! She said, you are healthier than most people your age. So why the hell are you still taking them? And so I made the decision to actually stop taking them. I just went cold Turkey when I went over to Western Australia and surprise, surprise, my blood pressure was just totally normal. Nothing happened. I didn’t die. I’m still here, thankfully. And so I’d spent all this money buying these tablets every single month for nearly 20 years and I didn’t need to!

the blood pressure scam

Do Your Research

The thing is my blood pressure wasn’t bad (I can’t remember exactly what it was but not that bad) And that’s why I’m a little bit not so much anti doctor, but I think people need to really do their research and just start to realize that you can heal your body and your blood pressure. If your blood pressure is high eat one Ruby red grapefruit every day, and that’s gonna totally, you know, neutralize your blood pressure. And I get so many people these days that go to their doctor and they get put on blood pressure tablets and they don’t need them. They really, really don’t.

It was something like 50 to 60 dollars a month to buy these tablets. So that’s my lesson tonight. Just really, if you’ve got high blood pressure, you know, exercise get onto a plant based diet, really start looking after your body, meditate, you know, you’ll see this recurring theme in my podcast. And it’s, it’s all about a lot of, it’s just common sense. You know, if you’re eating gunky food, you know, processed rubbish, lots of sugar, lots of, you know, soda drinks, you know, things like Coke and Pepsi and all those kinds of things. I can guarantee your blood pressure’s going to be high.

How To Get Off Blood Pressure Tablets

And if you already are eating lots of pastries and those kinds of things, your blood pressure will be high, but get off them, start eating healthy. I mean, having them in moderation is okay, like once every now and then, but a lot of people have them every single day and they wonder why they’re overweight. Wonder why their blood pressure’s high. Wonder why they get diabetes. It all comes down to your diet. It really does. And there’s just one thing that I wanted to really stress today. Blood pressure, you know, if you, and I’m sure a lot of people listening to this are on blood pressure tablets and honestly you don’t need them. The blood pressure scam is real.

One of the best foods for your blood pressure is ruby red grapefruits. I have them in juices and smoothies and on my porridge as well as having them on their own. However don’t start eating ruby red grapefruits that are great to keep your blood pressure in tact, because they don’t sit well with medications. Go and speak to your doctor. Ask him or her to help you get off your medication.

And if you’ve got a really good doctor, one who is actually into nutrition, they’ll help you, they’ll wean you off them. But if you go back and see your doctor and he just says, “Oh, that’s just rubbish. Just don’t listen to those sort of people they’re not doctors only doctors know.” Then go and get a second opinion.

the blood pressure scam
The delicious and healthy Ruby Red Grapefruit.

Summary of Podcast

So that is the blood pressure scam! I’ve actually experienced this myself. I was on blood pressure tablets, I got off them, cold Turkey and just ate really, really healthy, lots of fruit, lots of veggies exercised, meditated, you know, did some fasting, all that kind of really good stuff for your body. You do that to the letter and you’ll be healthy, but again, just the disclaimer, I’m not a doctor. Please go and see your doctor for any medical advice. I just talk from experience and it worked for me. It’s the same with the prostate. That sort of stuff worked for me. It might not work for you, but it’s all in the mind as well. So meditation very important. Thanks for listening guys. Hope that was useful for you. Any questions you have, let me know below.

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  1. You posts always inspire me and reconfirm my belief on natural ways to heal the body and mind. I believe the nature has put cure in all the foods we eat. Why consume anything artificial then?

    All the best

    • Thank you Habib,

      Appreciate your comments. yes nature is an amazing beast! All pure health and power.



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