The Morning Habits of Successful People – And Sunbathing Naked!


The morning habits of successful people. Wellness Coach, raw vegan and Entrepreneur, Olivia Budgen, answers the hard question’s in this fun 7 minute bonus video – The Morning Habits of Successful People. You can watch the full interview I did with Olivia here – For the Love of Juice. 

The Morning Habits of Successful People

Morning Routines are really important for people who want to excel in their life. Having a morning routine motivates and inspires you and it helps you start the day in a positive mind frame.

Getting up, making your bed, meditating, having a healthy breakfast, going to the gym or for a run are some of the morning habits of successful people. Do you have a morning routine? Do you meditate or spend time in silence preparing for the day? Do you have smoothies or juices for breakfast?

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What Will You Discover About Olivia?

In this interview Olivia and I have fun and she reveals her

1. Morning routine

2. What holds people back from achieving their goals

3. Who inspires her

4. Her most treasured piece of advice

The morning habits of successful people

Sun Baking Naked!

Olivia also tells us about the benefits of sun baking naked!  Yes sun baking naked! It’s a great thing to do. Watch to find out 🙂

Olivia is a shining example of of a young lady getting out of her comfort zone and being the best version of herself that she can be. Living a plant based lifestyle and starting her own fresh juice delivery business.

As you know from reading my blog here I thoroughly endorse a plant based lifestyle with juices, smoothies, nuts, grains and lots of turmeric!

Don’t forget to check out the only turmeric supplement I recommend – Pura Thrive Organic Turmeric Supplement. But only if you can’t get the turmeric root or powder.

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22 thoughts on “The Morning Habits of Successful People – And Sunbathing Naked!”

  1. There is no other way but to be yourself. This way I have no regrets from faking myself out trying to act a way that I will not gain anything positive from. I am also very routine at what I do to ensure consistency.

    • Hi Ronnie,

      Thanks for your comments. Yes definitely best to be ourselves and not be fake. Finding the real you is key. Great work,


  2. I love the idea of being your self because everyone else is taken! I have learned to do that because trying to be someone I am not and trying to act in a way that is not natural or characteristic of my personality made me unhappy. I am now much happier and don’t worry about what other people think!

    • Nice work Sandra!

      So true, everyone else really is taken, just be you. Not worrying about what others thinks is a massive thing too. Well done you are doing amazing 🙂


    • Thanks Tamara,

      Yes turmeric really is the best healer and Olivia is the best juice deliverer haha! Glad you enjoyed it.



  3. Wow, what a great interview and such a lovely girl! I really appreciate her attitude towards accepting herself and being the person that she is – no apologies!

    When it comes to morning routines, I don’t sun bath naked (wow!) but I do meditate. I feel that it helps me to get mentally prepared to take on the day! I think a lot of successful people also tend to start their days off with a good meditation.

    Such a great and fun interview Kevin! I love your style!

    • Hi Nick,

      Thanks so much for your encouraging comments. Yes Olivia is amazing. Really fun interview. Yes being yourself is a great trait and not needing to apologise for who you are. Love it. Glad you enjoyed it and great work with your meditation and morning routine 🙂



  4. Hey Kev,

    This was a fantastic interview. Great answers too, Olivia. I totally agree with your points regarding the fear of failure and understanding that we need to learn from these failures instead of beating ourselves up.

    Chuckled at the morning routine a little but hey, a little bit of Vitamin D in the morning is fantastic! Especially if you have the sunny environment to get toasty in for a little bit. Yoga is important for starting the day in my opinion also.

    You as your favorite person is exactly how it should be and I love that Olivia said that. Know your worth and stay excited about what you’re capable of.

    Thanks so much for this interview Kevin really is inspiring to see people pursuing success in these fields.


    • Hey Dalton,

      Thanks so much for your comments. Yes the morning routine is a great one and I haven’t tried the nude sun bathing yet but I will haha! I love interviewing inspiring people and certainly Olivia is right up there. Olivia is my favourite person too. 🙂

      Thanks again Dalton for your great comments,


  5. Hello Kevin, I read your post on the health benefits of turmeric. I have heard of it, but never really understood what the health benefits where. What I rad was pretty amazing, and the fact that you actually tried the product, pura thrive and can actually with conviction recommend the product is nice to see. Your site is put together very well. Keep up the great work, people need to hear the great benefits of turmeric, and other healthy foods, sincerely, Israel.

    • Hi Israel,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes turmeric is a true healer. Yes I believe you need to try what you want others to buy otherwise you are being fake. Thanks for calling by.



  6. I really want to get new habits for my morning routine. And this program looks like a thing for me. I just stretch, make coffee and tidy my bed. That is it. I may use something new.

    • Hi Furkan,

      Yes a morning routine is a must. it keeps us inspired and moving towards our goals. Let me know how you go.

      Cheers, Kev

    • Hi Dawn,

      yes its a very inspiring video for sure. Mind body and spirit as one. Thats the way to go,

      Cheers, Kev

  7. Hi,

    Well, I’m definitely not going for naked sunbathing. But meditation is definitely a good routine to start your day with when your mind is fresh and energetic. A short 15 minutes of meditation could really change your day. Good advice there.


    • Haha,

      Yes sunbathing naked is different Kenny. However I am keen to try it soon. I think you should too! let me know how it goes haha! Meditation is a must and it keeps me focused and on point. Thanks for calling by,


  8. Great post! I totally agreed what you have said. Most of those real successful people have some great habit every day. And the morning habits are really important to us. Thanks for sharing!

    • Cheers Dino,

      Thanks for calling by. Morning routines and habits really are essential if we want to improve ourselves and be a success in life.


  9. Be yourself because everyone else is already taken. Love that quote. Do you know who said this originally? I think its one of the most inspiring quote. Thanks for the interview and getting this quote out to all of us. Love your blog and what you do. Do more and keep doing it passionately.

    • Thanks HT,

      I am not sure myself who said that originally but one of my fav’s too mate.

      Appreciate your kind comments. Have more inspiring interviews coming up. Much love my man 🙂


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