What are the Habit’s of Successful People?

What are the habits of successful people? This is a bonus video on top of the full interview of author and entrepreneur Jacob Zylka-Zebracki.

Having a morning routine and built in habits that you are inspired to keep doing is vital for people who are successful. If you don’t have a morning routine for example it is very hard to get yourself in the right frame of mind for success. Meditation, exercise, healthy breakfast, fresh air and sunshine are all great things to do early in the morning.

Read a Book or Watch an Inspiring Video

what are the habits of successful people
My guest Jacob with The Gratitude Guide

What are the habits of successful people? Reading a book is another great way to start your day. Watching an inspiring video or listening to inspiring music are things I do most days to get me excited and pumped for the day. What is your morning routine? Do you leave your gym or running clothes beside your bed so you are ready to go exercise first thing in the morning. Do you have an inspiring book on your bedside that you can read first thing in the morning and last thing at night? Work out a morning routine and stick to it! Your life will change.

During this video interview I fire questions at him in regards to his habits, habits that bring success, and includes my 10 from 10! Ten questions in 10 seconds. Great fun and a really great insight into the thinking behind the man.

The Gratitude Guide – What are the Habits of Successful People?

Jacob is the author of the Gratitude Guide and is the co founder of Lifetime Trekking, his new venture that gets people out of their comfort zones and trekking in the mountains of Poland.

You can check out the full interview with Jacob by clicking here, How to be grateful for what you have!

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what are the habits of successful people

13 thoughts on “What are the Habit’s of Successful People?”

  1. Hi, I really enjoyed this video and article. It’s a great concept to put the two together in a neat and informative way. He’s an interesting and wise thinking fella and I enjoyed listening to his opinions on life.

    Thanks for this.

  2. Yes Kevin! I dig this video series you’ve been doing.

    This is super wise stuff coming from Jacob. Solid meditation is a key part of my daily routine and actually has stabilized my sleep cycle a great deal. I’m glad you guys touched on that subject and I’m also glad that you talked about fear of failure holding you back. This is such a huge recurring theme that I see in successful people, they turn their failures into positives and learning experiences and come back even stronger!


    • Hi Dalton,

      Yes Jacob is a super intelligent guy and has some wonderful experiences and knowledge to pass on. Yes the fear of failure seems to affect many people and it certainly does hold them back from achieving their dreams no doubt. Glad you like the series my friend 🙂


  3. What an awesome interview! This is very inspirational video and agree with the fact the Fear can interrupt your success and that Mediation is a great way to start your day !

    • Hi Krista,

      Thanks so much. Fear of failure is a big one for sure and the best way to combat that is to get deep into meditation.

      Great to see you here,


  4. I love this interview so much and think this definitely needs to be shared. So many people are disconnected from their intent and I really feel that it holds them back. Thank you for sharing this and for interviewing him with such questions! The 10 in 10 was really good as well, thanks again 🙂

  5. Love this video. Jacob has such a great energy about him. Good vibes.
    If the Gratitude Guide is a reflection of what I’ve seen in the video, it must be a good one. I’ll grab myself a copy too.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Joy,

      Thank you so much! Its a wonderful book. You will change your life through it 🙂

      Thanks for calling by 🙂


  6. Hey Kev,

    Great video mate, and thank you for introducing me to The Gratitude Guide, I will be grabbing myself a copy of that. Very inspirational site, keep up the good work.


    • Cheers Adam,

      Thanks mate. Yes the Gratitude Guide is a great book and lifestyle concept in many ways. I know you will love it 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate it,


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