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Research Name – What is the Best Turmeric Supplement?

Price: $34.95 per 60 mls – 2 ozs
Owners: Pura Thrive
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

what is the best turmeric supplementI was asked recently, what is the best turmeric supplement? Over the past 5 years my answer to that question has been “I don’t take or recommend any supplements.” In my opinion supplements are not required if you are eating mainly whole foods, fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, juices, if your fasting 4 or 5 times a year and exercising.

Your body receives everything it needs from whole foods. Supplements are full of filler, minute amounts of the active ingredient and are, in my opinion a total waste of money. They simply are unable to replace the nutrients and vitamins of the real thing.

So Why am I doing a Review of a Turmeric Supplement?

What is the best turmeric supplement? I was introduced to Pura Thrive Liposomal Organic Extract around 6 months ago. My immediate response was ‘Scam and utter BS!” I have tried many turmeric supplements and none of them offered any results that were anywhere near worthwhile. Hence my anti supplement stand. And 99.9% of the turmeric supplements on the market are not able to be absorbed by the body because they lack the ingredients required to do so.

One thing I noticed with the Pura Thrive extract was that it is a liquid extract and is bioavailable. This raised my attention and I did my due diligence and researched it thoroughly. I found that Pura Thrive promotes the fact that yes indeed their product contains ingredients that help it to absorb into the blood. Now other supplements say this too but they don’t contain the ingredients required to absorb the turmeric. In other words many turmeric supplement makers lie! I bet that shocks you…NOT!

When researching what is the best turmeric supplement some products sound too good to be true. The Pura Thrive sounded to good to be true so I did what any good reviewer would do and purchased the product! How did it go? Keep reading and you will find out, but first…

Why Don’t People Who Review Products Actually Try Them First?

I actually use this product!

When I first came across this product and started to write this article, what is the best turmeric supplement, I knew I had to try it first. I have read many reviews on many products over the years but you know what makes me laugh the most with reviews? The people writing them have never used the products! Never tried them! They just copy some text from the product makers website and say how great it is.

Nothing annoys me more. If you are reviewing a product go out and buy it first so you know what you are talking about and you can be honest! I have been using the Pura Thrive Liposomal Organic Turmeric Extract for a month now. What do I think? I’ll tell you shortly but lets learn more about what it is first.

What is Pura Thrive Liposomal Organic Turmeric Extract?

When asking what is the best turmeric supplement you need to do a lot of research. Pura Thrive is an organic, full spectrum turmeric extract. That means it is a liquid designed to provide full benefits of turmeric into the body and blood stream where it does its best work. It is designed to improve your energy levels without any man made chemicals. And of course if you have been following my website you know all the other benefits of turmeric such as

  1. Anti cancer properties
  2. The best anti inflammatory
  3. Aids those with Alzheimer’s
  4. Aids those with diabetes
  5. Improves heart health
  6. Can heal arthritis
  7. Helps those with depression
  8. Proven to be more effective than many pain killers.

There are many more benefits and I really believe in the near future it will replace some cancer drugs as it is far more effective with no side effects.

Best Bits of Pura Thrive Extract

The Liposomal Bioavailable Delivery System – There are now medical experts giving positive feedback to this supplement because of the natural liposomes used in its manufacture. Liposomes are made out of the exact material as cell membranes and  work as a protector of cells and help nutrients enter straight into the blood stream. So the liposomes deliver the turmeric and curcumin straight to the blood unlike other supplements where your urine becomes very expensive!

Fulvic Acid – The supplement also contains Fulvic Acid. Fulvic Acid provides the proper absorption into the body. It contains more than 77 minerals that help water enter the cells quickly to aid in the balance of hydration and mineral levels inside the body.

You only need two droplets of the extract which is more powerful than 10 turmeric capsule supplements. Another side effect of capsules is that the capsule itself is made out of gluten and can cause upsets in the stomach. The Pura Thrive product has zero side effects just like the root and powder.

Isolated Turmeric v Full Spectrum Turmeric

Never waste money on pills

Isolated turmeric is used for manufacturing over the counter turmeric supplements. But do you know what the issue with it is? The body can’t absorb isolated turmeric properly. It is a tiny percentage that add the black pepper, oil or liposomes to help it absorb. And in most, the percentage of turmeric and curcumin is dwarfed by the filler being used.

Now, Full Spectrum Turmeric, comes in liquid form and is the best to use because of its high absorption rate. This is why I love Pura Thrive Liposomal Organic Turmeric extract because it uses Full Spectrum turmeric. That means every drop of this liquid supplement will be absorbed into the body with maximum benefit. And the good thing is – no rip off pills!

turmeric heals

Who May Benefit From This Supplement?

  1. Everyone who is active in sports or just keeping fit.
  2. The elderly with their aches and pains.
  3. Those who may have cancer or other debilitating diseases
  4. Arthritis sufferers
  5. Those with depression
  6. People with diabetes
  7. Those with Alzheimer’s
  8. People with blood and heart issues

What are My Thoughts After a Month of Using the Pura Thrive Turmeric Extract?

It’s true. I love it!

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, I am not a user of supplements. They are a rip off and full of filler and very little active ingredients, nutrients and vitamins. I have tried Pura Thrive for a month now. When I use the root in my juices I would have to add black pepper and coconut oil as they help absorb the turmeric and curcumin.

With Pura Thrive Liposomal turmeric I don’t have to! It is so convenient. I just squeeze two drops in my juice and its added and bioavailable (will enter my bloodstream)

It works amazingly and I run and play tennis, go to the gym and swim often. I always have little aches and pains and my knees have been an issue with the tennis. The Pura Thrive works just like the root, pepper and oil to ease the inflammation.


Having used the Pura Thrive extract for the last month I am actually a little in shock as the results I am getting are identical to using the root. I truly didn’t expect that this liquid extract would work at all but it really does. My knees after tennis are so painful but after a juice with the Pura Thrive turmeric added I feel so much relief after an hour or less.

I don’t recommend supplements as a rule but I do make the exception with the Pura Thrive Liposomal Organic Turmeric Extract. You can’t beat the real thing – the root and the powder and the paste but when you can’t get access to those products have some Pura Thrive Turmeric extract on hand. I have no doubt the makers of this product have gone to great lengths to make this extract a virtual carbon copy of the root and in my experience they have exceeded my expectations and probably their own!

About to make an orange turmeric shot

What is the Best Turmeric Supplement? The Pro’s

  1. Pura Thrive provides the same benefits as any anti inflammation medication without the side effects
  2. It is really convenient when you can’t be bothered cutting and juicing the root or using the powder
  3. Pura Thrive has all the exact benefits of the root and powder without having to add pepper and oil
  4. It is organic and clinically proven
  5. Affordable
  6. It is a full spectrum supplement not an isolate
  7. Easy to take on vacations or trips away
  8. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  9. Can use it in any food or drinks you like with its convenient dropper
  10. It’s cheap compared to others
  11. It actually works!

What is the Best Turmeric Supplement? The Con’s

  1. It is only available online
  2. It took 3 weeks to arrive to me in Australia (would be quicker in other countries as it’s made in the US)
  3. I still love the root and the powder and doing the juicing. This makes it really easy. Is that a con? Haha!


As you already know turmeric is a super food and a super healer. I don’t say that lightly. It helped me with healing prostate cancer naturally. When I asked myself ‘ what is the best turmeric supplement’ The Pura Thrive Liposomal Organic Turmeric extract is the only supplement I know that uses full spectrum turmeric, Fulvic acid and organic liposomes. This is a massive bonus! You get 30 days to test it and if your not happy simply return the bottle.

I thoroughly recommend this product for one reason and one reason only – I have actually purchased and USED the product and it works! Click here to buy yours now>>>>>

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