What is the Power of Forgiveness? – How to Banish Negative Energy

What is the Power of Forgiveness and how does it help banish negative energy?

How is your health? Have you been following a good healthy diet in 2018? What about exercising? Are you grateful? Have you been responsible and have you meditated? Have you been drinking lots of freshly squeezed juices and turmeric?

If you have been congratulations! But I am sure 95% of people who read this post have not been doing all these things. Maybe you have done some and seen a little improvement. Maybe not. But all it takes is one percent improvement each day and you will change your life in just a few short weeks or even days. And don’t forget the power of positive thinking.

Now I want to tell you about something else that is going to help you. Something that may well prevent you from getting a disease. Something that we all carry around with us everyday unless we decide to let it go. It’s called negative energy and it is caused by a lack of forgiveness. Yes forgiveness.

What is Forgiveness?

what is the power of forgiveness
Can you forgive an ex?

What is the power of forgiveness? Do you have an ex wife or ex husband that you can never forgive? Do you have an old boss or school teacher that you hate? A brother, sister, mother, father, aunt or uncle you hold a grudge against? Do you hate yourself? Ok maybe hate is too strong a word. Actually no, it’s not. Some people do hate themselves. And some dislike themselves a lot. How about you?

I hated myself for many years when I was younger. My thinking was ‘my life was a waste of time’. I was shy, had very few friends and had a stutter. I blamed my grade one teacher, Mrs Hussey. Hated her. She made me change from left to right handed even though I knew I shouldn’t because left handed felt good. So by hating her I also hated myself.

I became a total introvert after that. Wouldn’t talk to anyone because of my stutter and if I did ever have to speak I spoke at a thousand miles an hour. It was horrible and I blamed my teacher. It wasn’t till years later when I had some hypnotherapy that I took responsibility and moved forward. But it took a long time. All that negative energy and taking blood pressure pills for 17 years manifested itself in prostate cancer some years later. Read my healing story here.

So carrying around all this hate and dislike that also comes with the associated anger is not very good for your body or your mind. What is the power of forgiveness? Let’s do a little exercise –

The Forgiveness Exercise

Your Spirit running away

I want you to go to a quiet place where you wont be disturbed. Turn off your phone, lock the kids in their bedroom or outside (just kidding!), sit on a chair or lay on the floor.

Now I want you to close your eyes and relax for a minute. Take a couple of deep breaths.

Now I want you to think of the person who brings up the most anger for you. The person who has caused you so much anguish. The person you hate the most in the world, you ex, your old teacher, mum, dad, your brother or sister. Whoever it is think of them. It may well be you. Now go back in your mind to when they hurt you the most. And really be there. Live it again. Feel it with every cell in your body. Feel that anger, that resentment, that hate. Just feel it… Be with it for a good minute or so.

Ok now let it go. Relax. Now what did that feel like? Did it feel good? I doubt it. Did it feel rotten? Good chance. Did you feel the anger and hatred rising up in your body?

So what just happened to you?

Your spirit up and left you. It ran away and was replaced by that negative energy that you carry around with you everyday and lives inside you.

Where did you feel the hurt? In the heart, the shoulder, your groin, stomach? That is where your negative energy lives. That is where you have dis – ease in your body. Your body is not at ease. That is where disease starts in your body.

Imagine Carrying a Chair Everywhere You Go!

Stop carrying a chair!

What is the power of forgiveness? Imagine carrying a chair around with you everywhere you went. To the toilet, to bed, in the car with you, when you play sport, have dinner, go for a swim. It’s always there,

That is what you are doing everytime you decide to carrty that negative energy. Everyday you don’t forgive is a day your body is in a state of disease. How long before that dis ease turns to something more sinister. How many people are getting serious illness’s these day? 1,000’s around the world are getting cancer, diabetes, heart disease. What is causing that. Well it’s a fact our diet is not helping. Meat, dairy and sugar are all killing us. Yes I know the meat, dairy and sugar industries will tell you otherwise. Funny about that. Inflammation is killing us. It’s the cause of 95% of all disease –

You can get your turmeric supplement here to stop inflammation. The same one I use!

What is the Power of Forgiveness?

The other big killer? Negative energy. Do you really think holding a grudge and hating someone is actually good for your body? I can tell you it is not. Negative energy is real and can manifest in all kinds of different ways, be it a tumour, a cancer, depression or anything along those lines. By forgiving you can heal yourself. So forgiveness really is a healing for you and your body.

So how do you forgive someone? How do you get rid of that negative energy and start breathing freely again?

Well this is what works for me.

turmeric heals

Write Your Letter

What is the power of forgiveness? One day I sat down and wrote a letter to Mrs Hussey. She had long ago died but by writing to her and forgiving her I felt healed. Felt the relief of not having to carry that anymore. I let the negative energy go. I also wrote letters to a couple of other people who I had to forgive. Again it felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders.

Maybe you should try it. Write a letter to the person you need to write a letter to. Send them love and tell them you forgive them. Now, you can send them the letter or not. Either way it doesn’t matter. The idea is to forgive them. Regardless if they receive the letter or not, just by the fact that you have let that negative energy go, the person in question will also feel that. Don’t ask me how I just know they do. It’s one of those boogy woogy things that comes from another realm. It works.

Try it now. Write a letter to the person you need to, or write it to yourself if you need to forgive yourself. Even mention why you had to part or what caused the situation. Tell them you forgive them and then send them love. What have you got to lose? Well maybe a serious disease and a huge weight from your shoulders!

I hope you enjoyed ‘What is the Power of Forgiveness? Please share this post with someone you need to forgive!

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17 thoughts on “What is the Power of Forgiveness? – How to Banish Negative Energy”

  1. This is a really good post, most of my life my parents was always listening and reading positive material. It seems like it got ingrained in me, always looking on the positive side of things. Trying to think of how much better things can get instead of how bad they are. On forgiveness you are right you have to forgive to truly start heeling and feeling good. I like this post, because it made me want to read it. Thanks

    • Hi Fred,

      Yes forgiveness really makes us open our hearts and delivers some much needed healing. Getting rid of negative energy is always a good thing. Glad you wanted to read it mate and that it helped. Cheers,


  2. Really informational post and overall great page! You’re definitely on the right track of the mental aspect. Positivity should always be crafted from the negativity. Keep up the great work!

    • Hi Art,

      Thanks so much. Yes we have both positive and negative ‘stuff’ going through our minds all the time and keeping it positive more can be hard for some people. Having a morning routine with meditation is a must I feel, Cheers man,


  3. I thank you John for sharing part of your life story. “To err is human to forgive is divine.” Life is so beautiful that we must forgive and move on. All negative feelings must be eradicated because they are not real. Excellent article John.

    • Thanks Tad,

      yes forgiveness is really important and its hard to move on without it. Thank you my friend,


  4. This is spot on. I don’t think people realize the cause of disease is truly due to the negative energy and the fears they carry. Forgiveness IS DEFINITELY a great place to start on the road to healing and wellness. I send Light and Love to all those I have felt wronged by, and I feel so much better when I do this. Keep spreading the word Kevin!

    • Thanks for those beautiful words Theresa 🙂

      Yes forgiveness is so powerful when used in the right manner. And it will make you a lot healthier too. Getting rid of negative energy is a great start to better health. Many thanks,


  5. Very powerful words. I recently spoke to my father for the first time in 36 years. It wasn’t a long conversation and I didn’t get too many words in but I feel better for having done it. I feel lighter and relieved.

    • Hi Claire,

      Thanks for that. Yes just by talking to someone after so long can be a healing experience. Sending them love regardless can have a huge effect. Well done to you. Forgiveness heals so many things, cheers,


  6. Letting go of negative feelings is always a good thing. It is very freeing and empowering. People do things that may not always be right. They may have a reason or not, but forgiveness is never wrong. It allows us to focus on the positive things in life and heal from hurts.

    • Hi Melinda,

      Thanks so much for your comments. Letting go. Exactly! Let that negative energy out of your body and your life starts to get better. Cheers,


  7. What a beautiful article, with so much sensible information. I loved the sentence “So by hating her I also hated myself”. It kind of struck home. Also “Imagine carrying a chair around with you everywhere you went.” A great analogy of what you are trying to convey to the reader.

    • Thanks John,

      Appreciate your thoughts on forgiveness. So many people go around all day carrying a chair because they hate themselves. Such a crazy thing to do. Forgiveness is hard but powerful. Life changing.



  8. Thank you for sharing this message in the context of your own struggle and lesson. Harboring all those negative feelings against your teacher, acknowledging them, and then letting them go must have been huge. I’m really proud of you and inspired by the message…I’m sure there’s someone I need to forgive, even if it’s just myself!

    • Thanks Penelope!

      Appreciate that. Yes sometimes we just need to look in the mirror to find who we need to forgive. Such a powerful thing to do to.And once its done we feel like a new person.


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