What is the Power of Intention? How to Change Your Health Without Setting Goals

what is the power of intention
Kev at Parkrun Kingscliff

What is the power of intention? How can you change your health without setting goals? For the answer to these and many other startling questions. I have written this article. I really want to know what is the power of intention. I know it has some great powers but here we dig deep to find them.

Ok so this is my first bit of writing for 2018. Happy New Year to you. What is 2018 going to mean for you? What goals or intentions have you set? Something or nothing?

How is your health? Good? Bad? Indifferent? Do you actually care? What is the power of intention?

My health is ok. I still have a sore back from 3 months ago when I pulled a muscle in my back at the gym. (That reminds me I must get back to the gym, I haven’t been in 2018) I am back running now and doing Parkrun at Kirra which is great. Joy and I actually did 2 Parkrun’s in the one morning on New Years Day which was hard, hot but satisfying! But my back still hurts. I did a 2 day juice fast and that helped. I was going to do longer but my nephew and his wife were up and we caught up for dinner.

Take some turmeric for your back Kev, I hear you say. Truth is I have been a bit slack with my turmeric which is not great for a guy who has a website called Turmeric Heals! So I am going to make some turmeric paste later on today and get stuck back into it. So yes even I get slack sometimes especially over the Christmas New Year period.


what is the power of intention
How will you change your health?

So what is this article about? What is the power of intention? It’s about you. It’s about how serious you are with your health. If your fit and eat a really healthy diet (or should I say you have a healthy lifestyle I hate the word diet!) then you probably don’t need to read this. Of course YOU need to read it because you think you are fit and healthy! So keep reading.

Do you set health goals but don’t always complete them? I do. Do you set any kind of goals and don’t always complete them? I do. Often. So for me I wanted to work out a system of goal setting but not call it goal setting. I had no idea what I really wanted I just hated goals because I kept failing to achieve them.

Then I came across a book by James Altucher called Choose Yourself. James doesn’t believe in goals. He sets themes for the year. So instead of having a goal that says ‘I want to lose 10 kilos by 31st December, 2018’ His theme for the year would be ‘I want to stay fit and healthy in 2018’. He figures goals are set into the future so you are constantly looking in the future and stressing yourself out if you are not on track.

I used to do that all the time. Stress out. I hated it. I love the idea of themes! But what is the power of intention?


What is the power of intention? An Intention is something I set my mind to in the moment. It is something I wake up to, meditate on and focus on for that  day. That has power. When we just decide to put our intention out into the universe for that day it can really grow wings. A few paragraphs below you will read about an intention I set for December, 2017 and by focusing on it and meditating on it each day until I manifested it, I was able to manifest something I had wanted to do for many years all in just ten days.

The power of intention is our connection with the divine. It is being in that space in meditation where you become nobody, no thing, time stops and you are just a ball of light and energy floating in space. You only get to that state with meditation.

(To start learning how to meditate click here for a great video)

That is where our potential lies. You visualize it, believe it, go to the source and manifest it. It is how I manifested my book being on Amazon within 10 tens.

So I have combined my love of intentions and my new love of themes. It goes like this. (And yes I am still asking what is the power of intention!

turmeric heals


what is the power of intentionSo one of my themes this year is to be fit and healthy and have at least one day a week where I just drink juices and water with lots of turmeric. So that is my theme. My intention when I wake up on my juice fast day is to have only juice on that day. It’s not a goal it’s an intention. I intend having juices all day.

Intentions work in the present moment. I meditate on it, see myself drinking juice and not wanting food. Goals work in the future even though you should be working on them in the present moment.

Now think about you. If you ever want to do a 3 day fast or a 7 day fast or even a 30 day fast imagine how much better it would be if you set an intention day by day to drink juices and water and just focused on that rather than waking up with a goal to fast for 7 days! When I fast for 7 days I am always living in the future thinking about the end of the fast. It makes it so much harder. Having an intention and focusing in the present moment and no further I find it so much easier to complete my purpose.


do i have to cry to say goodbye
My new inspiring book!

What is the power of intentions? This really summed it up for me. I first started using intentions in December 2017. I was on a plane flying to New Zealand with my daughter, Ally, for a father-daughter week away on the South Island. Amazing place, amazing trip but more about that in another blog post.

I was reading James book on my Kindle reader. Reading about themes and how he writes lots of books and I got to thinking about my own book I wrote and self published back in 2009/10. Do I Have to Cry to Say Goodbye? is about my life and how I survived losing my daughter, Holly, to SIDS when she was 5 months of age. It’s a ripping story, sad, funny but I think mostly inspiring. (You can get your own copy by clicking right here) I had mild success with it. Sold around 1,000 hard copies but I never published on Amazon or anywhere else for that matter. I though it would just sell itself in the end and getting on Amazon back then was far more complicated than it is now.

So I decided to set the intention of having my book on Amazon and selling by the end of December, 2017. Now the date we flew out of the Gold Coast on our way to New Zealand was the 7th December. So I had around 24 days to get it formatted for Kindle and published. The trip to New Zealand was really inspiring and got me very motivated and inspired to get the book on Amazon.

The Power of Intention!

To cut a long story short I published the book on December 17th! 10 days after I made my intention! That is the power of intention my friends!

Check out my new book here and let me know what you think!

And it is such a thrill to call yourself a published author!

Yes I was an author when it first went to print back in 09/10 but I didn’t really feel like an author till it was on Amazon and selling. And it is now and I have some really lovely reviews on there.


What is the power of intention? Well first you have to set one. My healthy connection with intentions – It’s no real secret. It is easy. Anyone can do it. I did it. You can do it. But will you? Maybe for one day? 99 per cent of people who read this wont take action. Will you be part of the 1 per cent or the 99 per cent?

This is the simple formula –

  1. Set your intention the night before
  2. Meditate on it. Take yourself to that special place in your mind and see it happening
  3. When you first wake up meditate on it again. See and feel it manifesting.
  4. Start taking action towards your intention. (No action = no manifesting of your intention)
  5. Repeat above and keep rinsing and repeating until you have your intention manifested.

So themes and intentions work in together. You can have a theme for the year, the month or the week and set your intentions towards it each day. Just focus on things daily.


So I hope in some small way I have inspired you to start looking at intentions and themes. Some people love setting goals and that is totally ok too but for me I am just over goals as most of them never eventuated. So if you want to write goals go and knock yourself out. I am sticking to my intentions as so far they have worked beautifully.

I hope you enjoyed what is the power of intention. What will one of your themes and intentions be for the year? Let me know in the comments below. And be sure and share this article with your friends!

Have a great week, Kev

do i have to cry to say goodbyeGet your copy of Kevin’s book Do I Have to Cry to Say Goodbye? in either ebook or hard copy on Amazon here.


18 thoughts on “What is the Power of Intention? How to Change Your Health Without Setting Goals”

  1. Great read, such a superb article you have shared with us, so thank you so much for that. I think intention is the first step to plan and start anything. We can just start without thinking and planning without having an intention in our mind. This article is not only informative but gave me a lot of courage as well. Superb work, keep it up…:)

    • Thanks Sarah,

      Yes so important to have a vision and the courage to follow through. We all have dreams but taking action and making them real is the hard part. For me having a theme and setting intentions really makes me do things as opposed to goals where I tend to live in the future and they don’t inspire me enough in the present moment. Thanks for your great support 🙂


  2. Congrats on your book. Well done.

    Intentions and themes have been a little confusing for me but you explain it all so well.

    I will go set some intentions for tomorrow right now. What is the power of intention for me is the power to focus on the now. Cheers


    • Thanks Joy,

      Loved writing it. Yes there is a slight difference between themes and intentions and goals. Sounds like you get it now. The power of intention is so powerful. You really can manifest a life you want when you set your focus right. Cheers,


  3. First congratulation on your book and thank you for a such a wonderful post. Reading your post inspired me. I think my problem is that I have the intention, but that is all it is an intention, no meditation or action. As you mention, if I don’t take he action, no manifestation.

    • Hi Kay,

      Thanks so much for your comment. And yes intention without action = nothing haha! Action is key. Thanks for the congrats on the book too. It’s a great honour to be able to publish a book. Keep taking action on your intentions 🙂


  4. Congratulations on the book Kev. Great article too and some food for thought. I still use goals but they are based on the O.R.C.A.S framework these days. I’ll certainly be looking to integrate themes and intentions into this.

    • Hi Tim,

      Thanks for the comment. Yes I just prefer the word intention these days. Got a bit of a mental block with goals. I haven’t heard of the ORCA framework. Will look it up. But yes intentions and themes seem to be working for me. I look forward to reading your book soon too. All the best with that,


  5. Hey Kevin, congratulations on the book and kudos on a great article. My intention for the year is to get a bit more organized. It may not seem like much, but I find that there are so many things that I want to accomplish, but simply don’t have the clarity of mind to pursue them properly. I find myself distracted and a bit disorganized in my affairs. So, I intend to work on that. I guess that would be my intention. The goals themselves will be more tangible and relatively easy to attain. Better scheduling, earlier bed times to be more rested… things like that. I really look forward to it!

    • Hi Greg,

      Thanks for the comments, appreciate that. Yes I must admit I need to be a bit better with scheduling and tasks. Better make that an intention for me too! I get a bit seduced by shiny things haha! The poer of intention though is very powerful and I am sure if you put your mind to it you will get organised. All the best for 2018,


  6. Hey Kev,

    I think my intention for this year is to join a yoga class and a martial arts program. I also practice intention! Reminds me a lot of the law of attraction.
    Didn’t know you were into the spiritual stuff, your full of surprises!


    • Hey Dwight,

      yes I like to keep people guessing haha! Intentions I find help me more than goals and meditation is a must to go to that place where I see my intention actually happening before it happens! I like that place 🙂 All the best for 2018 buddy,


  7. Hi Kev,

    Congratulations on the book! I really needed this post as a reminder to start meditating and to use turmeric. I always forget about it. It helps with so many ailments. Very thorough and informative post. Keep them coming! Off to do my power of intention. 🙂

    • Hi Tammy,

      Thanks so much for your comment. Thanks for the compliment on the book too! Yes meditation is really important. Intentions are my new form of goals. Turmeric is a great food that can heal our bodies. Have a brilliant 2018,


  8. Great post! Im ready to start my journey, because what is the good life without good health? Its time to optimize today and start healing my very soul, and i believe your posts will help me do just that!

    • Hi David,

      Thanks for your comment and glad it resonated with you. Yes our life is nothing if we are constantly sick. The power of intention certainly can make things happen when we focus on what we really want. Good health to you my friend,


  9. Thanks Kevin for your article. I practice both setting intentions and themes but have never put them together or at least realised it. This is great. I also love the focus to put into action for the day and not worry or focus on the long or overall goal that you wish to achieve. I have achieved my greatest goals and easily, in flow by committing to a small step forward daily. Thanks for the reminders, in particular the benefits of turmeric too.

    • Hi Fleur,

      Thanks for commenting. Yes I really struggle with the word goal now. Intentions seem so much more kind of spiritual/achievable for me. Hard to explain but the power of intention certainly works for me. Keep up the great work with all you do, very inspiring, good health and succuss,


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