What is the Power of Meditation? – How to Heal Your Body with Your Mind

Do you meditate? 80 per cent of those people classed as successful do according to Tim Ferris in his new book Tools of Titans. Do you want to know how to heal your body with your mind? It can be done. So what is the power of meditation?

Joy meditating on the beach.

We all know that my favourite spice is turmeric. 

Turmeric has been used for more than 4,000 years. It is known as a great healer of inflammation and many other diseases of the body including cancer, arthritis and heart disease.

But how do you heal your body with your mind? This was going to be a post on meditation but it turned into something much bigger than that.

60,000 Thoughts a Day?

what is the power of meditation
60,000 thoughts a day!

It has been stated in many studies that we have upwards of 60,000 thoughts a day. Wow that is a bloody lot of thoughts! No wonder sometimes we get lost in our own little world. Running around like crazy. Doing this, doing that, running through our daily lists, taking kids to school, going to cooking class, doing the housework, picking up the kids, making dinner. And thats just the men! Haha I know, I know. Most of you were reading that and visualising a woman doing all that stuff. Funny how our minds work. And now you are thinking ‘Hmmm was that sexist  or funny?” See. We spend all our time thinking and not enough time clearing our thoughts. (By the way that was a funny!)

What is the Power of Meditation?

What is the power of meditation? Meditation put simply is an exercise or tool to relax your mind. You can never stop thoughts entering your mind but you can slow those thoughts down. The simple act of sitting alone and closing your eyes and focusing solely on your breath is a form of meditation. When we focus on our breath we slow down our other thoughts. We can’t focus on our breath and think other thoughts at the same time (try it).

Here is a short two minute video on Breathe Meditation to show you how easy it is.


There are numerous was to meditate and really, anyone can do it. You don’t need to know all the ways to do it. All you need to be able to do is close your eyes and sit in silence. (Having said that one of the meditations I do is open eye meditation. But you can get to that much later.)

One you have practiced a little bit with 2 minute breath meditations you can start to use guided meditations. Guided meditations are simply meditations with nice relaxing music and someone talking through it. Generally taking you to a nice place of peace like a beach, a mountain, lake, cosy fireside or even to outer space. You listen and imagine yourself being there. In my workshops I like to take my students into waterfalls in outer space for cleansing and healing. It’s a great place to go. What is the power of meditation? lets explore further.

turmeric heals

How to Heal Your Body with Your Mind

As you progress over weeks and days you can start to have intentions with each meditation that you do.  An intention is something you would work out before you start the meditation. Something like “My intention for this meditation is to heal my lower back.” or “My intention for this meditation is to clear my mind of negativity to allow abundance to arrive in my life.” You would say your intention out loud two or three times and then start the meditation.

what is the power of meditation
I take myself into space when I meditate.

Now the key here is to surrender to the universe. Open your heart and let the universal energy in. Now people ask me what is universal energy? It is energy I attract to my body when I enter the portal to the universe which is via meditation. (Too much hocus pocus for you? I need you to trust me here, the universal energy is real and it will heal you.  Check out my own healing journey here.)

You will get to a stage in meditation where you don’t need to be guided you can just sit in silence or listen to calming music and you can head to that great black space in your mind where you are no one, you have no body and there is no time. You just float in space. This is the connection to the universe, a connection to possibility. A place where time stops, aging stops and you just connect with this amazing spirit, energy, God, call it what you like but its a real force. And once you have that connection and your intention is in place you can do amazing things. Healing your own body is one of those things. What is the power of meditation?

You don’t need to know how or why but just have faith and know that the universal energy that created you can also heal you. Dr Joe Dispenza is a pioneer in quantum healing. To learn more check out his website by clicking on his name above.

Of course this blog post is all about healing our bodies. Any illness or disease I believe truly can be healed by meditation and having total faith in both yourself and the universal energy that created you.

Let’s Run Through a Typical Healing Session

In many ways this does answer the question of what is the power of meditation. To begin with organise a part of your day where you wont be disturbed. Turn off your phone. Set up a nice area in your home or outside to call your ‘Sacred space.’ A nice chair or cushion, some crystals, other items that have deep meaning for you like a holy book, pictures, rosary beads. Anything that makes it special. Have your music set up and ready to go if you want music.

How to Meditate to Heal

  1. Think of an intention for this meditation. As it’s for healing where does it hurt?
  2. Say your intention out loud as many times as you think appropriate.
  3. Start your music.
  4. Get as relaxed as you can in your chair or where ever you feel comfortable. (Remember there are no set rules)
  5. Close your eyes.
  6. Focus on your breath to start breathing in peace and breathing out any tension..
  7. Then slowly let your mind and imagination wander. Find your special place in your mind
  8. After a while don’t think of yourself as a body or a mind. Just think of yourself as a thought in space.
  9. Spend as long as you can here surrendering your whole mind and body to the universe.
  10. Really feel the connection. Emotion is key here.
  11. Stay as long as you feel comfortable. Feel good. Smile.
  12. If you are starting to come back to the room and the present moment don’t fight it. Just ease your way back into space. You will know when you need to come back.
  13. Slowly feel yourself drifting back into the room and the present moment.
  14. Start moving your toes and fingers.
  15. Shrug your shoulders.
  16. Open your eyes.

Congratulations. You are well on your way to healing yourself. This kind of meditation can last for 5 minutes or up to an hour or more.

Continue practising this meditation both morning and night. Make it a habit like cleaning your teeth. Results will be subtle but consistent. As I mentioned earlier I healed myself from disease and meditation was a massive part of that healing.

Conquering Our Minds

Most people think their mind controls their body but think about it. When you go to the toilet, clean your teeth or get out of bed in the morning do you actually think about those things? I don’t. My body just does it. Why? Habit. We do it day after day after day. So our body controls our mind. What is the power of meditation? Starting to make sense?

By meditating we can change our habits by forming an intention before we meditate. And not just for healing our bodies. You can do it for abundance, for extra strength, for finding romance in fact anything at all. Once we control our bodies and our minds we really can do anything.

turmeric heals

Taking Action – The Master Key!

What is the power of meditation? It starts with action. But as with all amazing things there is a catch. You have to take action. If you are going to meditate and then sit there and hope things will change you will be waiting a long time. If you have an intention to heal cancer and then go out and eat a whole load of junk food and Coca Cola guess what. It aint gunna work! Start eating healthy, a plant based diet is a great place to start. Lots of turmeric and juices. Fasting and intermittent fasting. Good relationships, sunshine, fresh air and exercise. Combined with consistent meditation to heal and you are setting yourself up for success.

Take action now!

So you want abundance? You meditate on it then you go out with your mates and gamble and drink away your money then abundance wont want to hang around you. Respect money and save. Give up some vices and focus on how money can help you and the sacrifices you are prepared to make. Again when you combine that lifestyle with meditation you can’t help but succeed.


So when someone asks you “What is the power of meditation and how to heal your body with your mind you can tell them – Meditation and Action equals power!

I hope you enjoyed this post on what is the power of meditation and it has helped you. If so please share it with your friends and don’t forget to leave me a comment below!

To read all about Kevin’s inspiring life check out his new book here.

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22 thoughts on “What is the Power of Meditation? – How to Heal Your Body with Your Mind”

  1. Hi Kev, really great post. I have always wanted to successfully meditate but I suffer from anxiety and it prevents me from fully relaxing into the trance. Do you have any techniques that can help me with this?

    • Hi Joe,

      Yes many people suffer from anxiety and find it hard to relax. Meditation has no rules so it doesn’t matter how you sit or where. As long as you feel comfortable. An easy way to start is just spend 2 minutes morning and night just focusing on your breath.
      Close your eyes, breathe in deeply and then breathe out. Keep doing that and really just focus solely on your breath. When you just focus on your breath no other thoughts can get in the way. Its a great way to gain clarity and focus. Let me know how you go.



      • It is rarely ever quiet in my house, so it’s very hard for me to concentrate. Recently, I have been practicing my breath work a lot and it seems to be helping my anxiety.

        I will give it a try tonight with some shaman music, just as soon as the kids have gone to bed. I will report back in the morning.

        Thanks for the fast response, I love your site.


  2. Great and clear overview of the purpose of meditation and just how much power it can actually have over our lives and bodies. I had no idea that 80% of “successful” people meditated, that’s amazing.

    Sometimes I find specific acts meditative – walking, cooking, gardening. It’s all about where you place your intention and allowing yourself to feel peace and possibility. awesome post!

    • Hi Penny,

      Thanks so much for your comments. Yes I think a lot of people having success are spending a lot of time meditating for sure. The power of meditation is still relatively untapped I think. In years to come I think it will be taught in all schools. Cheers,


  3. Great post Kev. As you know, I’m an avin meditator and it continues to help me through life with a regular practice.
    When I first started out, I was getting the benefits as my practice wasn’t regular. This was the key to my breakthrough.

    Meditation has help overcome anxiety, stress, sleepless nights as a new father of twins and being a high performer at work.

    You advice is gold and everyone should take it on board.

    • Hi Vince,

      Thanks mate, congrats on the twins too! Great work. Yes you will need meditation more than ever now haha! I hope this post gets out there and people do take it on board. Cheers mate,


  4. Hi Kev, what an amazing article you have shared with all of us, so, first of all a huge thank you for that, I totally agree with each and every point you have mentioned here. What I think about meditation is that it is magic, it gives us more control on our mind and body, it works like wonder in relaxing us from head to toe. Though there are a lot of different ways to do meditation, in what ever way it is done, it should be a must for all. Thank you Kev once again for sharing this wonderful article. Looking forward to read more from your…:)

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thanks so much. yes meditation has healed my body in conjunction with a healthy plant based lifestyle, exercise, fresh air, sunshine and great relationships. I would be lost without meditation. Haha yes it is a form of magic for sure. It makes us all subtlety change without even noticing. Glad you enjoyed it,


  5. This is an awesome article. I only meditate once in a while. I have no reason why I am not doing so. I will have to make a greater effort to take care of myself.
    I promised myself to start today. I need to do this.
    Can one really heal his body by meditating?

    • Hi Luna,

      I healed my own body with a combination of healthy eating (plant based diet) good relationships, sunshine, fresh air and exercise. The meditation was the icing on the cake. The mind is so powerful and I have certainly healed through meditation. It does need to be combined with all the other good things but yes it works,


  6. I love your article. So informative. I am all about living healthy through natural methods. Our mind can either build us up or tear us down. You explain medication really well in your article. I’ve actually learned something new that I did not know before. Thank you for putting together this article. It has certainly benefited me.

    • Hi Hong,

      So glad you learned something new! Yes our mind is a friend or an enemy. We must choose. Learning daily is how we grow. Well done and thank you,


  7. I have had a few health and family troubles this last year and have been thinking about taking up meditation to see if it helps me in any way. You show us how to do it ourselves but can you recommend any videos on youtube that I could follow just to get me started?

    • Hi Matt,

      Thanks for that. That is a start, wanting to give it a go. There is a video in the post you have just commented on which I published myself showing how to meditate with your breathing for 2 minutes. Apart from that just search for ‘guided meditation on Youtube and there are many there. You will definitely find one that suits. Also on Apple music and Spotify there are many different kinds of meditation you can experiment with. Cheers,


  8. Wonderful Post ! I love the way you explained what is meditation, not many people are aware of it ! Taking action is the key and self awareness. Very well put together..keep up the good work !

    • Thanks Dini!

      yes action really is the key with meditation. You can talk about it all you like but until you actually meditate you will not get anywhere. Thanks for calling by 🙂


  9. Hi Kevin!

    I truly believe in the power of plants for healing and general longevity. So yes, let food be thy medicine. I also truly believe in the power of meditation. It’s something that if I do daily – even just 5 minutes – it makes everything in my life flow so easily. It’s almost magical.

    You know what? You’re inspiring me to get that meditation in right now.

    Thank you!!

    • Hi Christina,

      Haha glad you are inspired to meditate! Its a great thing. yes even just 5 minutes a day is enough for change to occur. Plant based lifestyle and meditation. Gotta love that 🙂 Have a brilliant week,


  10. Hi Kev

    Great post! I love meditation and meditate daily for a minimum of 5 minutes. What is the power of meditation? You sum it up so beautifully. We really can heal our minds through meditation. And our bodies of course. Love your work.

    How often do you meditate and for how long? Cheers,


    • Thanks Joy,

      Yes it is an amazing thing. Once we forgive that big weight seems to lift. I meditate morning and night Joy. I am not perfect and do miss the occasional morning or night but certainly 99% of the time I do. Usually between 5 minutes and 45 minutes, sometimes an hour if I have plenty of time. Thanks for calling by and keep up the meditation. That’s great what you are doing 🙂


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