What is the Power of Positive Thinking? – The 4 Ways to Be Healthy

What is the power of positive thinking? Remember the big buzz words of the 70’s and 80’s? Think positive, the power of positive thinking, don’t ever think negative thoughts, positive mental attitude and many more were what self help guru’s were sprouting for many years. And everyone was hating themselves because they weren’t thinking positive every waking moment.


what is the power of positive thinking
Another self help guru

A lot has changed since those heady days of self development, positive thinking gurus and we now know that it is impossible to keep our minds positive 24/7. And in fact its good that we don’t.

I remember really beating up on myself often after reading a positive thinking book and then having a negative thought. I really believed I would never find happiness and success in my life and it made me very depressed over a long period. Every new book or guru would have a new spin on the positive thinking theme and I would get sucked in and again be disappointed (in myself not the guru) and get depressed again when I failed the positive thinking test.

Which kind of reminds me of my grade 1 teacher, Mrs Hussey, who forced me to change from left handed to right handed. I knew deep down this was wrong but I went along with it. I ended up a total introvert with a stutter. Thinking positive thoughts 24/7 seemed unattainable in some ways but I believed I had to achieve that state to succeed. So I bought every book, cassette, report, dvd and program I could find. They all turned me into a depressed failure. Oh yea and a penniless failure to boot. Everyone of em!

In fact it wasn’t until I wrote my own book about my life that I realized it was me that had got it all wrong. The guru’s were all making a killing at my and no doubt many thousands of others expense.

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What I have learned since that time is that its okay to have negative thoughts. It’s okay to feel down sometimes and it’s okay to fail. The total opposite of what the guru’s preached.

If you can be happy and positive 51 per cent of the time or more then you will lead a happy and healthy life.


Here are a few more things I have learned from my mistakes over my journey –

  1. During our positive moments we refuel our bodies with inspiration. It’s like filling our car up with fuel.
  2. The best way to refuel our bodies is through meditation, exercise and gratitude.
  3. When our bodies are full of inspiration our negative moments don’t have as much impact. 
  4. By meditating, exercising, being grateful and responsible for our lives we refuel daily and keep the negative part of our thinking subdued. Its always there but we can control it through our thoughts.
  5. It’s important to refuel our body daily.


So what is the power of positive thinking? The power lies in keeping your body full up with inspiration, creativity, love, determination and purpose. Being grateful and moving your body. When you are inspired and on purpose you keep negative thoughts at bay. Notice I didn’t say you never have negative thoughts but you reduce them in size, feeling and emotion. They no longer have the power to control you. The power of positive thinking is being able to control your own mind.

So here are 4 ways that I keep myself healthy in both mind and body –


what is the power of positive thinking
Running or walking is great!

The late great Dr Wayne W Dyer always said if we are not growing we are dying. If we are not moving we are standing still waiting to die. If you are not exercising in some form or another on a regular basis you are priming your body for illness and disease.

YOU NEED TO MOVE YOUR BODY. PERIOD! Do something on a regular basis. Walking is great, swimming is excellent, running is fun. And don’t tell me you are too old or too busy. They are excuses and negative energy. I would prefer you to say something along the lines of “My health is not that important to me so I will be happy getting ill and hospitalized later in life.” Because that is what you are really saying. Just do it!


Meditation is a portal inside yourself

Meditation is the portal to positive thoughts and happiness. It is actually a journey inside of yourself. A voyage of discovery to find the real you. Because the person you think you are is not really you. You are a fake. You wear a mask as you are too scared to confront the real you. Don’t be offended. We all do it. But until we discover who we really are we will continue to play small, not take risks, believe we are limited and want everyone else to like us, trapped in a cage with no way out. Sounds dramatic but its true.

Think about this. Can you sit at home in silence for 10 minutes? Could you spend a whole day in silence? Do you get home and immediately have to put on the TV or radio or listen to your music with your headphones or ring a friend for a chat? Do you need to constantly have company? If that is you then the reason you can’t sit in silence is because you can’t face yourself. You are too frightened to see what the real you is like. Meditation is the only way to find yourself. You find yourself in the silence. By going deep within yourself to a whole new world. A world where you have to confront you. It sounds frightening but the rewards are massive.

I have recorded a short video to help those who say they can’t meditate and for those who would like to learn.

Click this link to learn how to meditate easily.

Once you start meditating you learn to slow your thoughts down and let the past live in the past. You learn there is only ever this current moment, the now. I have been meditating for more than 20 years and I can guarantee your life will improve if you consistently practice meditation.


The power of gratitude

Okay so gratitude is the number one thing you should do if you want to change your life. Being grateful for what you have is such a powerful force in the universe. If you are not being grateful then chances are you are a victim and blame your circumstances on something or someone else.

By living a life of gratitude you constantly express thanks for everything that happens to you. Even the bad things happen for a reason. I lost a daughter to SIDS many years ago when she was 5 months of age. At first I blamed everyone for her loss. The doctors, the government, myself, my spouse at the time. But it wasn’t until I took responsibility and realized that these things happen outside our control zone that I was able to move forward. I changed from thinking ‘I will never see my daughter grow up’ to ‘I am so grateful that I had a beautiful 5 months with her.’ A whole different attitude.

Here is an interview with the author of The Gratitude Guide

Tonight when you are lying in bed before you go to sleep think of 3 things that you are grateful for. 3 things that really made you smile or made you feel good for the day. Do that every night and your life will change. So why wouldn’t you do it every night.


Be a Leader not a victim!

So we touched on this a little above. I want you to answer this honestly. Are you a victim? Do you play the victim? Do you play the victim card any chance you get? A victim is someone who blames others for the way their life is panning out. Let’s say you lose your job. Would you blame your employer? Would you blame the government? Your wife, husband or whoever? If so then you are a victim.

The only way to succeed in this world is to take responsibility. Stand up and be counted. Do you know why the world is the way it is at the moment? We have no leaders who take responsibility. We have no leaders with morals or a real purpose. Our leaders blame everyone else for the way their country is or the way their State is. They don’t lead. The blame game. Don’t do it. Stand up for yourself and take responsibility for the way your life is. And what that also means is getting out of your comfort zone. So what is outside your comfort zone?

Where you are at in relationships, finances, socially, mentally and physically is all your own doing. No one else is to blame. You. Only you. And if in your mind you are already making excuses then you are a victim and will remain exactly where you are. In 5 years time you will still be where you are. Stop being a victim, get off your arse, take responsibility and change your life!


  1. Meditate and give thanks for 3 things every night before you sleep
  2. Meditate in the morning and give thanks for your day ahead
  3. Get up and go for a walk, a swim, a run, do some push ups or squats, anything. Just do something.
  4. Make it a habit to take responsibility for everything that happens to you today!

So what is the power of positive thinking? I hope this article spells that out to you. By taking on the 4 steps above you can change your life and be happy and healthy. Or not. It’s up to you.

It’s always up to you.

Please leave a comment below on your thoughts on positive thinking. I love hearing from you!

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12 thoughts on “What is the Power of Positive Thinking? – The 4 Ways to Be Healthy”

  1. Great post Kevin, I’ve been though many of those things. My parents where in to them self help and positive thinking gigs through most of my life,when I was young. I kind of grew up with that instilled in my mind always exercised and stayed healthy. The thing about it is,that it really works. We control our own lives, so that means staying healthy and being successful is up to us. This article on the power of positive thinking,should be one everybody, needs to read.

    • Hi Fred,

      I agree, everyone should read this article. people are lost these days and the power of positive thinking is in many ways misunderstood. I am glad you are on the healthy path and your parents were great examples. Cheers,


  2. What a wonderful post! I must say, I have no problem taking ownership, being thankful, and working on meditating. However, the exercise is where I am lacking. I do know that I do need to get out and go for walks, but I can barely find the time to shower as a stay at home mom. Do you have recommendations for inside the house?

    I truly believe in the positive power of thinking and that is why I am learning to meditate. I have a tendency to dwell on negative thoughts and always assume the worse. When I verbalize it, it sounds really crazy so I tried meditating the thoughts away and it has been working. I love your article!

    • Thanks Tiffany!

      Appreciate your thoughts. Haha yes exercise can be a struggle sometimes. Plan ahead. have your training gear ready by your bed and in the morning just get up and go 🙂 Keep up the meditating. maybe meditate on exercise and see what happens 🙂 Cheers,


  3. Wow, can I give an amen? This article rings true for so many reasons. Maintaining a positive thought process takes so much work, however once you build good momentum it becomes more attainable. I’m so sorry about your daughter but am inspired by how you overcame your grief and was able to move forward. Thanks so much for sharing! Thoroughly enjoyed the read!

    • Amen right back at ya Sarah!

      Haha yes I’m glad it rings true. And really glad you enjoyed it. The power of positive thinking is so powerful once we get it. Put it out there and take action. Thank you for you nice words. Have a positive day 🙂


  4. Keeping and growing positive thoughts is so important. And I totally agree with the excercise part, there are no excuses, being physically strong and healthy is a foundation for everything else. 😉

    • Thanks Michael,

      Yes when we refuel with positive energy we feel we can do anything and we get stronger mentally. Exercise keeps our body pumping along and meditation and gratitude are real food for the brain. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


    • Hi Paula,

      You wont regret it! It is such a powerful thing to do but its important to not just meditate for a week and then think nothing is happening and stop. Its a lifestyle thing like cleaning your teeth. Do it daily and your life will change 🙂


  5. I love your 4 action steps. I truly believe that if we can do those on a consistent basis we would be much better off in life, both mentally and physically. I think gratitude sticks out to me as the one thing that I can do better. Sometimes we get so caught up in ourselves we forget to be grateful. At least for me that is something I need to work on. Thanks for sharing such an uplifting and needed article.

    • Hi Nate,

      Thanks so much. I really love this article, and yes gratitude is a big one, probably the biggest. I believe we all need a daily routine that sets us up for the day. Meditation, exercise, gratitude and responsibility are great ways to change your life. Cheers,


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